Meet Ammara Raja: The Desi Wonder Woman Taking The Taekwondo World By Storm

Have any of you ever wanted to participate in an event, or wanted to intern at this local firm but never did, because managing loads of things on your plate as a university student is hard?

You know, when your heart says “YES!”, but your mind starts listing all the things you have due? But even though this might seem like a really hard task at hand, it’s nowhere near impossible. In fact, some people make it seem like so effortless, that you take one look at them and think:

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One of these people is a third-year accountancy student at RMIT Melbourne University, who has a part-time job and trains six days a week for Taekwondo.

Meet desi Wonder Woman: Ammara Raja.


Did your brain just flip? Because mine did.

Born in Oman and raised in Melbourne, Ammara has always been into sports and was involved in different ones during her stay in Pakistan as well.

Her love and passion for Taekwondo grew when she wanted to learn how to defend herself in situations that might require so. As an advocate for women rights, she believes that women need to be able to protect themselves and should be self-sufficient.


Self-defense plays a major role in making a woman agile and strong.

Taekwondo is a full body contact combative sport that often leads to a ton of injuries and bruises. Yet, these make Ammara feel alive and give her purpose.

Ever since she has given the sport her full potential, she has been participating and winning a ton of competitions, some of them being:

  • Australian National Championship- Bendigo, Victoria.
  • Australian University Games (AUG’s)- Gold Coast, Queensland.
  • Moomba Open at State Netball Centre- Victoria.
  • Victoria State Championships.
  • Victoria Inter-University Championship.


And I can’t even finish my term projects on time.

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Hold on humans, this doesn’t end here. In a few years, Ammara aspires to represent Pakistan and aims to compete at the National Taekwondo Championship in Pakistan next year – to give her more of an understanding of where the sport stands in Pakistan.

Moreover, she also wants to work towards women empowerment in Pakistan, and help facilitate women to achieve whatever they put their mind to because:

“Confident women, are the best women.”

We wish Ammara the best of luck for anything she puts her mind to for the future. You go, girl!

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