Students From FAST-NU Had An App For All Your Car Needs, Tou Chalo Install Karlo

Have you ever found yourself in a position where something’s gone wrong with your car, but you’re nowhere near a petrol pump or a car workshop. You’re stuck in the middle of the road, alone, and you wonder how technology can gotten so far, so you still can’t get your car fixed.

Not to worry, some students from FAST-NU have made an app for all your car woes. 

Aptly named, ‘Roadside Assistant’, this app has been built to help out with a variety of car issues, such as an auto lockout, tow services and mechanical issues.


Talking to MangoBaaz Campus, Usama Aslam (one of the founders) said that him and his friends noticed that there was no such service in Pakistan, especially not in an app format. According to him, they saw how these sorts of apps were picking up in the West, and they thought it was high time to bring it to Pakistan.

Currently the services of Roadside Assistant are restricted to Lahore. They have contracts with some of the best service providers in the city, and promise to give only the best service for your car. Sadly, they’re having a tough time convincing local car shops to join their bank of service providers, since there is some backlash towards moving towards technology.

That being said, the future of the app seems pretty bright. The Roadside Assistant team got an amazing response at the ‘Makers Fest’.  For now the app is available on the Google Play Store; the team hopes to launch it in the Apple Store too, and gradually branch out operations in other cities too.

Best of luck to the team behind this app!