This KU Alumni Is Trying To Build Up The Slam Poetry Scene In Karachi

Submitted By Mahnoor 

I grew up seeing my father listening to mushairas on TV, and I used to think its not for me. Granted, there are many people there without any doubt  who love poems and ghazals. However, growing up I would always think jab boodhi ho jaongi to dekhungi.

 Luckily I met Nida Saif who broke all those stereotypes. Nida is not only a poetess she is a pharma doctor, a wife and a mother.

Source: Nida

She’s just 26, but her words, and her work exudes maturity beyond her years. Nida has been a speaker of TedX NUST Karachi, various of literature festival as a judge.

I started talking about how she manages and all, I came to know that this passionate soul runs a small community of slam poets with her organization called ‘Poetry Slam Karachi’

I spoke to her about her organization and the events she hosts. She had this to say about the experience:
‘When I organized my first ever poetry slam, I wasn’t even sure if even just 20 people would show up. But to my surprise, about 200-250 people came! It was a house full both the times. I realized that people here need such platforms to voice their opinions. Not just our youth, but all age groups and genders look for such chances. This was a great finding. Hence, we keep our slams as open and accessible as we can.’

Source: Nida

Nida says her greatest supporter is her husband.


‘My husband is my support system. Without his support and companionship, I wouldn’t have been able to continue my journey with Poetry Slam Karachi. He accompanies me wherever I’m invited to judge/speak. Looks into the matters from a business point of view and assists me with my decisions. And he never interferes either, I get to have a final say. Yet I conclude that with his help.’

Zaroori nahi har kamyaab mard k peeche aurat ho,kamyaab aurat k peeche mard bhi hosakta hai

By no means does Nida have an easy daily schedule. This is what she had to say when asked about how she juggle everything so effortlessly:

‘Managing is never easy. I’m still learning to cope with my responsibilities and to work for my cause. Determination is the key here, all dreams require some sacrifice and lots of devotion. So I try to keep a balance between my role as a mother, as a student and as an influencer.’

Source: Nida

Nida’s main aim with ‘Poetry Slam’ is to give people a platform to share their work and instill the poetry culture in Pakistan.

‘Lastly, biggest purpose of Poetry Slam Karachi is to make such events a norm in all the areas of Karachi, and not just in some particular areas. And to keep it very affordable as well so that everyone can participate without having to think over it.’

Source: Nida

So everyone, please check “Poetry Slam Karachi” as  the event is coming up very soon.


13 Reasons Why You MUST Attend GIKI’s Robotics Competition, NEO ’18

Submitted by IEEE Writing Team


1. It’s the biggest Robotics event in Pakistan

 Neo, consisting of around 8-9  modules based on robotics as well as on programming, electronics, drones and speaking, is the largest robotics event in Pakistan with over 350 participants attending each year.

2. The Wars

Even though each module faces its own competitiveness but the desire for metal and oil to shred each other apart is the most extreme in our most famous and recognized module Robowars. But what happens on ground is nothing compared to the battles held in the air during our ‘skywars’ module. So if you have a thirst for war you know where to come…

Source: IEEE

3. The ‘Yaind

In GIK, we don’t have fun. We have ‘yaind’

All that clash between mind and matter surely tires you up, and so there is always some sort of social activity, shughal and party going on to make sure you there is no second that you will not be able to cherish.

Source: SNL

4. The Hype

GIKians are labeled for their “We don’t go to attend events, Events come to us” attitude. But, NEO is the something, even the ‘GIKians’ wait anxiously for.

5. It’s our tenth anniversary and we have a surprise for you

Every year we bring in something new but this year, having held successfully 9 previous editions, we are coming with something far better and bigger then before to celebrate our tenth anniversary. Well, who would want to miss that?

Source: IEEE


6. The socials

The end of the day however never marks the end of the night; the culture GIK is most famous for, never dies & every night is brought back to life in its own unique way; sometimes with a themed-dinner, an upbeat concert, a DJ night & sometimes with a scavenger hunt to relax the strained muscles in freezing winters.

