13 Beautiful Beasts This Bakra Eid, For Your Viewing Pleasure

By Sarmad Amer | 2 Sep, 2017

Bakra Eid is all about the gosht collection, distribution, redistribution and the gastronomic assault that you put your stomach through with all the barbecue. Eid ul Azha is also about these dashing studs that are everywhere once the month of Zilhajj arrives.

Here are all the famous celebrities this Bakra Eid:


1. This tall, dark and handsome guy

Source: Mohsin Sheikh Via: Facebook

2. And this one who’s rocking his kala chashma like no other

Source: Ammar Hussain Via: Facebook

3. This stud is a pout master you need to learn selfie skills from

Source: Abdullah Ahmed Khan Via: Facebook

4. And this Eid celebrity can be found in surprising places

Source: @romalkakar2 Via: Instagram


5. Look at this confident guy who isn’t afraid to get all up in your faces

Source: @ishtihar_farosh Via: Instagram


6. And this one who’s a Prisma addict

Source: @qasimzia_ Via: Instagram


7. This lovable creature can’t stop PDA-ing

Get a room, you two.

Source: @arshad_zaib Via: Instagram


8. And this beauty sure can rock a teeka

Source: Cow Mandi Via: Facebook


9. While this handsome fellow scales new heights

Source: @taimurwalli_photography Via: Instagram


10. This one is good with just hanging out with fellow celebrities

Source: @ZawarDeShaykk / Twitter


11. Here’s how this guy travels

It doesn’t look too comfortable, tbh.

Source: @xubair92 Via: Instagram

12. And this majestic beast is basking in his glorious looks

Via: Islamabad Bakra Mandi/Facebook

13. Finally, these guys are hanging out in Lahore


How are you bonding with your handsome beasts? Make memories, because tomorrow they’ll become angels in the bakra heaven. Also, if you’re left with the khaal make sure you donate it to Shaukat Khanum or Edhi Foundation because we all need those good aamaal, after all.


Cover Image via: Arsalan & Yahseer/ YouTube

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