This Medical College In Lahore Is Severely Mistreating Its Students And It Just Isn’t Right

Whether or not you like it, it is a fact that the administration have a lot of power over your life as a college student. Some of you are fortunate enough to have a relatively less controlling admin, however the students of a certain medical college in Lahore sadly cannot say the same.

The Dean and administration of Avicenna Medical College are simply just not treating their students the right way.

The phones being smashed in this video are students’ phones that were confiscated. After this video surfaced on twitter, a student from the university came forward and the details they told were shocking.

According to this student, the person who confiscated the phones said that if they handed in there and then, that no phones would be broken, however that CLEARLY didn’t happen. Apparently there are many on-campus phone inspections. If you’re found with a phone on campus, its confiscated and then, smashed.

This student goes on to say that they are all kept back till 5:30PM each and every day, with no permission to leave in between classes. What’s worse is that these students are not allowed to bring food or water in these classes.

Also the environment for girls is made much worse since there is strict moral policing on campus. If a girl either talks to a boy alone, or leaves campus early without prior permission, then she is made to wear a yellow dupatta so that EVERYONE knows that she did something ‘wrong’.

What’s worse is that when students try to raise their voices against the administration, they are told they are free to leave. The administration is happy in their ways, and clearly is showing no interest in changing their ways.

After this video made the rounds on twitter, people had loads to say 

Apparently the Dean of Avicenna is known for this type of behavior 

People were angry, and obviously so 

While class etiquette is important, destruction of personal property for the sake of discipline is just crossing all sorts of lines and boundaries 

And well, the sad thing is, this isn’t an isolated incident. 

Recently another medical college was found to be fining students for interacting with peers from the other sex.

We often hear that universities are taking the definition of morality in their own hands, and this creates an environment that is both uncomfortable and intimidating for students. However, this case from Lahore is just shocking for not only are they destroying private property, but completely restricting their students’ freedoms.

Students have clearly been pushed into a corner by their administration and are finding it harder, day by day to fight back. This level of control over a student’s life is not healthy and will not lead to a proper learning environment.


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Also, if similar things are happening on your campus, or on the campuses of people you know, do send us a message or leave a comment. This needs to stop.