Source: IEEE 

7. THE IEEE Boyzzz

Well to entertain such a taxing event we bring in a team that works tirelessly. The IEEE Boyzz put in blood, sweat and tears and then some more to bring you an amazing experience that you can’t forget.

PS: “Boyzzz” is just terms that we commonly use, and it includes all the girls too who work side by side with the boys, tirelessly.

Source: IEEE

8. The Hike

The start of the “Day 3” is usually refreshed by giving the participants a memorable tour of the lush green & scenic mountains of GIK, taking them on a hike to the top of the GIK & drowning in its beauty & serene environment. Plus, you really don’t want to miss out the winter rains which happen to drop by every year during NEO.

Source: IEEE

9. To educate the ”Engineering mein larkion ka kya kaam” minded people

One of the most important aims of IEEE is to empower women and we do it by supporting them in the field of engineering. Fort this purpose we have a separate subsidiary “Women in Engineering (WIE)”.

Source: IEEE

10. You surely don’t wanna miss “Raju ka Pizza” or “Israr ka Shake”

 They are actually like the brand ambassadors of GIK, and they have been here even before GIK was established.

11. It is organized by IEEE GIK

IEEE GIK is one of the largest most prestigious and most well established societies of GIK. Just like we aim for getting into the university, GIKians aim for IEEE as soon as they get admitted in the university. To the questions like “IEEE GIK kya hey bhai?”, “IEEE is a not a society, it’s a lifestyle” is the answer: D


Source: IEEE

12. Meet your “Bachpan Ka Bichra Huwa Yaar

We have the Karachites, the Pakhtuns, the Lahoris, the burgers, and what not. You name a city and we’ll get you a student who belongs to that city, so there’s quite a chance of you meeting your “Bachpan Ka Bichra Huwa Yaar”. Just imagine, isn’t that amazing?

Source: TUC Pakistan

13. Looking for the 13th Reason?

Well, for that you’ll have to come to GIK and experience it yourself.

Source: Paramount

If this has convinced you to make your way to GIKI this winter for NEO, then follow this link to get registered.

Here Were All The Goings On During This Year’s LUMS Skit Tamasha

Written by Komal Abid 

On the 3rd of December, the LUMS Dramatics Society came together to put up yet another fun-filled night with a number of theatrical performances, dances, and a whole lot of entertainment! Here are seven amazing moments from that night that will make you wish you were a part of it:

Source: Dramaline

1.The opening dance performance was epic!

Directed and choreographed by the talented Hamd Paracha, the opening dance number kicked off the event in style. The intense performance was the perfect way to start the night full of fun and frenzy, and it made sure the audiences were glued to their seats for the rest of the night!


Source: Dramaline

2. Dramalife

People who have been in Dramaline for a while decided to put up an impromptu comedy skit that had everyone in fits of laughter! Directed by Dilawer Ali, this was a personalized comedy for the people in the society that mimicked almost the entire senior council and lightened everyone’s mood. Several directors and a few EC members made cameos in this light-hearted skit that had everyone at the edge of their seats in tears of laughter. It also won the Best Comedy award… (Because it was the only comedy skit, but don’t tell them that!)

Source: Dramaline

3. A brilliant opening skit 

The amazing direction and technicals of the first play of the night, titled ‘Dreams’, were a true representation of what theater in Dramaline is all about. The lead actor Ahmed Kamran, along with the rest of the cast, were absolutely spot on with their performances in a skit depicting the dreams of a retired army officer suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. The skit proved to be an excellent example of the talent that the LUMS community has.

Source: Dramaline

4. The electric atmosphere

Even though it was a Sunday night, and deadlines were mounting pressure, the venue was completely packed with enthusiastic students who had showed up either in support of their friends who were taking part, or for the love of good theatrical performances. The presence of such a fun audience added to the overall atmosphere of the event and made it a night worth remembering.

