BNU’s New Cafe Cost Almost Four Crores But Is it Really Worth It?

Before May 28th 2016, if you wanted to have lunch at the old BNU cafe, you literally had to walk what seemed like a mile before reaching the Sartaj Aziz block, holding the café inside it and that too on the 2nd floor. One had to basically jog and then squat up the stairs every day. If the pursuits of eating didn’t give your legs a good shape, I don’t know what would have. All that exercise, everyday definitely made us….CURSE that location.


Moving on, on the aforementioned date, the liberal arts university aka BNU inaugurated a 2 storey café (with a basement) which is in proximity to the buildings our classes take place in. We, owing to lack of entertainment, got all overjoyed over the idea of an easy access to food. The ceremony itself was attended by Mrs. Kasuri and a number of people from the administration.

It seems like the café was inaugurated in a slapdash because even now ( that is after 5 months of it being functional) it lacks coordination, space and well oxygen.

We never thought that with the shutting down of the old cafe, they would also shut down the khokha, popularly known as the “Sheikho’s Cafe”. It was the sweetest little place to catch a drink with a friend and pick up some munchies before hitting class. Coffee Planet, the only franchised eatery at BNU, has been closed as well.

An estimated 4 crore rupees have been spent on the construction of the  new building.

So, a university made up of 6 separate buildings, now has one café for it’s ENTIRE student body. The results are not the prettiest, to say the least. Imagine, being stuck inside a stuffy room filled to capacity, the air conditioning not working, while you look down upon the plate of korma in front of you as that  drop of sweat that had formed on your forehead a while ago finally has had enough and drops in your plate, reminding you of your cursed fate. But it seems the café is trying to spice things up a little with something called the “BNU steak” and “BNU soup”.



Before the café opened, there had been much anticipation as to what new delights it may have in store for the students. All hopes and dreams, however, were shattered when the café did finally become operational and the same food that was served before was put in front of the students once again.

Image result for expectations vs. reality meme food

Oh, and did I mention, being a liberal arts institution, BNU is filled with some of the most creative of minds as it looks like they were all put to use before naming this amazing place of dining …..*wait for it*….“BNU Café.” We’re as amused as you are.

Cover Image Via: BNU (Beaconhouse National University) Lahore Via: Facebook