These University Students From Karachi Are Redefining Art, One Mural At A Time

With the walls of Karachi flooded with political slogans, angry graffiti, and pan stains, Awara Parindey is redefining art in the city we call home

This is a flock of 6 twenty-something-year-old artists who identify themselves as ‘Awara Parindey.’ They wander the grim streets of Karachi and slap colors onto barren walls in order to lighten up the surroundings and send abstract messages.

Meet Awara Parindey, a mix of students from Habib University, Szabist, Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture (IVS), and students waiting on their dream universities

Source: Mere Samandar, Mere Kinaray

We asked them what inspired them to venture out on this creative journey, and here’s what they had to say

“Basically, we were part of an internship that didn’t end up working out. We had worked on mural designs for a good 5-6 weeks. At the time we were not familiar with each other’s artistic strengths and weaknesses. However, when things didn’t work out, we decided to do something independently because overtime we had gotten to know each other quite well and didn’t want all the hard work to go to waste.

Since it was us making art, on our terms, it was more like a journey of self-discovery.  We really want to depict freedom in not just one form. If you look at our very first mural, the thought went behind it was to take away from reality. Other than that, we genuinely as artists We felt like our potential was going to waste by not contributing to the greater good. In the end, Awara Parindey became a good outlet to express ourselves. Now we simply want to build a culture and celebrate the diversity that each one of us brings to the group.”

This is Awara Parindey’s first ever mural and it is located at Tipu Sultan Road. We asked them their inspiration behind this, and this is what they told us 

“This picture is talking about a utopian society. You see how the houses are stuck in a bubble and how the land is alleviated? It’s talking about how we, as a community, need to protect each other and we need to protect our individual dreams. We need to shelter ourselves from the evil that always lurks too close to home and we need to keep ourselves safe from all the bad that life throws at us.”

Source: Awara Parindey

Do you plan each mural before executing it? 

“No, not really. We work on extremes. Either we spend days planning a mural, discussing different ideas, making stencils, coordinating color schemes and driving through the city to find the perfect wall OR we just wake up on a Sunday morning, get the team together and head out with spray cans. The whole idea is to create something we feel deeply about so most times, our work is spontaneous.”

We asked Awara Parindey the thought process that went into this exceptional piece, and here’s what they told us

“This was an improvised piece that we decided to wing on a hot Sunday morning. It is located in PECHS, MA Society. We stumbled on this huge rubble and waste that seemed to be just lying there, useless. That’s when inspiration struck. So, the initial idea that’s close to all of us is to be unapologetically who we are and break through the constraints we often bind ourselves around. The point is to realize that we are more than what we imagine ourselves to be and fight past the restrictions we place on ourselves.”

Source: Awara Parindey

Here is another mural made by Awara Parindey, located on MT, Queens Road. The caption reads, “there is a little bit of all of us in these.”

Source: Awara Parindey

And another, located opposite Springs in Defence, Phase 6

Several people have posted a picture with these magnificent wings and have tagged Awara Parindey on various social platforms

Source: Awara Parindey

Apart from creating murals and adding some much-needed color to the walls of Karachi, Awara Parindey is also an on-going business venture

They are often employed by parents who wish to craft a safe place for their children to grow up in. With their millennial mindset, they are able to pitch in creative ideas and cater to the vision parents’ have in mind for their young ones.

Source: Awara Parindey

And at times, they are allowed to go crazy witht their paints and brush strokes, giving children the taste of an alternate reality

Source: Awara Parindey

With the ongoing traffic congestion, power failures, broken roads, and sidewalks, we are utterly blown by the resolve of our local art group, Awara Parindey. They seem to have taken the city by a storm; a group of 6 college students trying to leave a piece of themselves in the chaotic surroundings of our very own Karachi. Follow Awara Parindey on Instagram and check out their latest designs!