Source: Dramaline

5. When ‘The morning after’ won best play at Skit Tamasha

Directed by the talented Ayesha Lari, the skit talked about depression and anxiety, and the stigmatization of both in our society. This skit getting its well-deserved appreciation at the end of the night was a thrilling moment for everyone involved in its production. The freshmen who acted in the play were absolutely ecstatic, as was the crowd

Source: Dramaline

6. Appreciation by the guest judge

Mr. Waleed Rana (who belongs to the very well-known band Naqsh from Pepsi Battle of the Bands) gave extremely encouraging feedback to all the performers and showed interest in working with these brilliant, young individuals. This was the highlight of the event because the hard work, effort, and talent of their very own actors and directors was recognized which meant a huge deal to everyone who was a part of the society.

Source: Dramaline

Everything was free!

Yes, you read that right. There was no hassle of buying tickets or emptying our pockets to attend this event. Dramaline understands that college kids are living on a budget and they deserve a fun and relaxing evening that doesn’t cause a dent on their pockets. Not only that, they had also arranged for free burgers from the Burger Joint and drinks from Nestle outside the venue for the attendees. Talk about a great mufta!


All in all, it was a very successful event. Event heads Alina Zuberi and Syed Taha Sarfraz Hussain were ecstatic at the audience turnout, the skits and the event’s overall execution. Here is what Taha had to say:

Source: Dramaline

“Once you’re on a rollercoaster, it’s pretty hard to get off. Skit Tamasha was something similar, it was at that time of the year where one is totally crammed up by numerous presentations, assignments, quizzes and sleepless nights. But all of this did not stop me from delivering the best that I could and put up an event that would not only last forever in my heart but hopefully in the hearts of all those who worked alongside me. Being an event head is not an easy task, and in all honesty it sort of drains you to your core but the feeling that you get after it is all over is second to none. Multitasking, running around, and asking for help, getting things done, entertaining people and most importantly meeting the expectations of the audience is what makes it a whole lot more thrilling. Honestly there was no chance this event would have been this successful without the combined effort of the entire Dramaline Council. I owe all of them, from the freshman to the senior council, without them Skit Tamasha would not have been possible.”

These Students From LUMS Are Speaking Out Against That Video Which Joked About Harassment

Submitted by a concerned LUMS student

Around the world, it is 2017. 2017 is more than the number of years on the calendar. 2017 is significant because it signifies a new era in terms of activism, social consciousnesses, women empowerment and other -isms. 

Around the world, the uprising against patriarchy, sexual harassment, and abuse is becoming the greatest social revolution of the 21st century.


However in Pakistan, it is not so.

LUMS, a premier institution of Pak Pak Pakistan, was unfortunate enough to be the university that admitted Ali Zar into it’s halls. Ali Zar recently came under fire for a video that jokes about harassment. You can catch up on all the happs here.

How do you describe Ali Zar?

Due to this tweet he sent out after the fiasco, from a twitter account named after his YouTube channel, in Laughing Color, you can get a clear-cut idea:


After being called out by (and supported by an alarming number of) university students, online media publications and general public around the country, he has put up this video:

The Answer!

My Channel Journalists

Posted by In laughing colour on Dienstag, 12. Dezember 2017


Instead of removing the video or editing out the offending clip, he put up a video ranting at online media agencies (probably secretly thanking them since his channel is getting more views than ever)

If you remove all the nonsense from this video (nonsense: when instead of properly apologizing for the video, you start ranting at media agencies for spreading the word of your shit), what are the premises of his argument? He supports it, like a typical misogynist by saying that it was for the sake of humor, that it was a social experiment, and that it was taken out of context.


Here is what a few girls on campus had to say about this:

“The problem is that they are literally saying that laws and rules are the only thing stopping them from harassing women. They don’t harass us because of the rules not out of basic respect and dignity for a human being.”


