This Med Student From Dow University Was Declared The Fittest Woman In Pakistan And Like ‘Woah’

It’s official guys, Dow students are on a roll!

Meet Sofia Jamil, a 3rd year medical student at Dow Medical College, who has a passion for fitness.

When she’s not tirelessly studying for medschool, she’s found at the gym. Sofia spends her free time doing all different types of training, including  crossfit, weightlifting, HITT and running.

She has won titles from all around Pakistan.

Source: Sofia

In March this year, she won the Fittest Female in Pakistan title, awarded by CrossFit inc. Recently she also qualified as the 3rd Fittest Female, a title awarded by the Fitin5 Games.

MangoBaaz Campus got in touch with Sofia to know more about her.

Talking about her motivation, Sofia had something beautiful to say;

I am my own motivation because someone else can’t technically workout for you. You have to push yourself. I find motivation by looking at how far I’ve come and just try to do better than that.

Source: Sofia

When asked if fitness ever gets in the way of her studies, Sofia said the stress is immense,

“My fitness affects my studies heavily. With the huge course load, there is so much stress and hours of sitting in one place reading book. Giving myself a two hour break to workout allows me to clear my mind, relive stress and get the blood flowing and muscles breaking those glycogen stores.”

We also took the opportunity to ask her about the status of women in this field, and she shared her outlook:

“In recent years, Pakistanis have started to put more of an effort into their physical health by watching what they eat and adding exercise to their lives. However when I talk to people, mostly the older generation about my fitness, or show them my lifting videos, I usually get a talk of how girls shouldn’t lift heavy weights. That it’s bad for reasons XYZ. Even though a lot more females are working out now as compared to before, it will take our society time to adjust to girls lifting heavy weights.”

Source: Sofia

Her advice to girls who want to lift is simply to just go do it,

“My advice to girls is to just go for it. Don’t let anyone stop you from doing something you enjoy, but please if you’re doing to lift or do any workout movement, do it with proper form.”


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