11 Reasons Why Everyone Is OBSESSED With Drama “Cheekh” And Why You Should Be Too

By Iman Zia | 12 Apr, 2019

‘Cheekh’ is on the tips of everyone’s tongues these days, with its pivotal storyline and absolutely formidable acting from its robust ensemble cast housing Saba Qamar, Bilal Abbas Khan, Aijaz Aslam, and Emmad Irfani. It’s the drama everyone on social media can’t stop gushing about, and for plenty of good reasons too! So if you haven’t started watching it, here’s a roundup of why you need it on the top of your watchlist.


1. ‘Cheekh’ marks the return of Saba Qamar.

We know Saba is very particular about her dramas, and she’s built herself a very strong portfolio of dramas that push the boundaries. After ‘Baaghi,’ this was the drama she chose, and so far we can see why – she’s the best we have (the script has also proven to be very powerful thus far).

Source: ARY Digital


2. Emmad’s character Shayan has been hailed nationally for projecting a very progessive husband (a relatively new trope).

Shayan and Mannat (Saba) have been shown to be a very unique couple in Pakistani drama history. They both stand up each other and support each other, as well as being openly affectionate and loving – a very refreshing breather for our dramas. It is rare to see male characters support their wives so unwaveringly and in such a mettlesome manner.  Shayan is a break away from the norm of narcissistic husbands, and people are IN LOVE WITH IT.

Source: ARY Digital



3. ‘Cheekh’ is another drama that boldly addressed sexual harassment and the meaning of consent.

Ushna Shah’s character is harrowingly attacked and assaulted before she plummets off a rooftop to her eventual death. The accused, Wajih (Bilal Abbas Khan) is put in his place throughout the show, with his actions never glorified (a common narrative hiccup that many of our dramas succumb to).


4. Saba’s chemistry with Emaad is actual FIRE.

Source: ARY Digital



5. The pace of the plot is very quick – you barely get a breather and its crime premise is gripping.

The show is a milder form of an investigative crime genre, and the script has been very well-written. While most dramas tend to sag and slow down, reaching a stubborn plateau, ‘Cheekh’ remains a thrilling constant unraveling of a riveting tale.

Source: ARY Digital


6. Saba’s character Mannat has been shown as determined, unafraid and incredibly progressive in thinking.

Mannat is fixated on getting the justice her deceased best friend deserves and will do anything to make sure she attains it – even if it means she might lose her comfort way of living by accusing her own family member. We need to see more female protagonists like Mannat, who pave a more radiant path for our female community.

Source: ARY Digital


7. The drama is full of spicy, dramatic moments that leave you in shock long after the episode ends. The iconic slap has rocked fans because it was just so brilliantly done!



8. The OST for the drama is INSANE.


9. Kudos to Bilal Abbas Khan for showcasing his breathtaking versatility, from transitioning to the boy-next-door to an outright godawful villain.

Bravo! What an actor!



10. We get to see a very different family dynamic in ‘Cheekh.’

At one end, we see an elder brother (Yawar) blindly protecting his own (Wajih), with another (Shayan) who won’t let blood ties blur what’s right and what’s wrong.



11. The drama is an unfiltered, raw adaptation of the pyscopathic tendancies of men in our society. It doesn’t hold back at. All.



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