“He does NOT REALIZE that he is perpetrating rape culture? How can you feel safe when you know the men round you think this way.”


“There should be ramifications for this. it is men in positions of power that abuse it  that should be called out. His channel can be viewed by anyone and if they think its okay to joke about it they think its okay to harass women as well.”


“It’s literally 2017 and these chutiyas are still allowed to exist, how is it not obvious that this was wrong. I am a girl. I am afraid of being harassed every time I step outside of my home. And now I am not sure how safe my university is. And this fucker thinks it is funny?”


“If you notice, it is all the boys who are defending him and saying this should stay within campus. LOL. We will not stand down anymore. This needs to spread so that men are afraid of taking harassment lightly. I hope he is expelled or at least banned from making videos on campus.”


Since Mr. Zar does not understand why harassment is not funny, let’s take him through it. Step by fucking step.

  • So what exactly is harassment? It can be anything from catcalling and making obscene objectifying comments to being touched without permission. Does harassment still seem funny?
  • This “harmless” humor is insulting to everyone who has been subject to harassment. And guess how many people are harassed? A new study published by the Harvard Graduate School of Education reveals 87 percent of women ages 18 to 25 have been sexually harassed.

And these numbers only include women who admit that it has happened to them.

Still funny?

This video is wrong for so many reasons. Since we’ve gone over why it is not funny or “harmless” humor, let’s break down Zar’s other arguments in support of his video:

  • The “you have taken it out of context” argument

  • The “it is not causing any harm” argument

This isn’t a LUMS problem.

Yes, this video may have been shot there, but this is a problem that plagues our society. Men think it’s alright to say anything they want about women. Harassment has never been okay, we’ve just chosen to brush it under the rug, but let’s be frank- bohat hogaya hai, its time we face it head on!

People you know and hang out with, friends, family this boy is a representation of any of them

When the entire country has normalized harassment, and being ogled at in the street is something women are trained to ignore, how is LUMS specifically at fault?

There is a very good reason why most boys are in support of quelling the issue. Why they are saying that women are “overreacting” and that Zar didn’t mean it. Because this is normal to them. This objectifying manner is still what quite a few employ when they talk about women. 

Around Pakistan, harassment is an exceedingly trivialized and even “funny” subject. Our national attitude towards harassment is of ignorance and its good to stop. We haven’t ever addressed the issue properly and this is why people like Ali Zar can go around making fun of it and still get laughs, likes and some strong support. Arguments like ‘stop taking content out of context’ and ‘its all in good humor’ are JUST unacceptable.

Its high time we stop tolerating harassment. It’s 2017 for God’s sake! Enough is enough, otherwise stuff will only get worse!

All The Reasons Why You Should Sign Up For The Lifetime Learning Classes At LUMS

Submitted by Marketing Department of LUMS

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), one of the leading educational institutes in the region, launched the Lifetime learning @LUMS (LLL) program last year. The program offers exciting academic and interest based short-courses for people from all walks of life. It is open for anyone over the age of 15 and offers a great opportunity for enhancing your life and career.

Garnering overwhelming success in its previous sessions, the registrations for session 4 starting in January are now open. Here are 8 reasons why Lifetime Learning @LUMS is the best place to celebrate your passion!

1. World-class institution.

To study in a world class’ university is a dream for many. Through some of the distinctive programs, LUMS allows you to fulfill this obsession.

Source: LUMS

2.Amazing Campus.

In Pakistan there are few universities which have the privilege of possessing a visually stunning campus with vibrant student life; LUMS is one of them. Designed by Pakistan’s iconic architect, late Habib Fida Ali. LUMS provides green spaces and stunning infrastructure to its students, faculty and visitors.

Source: LUMS

3. Experience Top Industry professional teaching.

 The Lifetime Learning faculty includes leading industry professionals such as Bilal Sami in Filmmaking, Nighat Choudry in Kathak, Adeel Hashmi in Creative writing, Saad Khan in Event Management etc.

