This Beauty Guru From LGS Is Every Girl’s Go-To Adviser For ANYTHING

Today, everyone we see is always in a rush to get things done as fast as they can. From running errands, to school work, to even eating. Everything seems like a task that needs to be done in order to feel like we’ve achieved something.

Amidst all these people, there lives a girl who goes to school, tuition, interacts with her friends on Instagram, and even gives them advice regarding anything, and everything, everyday. 

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Ayesha Khalid, a student at Lahore Grammar School and a Beauty Guru on Instagram. 

Not only does she have lit makeup skills, her personality and kindness have led her to thousands of followers she likes to refer to as her friends.

What’s so big about posting pictures with makeup on, you say?

Well, for starters, not only does Ayesha create stunning makeup looks using the trendiest products out there, but also gives alternative options to people who can’t afford them or would prefer cheaper alternatives.

Moreover, she works with different companies and brands by trying out their products and reviewing the best ones out of the rough for her friends.

The list doesn’t end here though. 

Ayesha also takes her time out to interact with every single one of her followers and answers any questions they might have, and tries her best to be there for them in case they’re having a tough time.

Do you hear that?

That’s the sound of my heart melting. 



And just like all things on the Internet do, she gets hate too- sometimes. 

Which she deals with like a pro by getting her message through to the haters and talking to them about what they find offensive- eliminates that, and ensures there are no further objections.

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One thing I’d want to say to my followers is that I’m always here for each and every one of them. I consider myself quite lucky to have the support that I do from girls who turn to me for advice. People asking me to give them my opinion on something makes me want to create more and content everyday!”

I know everyone says "it's all gonna be okay" Now all those may not have gone through the same thing as you but every person in this world goes through things that were so hard for them. You won't really forget about those things, probably never BUT you will get over them in a way that those things will stop bothering you. I personally went through things and at times there was no one to tell me that at some point i'll learn from those mistakes and grow from them. You meet so many new people and i would just say cut off everything you think is spreading negative energy around you. Sometimes you don't understand, but deep inside you know it's not good for you. In all those hard times, makeup, my family & friends and you guys were my only motivation. I still have so many goals and sometimes i just get distracted but i think that's okay because everyone out there is so frikking strong and is gonna be smiling after like 2 months about something they're crying over right now. PROMISE! Cause i did too. If anyone ever is low or needs someone to talk to, just know that even though we all don't personally know each other i still feel like you're all my family. So feel free to message me whenever about whatever other than makeup & stuff. Always know that i'm here. I just had to let it out ily all 🙇🏻‍♀️❤️

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Also, one advice to everyone would be to keep doing what you love. People are going question it, make fun of it-but once you keep practicing and trying to get there, it’ll be worth it.”

Now that, is good advice.

In case you’d like to follow Ayesha for lit makeup looks and any advice, you can find her on: Instagram/ayeshakhalid_