AKU Students Are Accusing LUMS Dramafest For Mistreating Their Team, And Um, This Looks REALLY Bad

The LUMS Dramatic Society (Dramaline) just hosted it’s annual “DramaFest”. This is a festival that brings together many dramatic societies from all over Pakistan to perform on one stage and battle it out for top prize. One such university this year was Aga Khan Medical University (AKU).

Just a few days after the event wrapped out a student from the AKU team took to Facebook to talk about their rather unpleasant experiences at DramaFest.

The student starts out by talking about how the event dates were only announced two weeks prior, making booking arrangements a big hassle for them. 

Apparently that isn’t where it stops. According to the student, the Dramaline team was more concerned about their celebrity guests than the well being of their teams and their requirements. Because of this all events were delayed on both days of the festival.

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The thing that pushed the AKU team over the edge was when they were mistreated by the Dramaline team. According to this student, they were called for soundchecks at 3PM, but the stage wasn’t ready for quite a while later. Then, they were rushed through the soundcheck process, and they were unable to tell the backstage team about their requirements.

What’s more is that, while performing the curtains were closed on the team as they reached the conclusion of their play. 

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The student admits that they were 3 minutes over the 20 minutes limit, however, according to her the curtains were closed on them because Kashmir, the band, had to perform on stage.

You can read the entire post here.

This behavior by the Dramafest team has led to AKU students and Alumni leaving 1 star ratings on the official Dramaline page.

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The current rating for the LUMS Dramaline page now stands at 2.5

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The AKU community clearly feels extremely wronged and mistreated 

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Some are alleging that the page has shut down reviews after students from AKU starting leaving comments 

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LUMS Dramaline just released a statement on the matter. 

According to them, the 20 minutes time limit is an integral rule of the competition and it was something that was reiterated to each team throughout the 3 day program.

“It is communicated to the teams well before hand that failure to comply with this rule will result in penalization, which takes the form of the curtains being closed. The curtains are closed in order to ensure that all the participating teams get a fair chance to perform in the limited time allotted to the overall event. This policy is applied on all three days to all the teams, to ensure that in case of such delays, every team (LUMS or external) gets the equal chance of performing for 20 minutes, as per the policy. The application of this policy takes precedence regardless of any other appearances or events that may also be a part of the main event. To maintain the consistency of quality in Dramafest performances, we need to respect the policies that lay the foundations of our event.”

You can read the entire statement here.

Every year, the LUMS Dramatic Society puts up an amazing show dedicated to theater and acting. Moreover being a student led society, a lot of errors can be categorized as inexperience or lack or resources, however closing the stage on a team, as they perform is highly disrespectful on their part.


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