Source: Youlin Magazine

4. There are so many Lifetime Learning courses to choose from

At LUMS there are no limits when it comes to learning. A diverse range of courses are offered such as Arts, Astronomy, Languages, Professional Development, Photography, Baking, Music and Dance; spread over four to six weeks. So, you just name it and you’ll have it!

5. The Graduation ceremony.

LUMS encourages each alumni’s passion for learning. It celebrates their accomplishments by conducting a fun-filled ceremony in the presence of LUMS top leadership, with live performances and amazing food.

Source: LUMS

6. LUMS certification.

All over the globe, having a good university name attached to one’s name adds value. LUMS certification after these Courses brings extra value to a student’s profile and further enhances their career options.

Source: LUMS

7. It’s a great way to meet new people and network

LUMS encourages its students and faculty to meet people and network. LUMS ensures that students expand their network with high achievers and passionate people from all walks of life.

Source: LUMS

8. Get Amazing Discounts.

 Discount is that one word that catches everybody’s attention! And getting it on something one really cherishes, is simply the cherry on top.  LUMS facilitates its students by offering some amazing discounts. There are also loads of group discounts too. You can save upto 20%- yeah you read that right!

Source: LUMS

Lifetime Learning is a great way to stay in touch with your passions and interests, in a safe and secure university environment. For more details on how to sign up and also how to avail discounts, you can go here!



FC College Just Had It’s Feminist Comic Con And Here Are All The Details

Submitted by The WES Marketing Department

The highly anticipated WES Feminist Comic Con finally took place on the 17th and 18th of November, and it was everything we expected and more! The two day event saw a bigger turnout this year, and all who attended were geared up to celebrate women, entertainment and the world of comics. Here are a few highlights from two productive and insanely fun days:

Panel Discussions:

Our panel discussions delivered a punch like no other. There were two panels, one on each day. The first one was on Women’s Narratives through Illustration and Writing. The panel consisted of various women skilled at illustrating, crafting stories, writing brilliant novels, comic book contributors. Amongst the various panelists was Annick Goethals, a Belgian author and ardent feminist, who took the panel discussion by storm with her candid commentary. The gripping discussion revolved around hurdles faced in the world of writing as a woman, inspirations for characters and advice for upcoming female writers and artists.

Source: WES

The panel on the second day was for the documentary, Mard Ban. Various women, including the creator Aurelie Salvaire and transgender activist Jannat Ali, commented on the stigmas of what it means to be a man in our society, the toxic masculinity thrown in all our faces. The panelists also addressed how this was mentally affecting men themselves, in the form of various health issues such as depression. It was an enlightening discussion on the current trends in our beliefs as a society.

Maria Unera!

Everyone was buzzing with excitement over Maria Unera’s performance at the closing ceremony and we were rightfully excited! The rather intimate acoustic set was absolutely brilliant, and Maria had everyone hanging on to every single note she sang. Maria also debuted a song about women paving their own path in this troubled riddle world. There was a resounding silence in the crowd and goosebumps when she closed off with “Strong”, a song for her late mother and everyone was in awe.

Source: WES

Cosplay and Fandom Trivia

We wanted people to go all out for the cosplay and they did not let us down! There were way more cosplayers present than last year, all of them had completely transformed themselves and they delivered some amazing short performances in the competition.

The Fandom Trivia was the usual hullaballoo, with teams scrambling to answer questions within the time frame, the audience shouting out incorrect answers to confuse them, and a lot of laughing and chaos while the trivia went on.

Source: WES


We had a Storybuliding Workshop set up conducted by Khaya Ahmed and a Cosplay Workshop by Nouman Mateen and Mehreen Arsalan. Both of them fulfilled the idea that we had in mind – to help attendees understand more about whatever craft they found interesting. The workshops had a great exchange of ideas happening, and our field experts gave invaluable advice to all who were present.

