Can Stranger Things Get Anymore Stranger This Season

By Shanzeh Jalali | 7 Jun, 2022

Strangers Things has taken the world by storm.

Be it a Demogorgon, an opening of the underworld, or keeping up with what is going inside Eleven’s head; the fan base seems to be growing by every second. 


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Six years of being emotionally attached to plots, the people, and how things will turn out have been on every fan’s mind. We love Stranger Things, looking at Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) finding herself and the growth of her character has truly been a remarkable experience. Season 4 has given us more drama and goosebumps than anticipated. The only question on everyone’s mind: Can Eleven save the world?

The plot of season 4 revolves around Vecna’s curse, how Vecna captures the soul of the person till they’re all his.

With the OG gang split up, the story is moving in different states. I think all fans can agree that the worst thing ever (more than Vecna) is Jim Hopper facing Hell in Russia. Oh, and *spoiler alert* Nancy finds herself in the other world again. Amazing, isn’t it? 

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The new character addition includes Eddie. He is a basic nerd who likes to play dungeon and dragons. He probably did not ever think that the game he was adamant to give his life to could be based on real-life events. Vecna first showed himself to Eddie which makes him an important character in this season. An outcast ready to make a mark on this world trope. 

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Stranger Things is one of the few shows that no one seems to miss out on. People of all ages, genders, and ethnicities seem to love the show and cannot wait for more. A true depiction of this would be scrolling through TikTok and looking at hundreds of netizens falling in love with Max’s favorite song ‘Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)’.


What’s your favorite character in this show? Let us know down below. 

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