Beware! This Supposed New Money Counting Scam Is Scary And Apparently Banks Can't Catch It

By Ather Ahmed | 13 Aug, 2017

There’s a new money fraud in the market and it’s like a magic trick

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This scam is the real deal. Huge props for creativity to the person who developed this hustle. But for all ethical purposes, I do hope the guy ends up in jail.

Ripping people off of their hard earned money is not cool. Paisa darakht pey nahi lagta. It requires blood, sweat and sometimes even tears.


So this fine gentleman was nice enough to bring this new type of scam to light

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We don’t know much about this saint of a person. All we know that he’s a banker and his name is Faisal and that his nephew uploaded a video of him helping everyone become aware of this scam.


The scam is an illusion of sorts where you count more money than what is actually handed to you

Too wordy? Here let me explain this in simple words. Imagine a person hands you twenty thousand rupees. In a bundle of thousand rupee notes. You count them in a bundle it’s twenty thousand. But if you lay out the notes individually it’s much less. What essentially is happening is that half a thousand rupee note is pasted using a ‘magic tape’ of sorts.

This can even trick money counting machines in banks.


People are very thankful to this kind man for sharing the scam

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Some are skeptical

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Even accusing the man of being a fraud himself

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Others have come forward sharing how they’ve been victims of this scam, too

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Whether you believe this scam is real, or not, it’s safe to say one should be aware when you count cash handed to you in a bundle. Make sure to do it by both sides. Better yet lay every note out individually. I know it’ll take time but as they say ‘time is money’. Yeah, I know it’s lame. But being prudent isn’t.


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