Source: WES

The Feminist Comic Con was capped off with some great food, and good music at the Yule Ball.

Source: WES

Over the span of two days, we successfully helped evil rise, we empowered women and highlighted their work in various fields, and we had a great time. We thank all our sponsors and guests. The Feminist Comic Con will be back next year!

Here Are All The Reasons You Need To Attend Skit Tamasha This Year

Submitted By The Dramaline Marketing Department

After DramaFest, Dramaline is gearing up for it’s next big event- Skit Tamasha. Here are 7 reasons why you should add it to your weekend plans, like NOW

1. The THEME!!

When was the last time you were in a room full of people dressed up as your favourite comic book characters? This year, you will have the chance to showcase your creativity in the form of POP ART! YES! This year, LUMS Dramaline is donning the theme of POP ART for Skit Tamasha, and we could not be more excited!

Source: Dramaline

2.The calm before the storm?

With finals coming up, Skit Tamasha is an event that will provide you with the ultimate calm before the storm i.e. some chilling before exams. You can either watch the amazing skits and admire them, or just come with a couple friends to blow off some steam before the finals stress begins.

Source: BBC

3.For the SHUGHAL

All work and no “shughal” makes Jack a dull boy. The plays, full of humor and emotion at Skit Tamasha, are yet another reason all of you to come together and make some noise and show everyone how “shughal” is really done. After all, what is life without some party? And what is party without Dramaline?

Source: Dramaline

4. For the social media likes!

Is a theatre competition even a theatre competition without some celebrities coming to judge it? I think not. If the outstanding plays are not good enough reasons for you to come to Skit Tamasha, then the 200+ likes on your instagram post, and over 50 screenshots on your Snap Story, with a famous celebrity will be. Come to Skit Tamasha and leave with star-studded social media.

Source: Tumblr

5. It’s one of the best dramatic events at LUMS

The events put up by Dramaline are known to be some of the greatest theatrical events of Pakistan. After Dramafest – the biggest inter-school theatrical competition in Pakistan – we have Skit Tamasha, the biggest intra-LUMS student theatrical competition. With around 12 plays planned in a span of 3 hours, it’s not gonna be something you would want to miss out on.

Source: Dramaline

6.As an appreciation of hard work of the teams

It may seem easy to direct, rehearse and put up a play, but in reality, it is a path full of obstacles. Students who take part in Skit Tamasha manage their studies with rehearsals that usually last all night and basically run on little or no sleep. They deserve the little appreciation they get by a standing ovation and a full crowd in SDSB B3.  One should attend Skit Tamasha just to boost the spirits of these hardworking souls and give them credit for putting up such amazing plays in the midst of all their parhai.

Source: Disney

7. To promote theatre in Pakistan

The theatre industry of Pakistan is still one that is evolving and can only reach its full potential through an active and collective effort made by the youth. Skit Tamasha is an epitome of this effort as it consists of plays produced, directed and acted out by the students at LUMS. To attend an event like this would show us at Dramaline that our cause of promoting theatre is a credible one.

Source: Dramaline

See you in SDSB B3 on Sunday the 3rd of December 2017 from 7-10pm! You better reach early because there is only limited seating and the auditorium fills up really fast.



It’s High Time We Debunk These 12 Misconceptions About AIESEC

Submitted by the AIESEC Marketing Department 

It’s time we discuss some of the misconceptions about AIESEC. We’ve heard them all, and it’s about time we debunk them and show you the REAL AIESEC 

1. No, we are NOT a cult, hum sath sath hain

Yes, we have traditions. But that in no way means that we are not welcoming to the outsiders. We like to lift each other’s spirits, make the people of the organization feel wanted and loved and encourage them to be the best versions of themselves. Hum aik mukamal Khandaan hain.

