The Feminist Comic Con Is Bringing Some Truly Amazing Women Together And It’s Really Exciting

The Feminist Comic Con is all about empowering women and now, with only a few days to go, it’s time to introduce some badass women who are paving their paths on their own terms and joining us for the event.

Performing at our closing ceremony is Maria Unera Qureshi!

Maria boldly decided to pursue music at the mere age of 16. She garnered attention from Nescafe Basement season 3 and came back for season 4 with a rendition of Love Me Again along with multiple female musicians. This powerhouse performance wowed the nation, and even stunned the song’s original singer himself, John Newman, who posted praise for the performance on Twitter.

Since then, her career has gone uphill. She has gone on to work with Levi’s Live Sessions, where she put forward her first original song for the first time. The beautiful song was a dedication to her late Mother. She also featured in Cornetto Pop Rock season 2.

Maria is clearly musically gifted, but she’s also philanthropic.

She focuses on raising awareness regarding multiple issues such as HIV and AIDS, child abuse. She’s an avid supporter of the Dance4Life initiative. WES is extremely excited to have her on board and grateful for her support!


Another exemplary woman joining us is Safina Aftab.

Safina is definitely empowered in her own right, and she wants to use her position to help pave the way for fellow females and give them opportunities to succeed. Safina has had tremendous success working with Google Pakistan in collaboration with the Lahore Times on various projects and now, she is helping the Feminist Comic Con out by sponsoring the Yule Ball and not only that, but giving away 4 paid job opportunities to females who have signed up for the comic con.

Through collaborating with WES for the event, Safina is furthering her search for such women and is completely open to receiving CVs and picking four women for paid job opportunities. The work is all online and multi-dimensional in terms of creating content for various businesses.

If the performance of an insanely talented artist and the chances of a brilliant job aren’t enough to draw you towards the Feminist Comic Con, we don’t know what is.

The Feminist Comic Con happens this 17th and 18th of November. No Heroes Allowed.