Source: Warner Bros

2. It’s not all fun and games, bohat kaam hai dostun

I think this is the biggest misconceptions of all. There is so much work that needs to be done, so many phone calls, so much of keeping in touch with the students who have left Pakistan and with the students who have come in.

Source: Giphy

3.We don’t get paid, paise pe nahi marte hainn

Stings me to say this one, but it is true. But still, we recruit the people who have the motivation to grow and be better individuals on their own, without any monetary motivation or benefits. And that’s the entire beauty of it. To work because you WANT to, not because you need to.

Source: NBC


4. We encourage cultural diversity

We literally have friends everywhere. From encouraging outgoing exchange to having sent so many kids to different countries all over the world, it really does make us global citizens.

Source: NBC


5. We develop people and make them realize their hidden potential.

Some things, you just can’t know about yourself through books. And by some things I mean, ALL THINGS. We help our caterpillars turn into butterflies, in the most beautiful way possible.

Source: Giphy

6. We believe in a wholly integrated world, without geographic boundaries

We believe that everything in the world is connected, and the only way people can discover this intricate and meaningful connection is interacting with each other on a cross cultural stage despite the boundaries.


Source: AmyWachman// Giphy


7. Hum ‘Student Exhcanges’ par bhejte hai 

No bhai no scene, the only exchanged we provide are volunteer or corporate based exchanges to people who want to have a global and professional exposure.

Source: BBC

8. Sub merit par hai

Banda cool nahi ha toh kya hua, kaam toh fit kerta ha, aur ju fit kaam kerta ha woh sub se badass ha.

Source: Lionsgate Production

9. Suna ha AIESEC CV pe acha lagta ha?

Come on, its not a word only on paper. You carry the word in your self. The reason why recruiters have been amazed by our alumni’s wasn’t the cool CV jargon usage. We carry the professionalism and adventurous AIESEC stories that make us stand out. Aur hum khoobsurat tajurbun ke shauqeen bhi hain

Source: MTV

10 .We are snobs

Hum snobby bilkul nahi hain, the only reason we talk about AIESEC so much is because ismein humara dil ha, you love something which instigates positivity in you, humara bhi kuch aisa scene ha.

Source: Norman Reedus

11. Tumein iska faida kya ha?

Something which almost everyone asks, bohaat faida ha trust me, exposure and learning not just on the international scale but on an internal scale, you find yourself and, ju apne ap ku smjh leta ha woh kamyaab hu jata ha

Source: Chuber// Giphy

12. We are a student  society.

Khudaa ka wasta humein dooosri societies se compare na kro.
AIESEC is a non-profit organization run by students from different universities all around world. We provide some real life time product. Sending people abroad and receiving them other way round, is not a child’s play. There are huge legal and logistical responsibilities to cater.

Source: Bad Baby Productions

Here’s What Went Down At Kinnaird Business Week’17, Making It All Kinds Of Awesome

Submitted by Aruba Ali.

Kinnaird College was buzzing on the 16th and 17th of November due to several exciting reasons.

From celebrity appearances, series of motivational speaker sessions, various competitions to a Musical Fiesta – everything left the attendees spellbound. Here’s everything that went down at Kinnaird Business Week’17. 

Motivational Speaker Sessions.

Mr. Qasim Ali Shah shared pieces of wisdom with the participants. Nabeel Qadeer helped the aspiring young entrepreneurs listen to their inner voices and come up with an ‘Idea Croroun Ka.’ Zara Abbas gave everyone some legitimate tips on overcoming fears.

Source: Xpressions Photography

Sufi Night.

The social event served as a detox after a day full of heated competitions and management struggles by the hosting team itself. Everyone was on their feet and couldn’t resist but sway along the tablaa strokes by Qawwal group, ‘Cultural Infusion.’

Source: Xpressions Photography

A Magical Musical Night 

More than 4000 girls attended the Musical night of KBW’17. From the Punjabi bhangra beats by Falak to ‘Yeh Mera Dewanapan Hai‘ by Ali Sethi – everything kept the audience engaged. Synchronized hoots, the rain and an amazing panel of singers made everything more remarkable and memorable.

(Shoutout to F&S Events and PR for pulling off the social night.)

Source: Xpressions Photography

Various Celebrity Appearances.

One of the key moments on day two of KBW’17 included the appearance of Mr. Haseeb Khan and the extremely talented, Mr. Mikaal Zulfiqar. They not only blessed the event with their presence but were also amongst the judging panel of the AD-MAD and Meteoric competitions.

Source: Xpressions Photography

Dastan-e-Ishq By Umair Jalianwala.

Mr. Jalianwala, who is a trainer by passion and an entrepreneur by profession, charmed the entire audience with the magic of his words on Day-2 of KBW’17. “Tales of Passion,” inspired by Sufi music, made the audience ponder over life and see it from a different perspective.

Source: Xpressions Photography

Flawless Team Management.

The event was perfectly managed by the core team of KBW’17. The entire team made sure everything went smoothly, by catering to the needs of participants and ensuring the comfort of the judges and the guests. The collaboration with ‘Xpressions Photography’ was also notable, and they did a great job covering the event. President-KECMehwish Haroon, did a tremendous job in bringing forth a nicely articulated event for everyone attending.

Source: Xpressions Photography

Innovative Competitions. 

The range of competitions was extremely well thought of. These competitions not only helped the participants expand their vision and brainstorm innovative business ideas but also gave a boost to their ambitions – all under the influence of well-known mentors. 

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Appearance By The Cast Of Arth (The Destination.)

Just when everyone thought the night couldn’t get any better, Humaima Malik and Uzmah Shah showed up for the promotion of their upcoming movie with Shaan and Mohib Mirza. Yay!

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After executing an amazing event, one can only expect bigger and better things from the next session of Kinnaird Business Week. Cheers!

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An Intermediate Student’s Open Letter To Other FCC Students: Why Can’t We Get Along?

Submitted by Alizain Rizvi

For all those who aren’t in FC, there’s a very real animosity that exists between the Baccalaureate students and the Intermediate students. This open letter addresses that very animosity.

Dear Baccalaureate Students,

So this has been going on for a while. Not all of the students have any problem with us, Intermediate students. Some are good friends with us, while others don’t care about what’s going on.

But all of those who have a problem with Intermediate students, on their behalf, I really want to know: hum ne kiya kya hai bhai?

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Yes, I understand that mistakes have been made on our end as well.

But that doesn’t mean that you cast aside the entire Intermediate bunch, does it?

The hatred has spread to the extent where when the Campus Feed application was launched in FCCU, there were posts literally calling on the campus ambassador to ban Intermediate students from accessing it. Matlab, hum bhi yahan parhte hain, fees dete hain. Aisa toh nah karo yaar. 

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Just going to leave a friendly reminder:

We’re the ones who wear FCCU’s uniform daily while coming to college. We study in the original archaic blocks of the university and we absolutely love them. And when you need to do your photo shoots, aap humarey blocks main hee aatey hain.

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Moreover, our societies cannot hold our events in the auditoriums in E-Block or S-Block.

It’s firmly believed that every single Intermediate student is uncivilized and perverted and thus, a threat.

Think about it, though – the app you banned us from using, you guys objectified girls on it khud hee.

Then, you guys shared strange confessions as well. Facebook pages like FCC Crushes and Confessions also exist, all of which propagate the same kind of thinking. It’s wrong, regardless of who carries out such actions. No one has the right.

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To conclude this open letter, I just want to say that this animosity needs to end. 

All of us need to work on ourselves. The first thing we need to eradicate is this habit of judging people for being different. Let’s work on our mistakes and try to get rid of this concept of people from different backgrounds not being able to get along.

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And that doesn’t just apply to FCCU. It’s something to chew on for everyone else as well.


An Intermediate Student.

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