These Students From CARE Foundation Schools Just Proved That Mehnat Karo Toh Sab Mumkin Hai

CARE Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to provide quality education for the under privileged children in Pakistan. Currently the state of public schools in cities and rural areas is beyond terrible. Organizations such an CARE help children who are forced to go to low quality education schools.

CARE Schools touch and change the lives of many families in Pakistan everyday. Here is one such story of a young boy named Niamat. 

Niamat Sadique is a grade 10 student at the CARE-adopted City District Government Boy’s High School, Township and has been part of CARE’s Access to English Language Program since 2015. Niamat is the youngest member of a Christian family from Youhanabad, Lahore. At the tender age of six, Niamat had to witness his father’s death. Ever since then, the family has been struggling to make ends meet. Niamat’s mother does her best to keep her family afloat by working as a tailor. His eldest sister also began contributing through her work as a bus hostess.

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In 2015, Niamat decided to leave school to support his family. He started working 12-hour shifts as a cosmetic salesman at a department store in Johar Town. At work, he had to cope with a hostile supervisor and suffered religious discrimination by his colleagues.

Niamat’s teachers from his school kept calling him to come back. After a year or so he agreed and re-joined the program.

Talking about the significance of schooling in his life, Niamat says, “Compared to other children my age from my neighborhood, my English is far better. I have my teachers and their inspiring lectures to thank for it.” Niamat loves poetry and wants to study English Literature and continue writing in the future. He now gives back to his community by sharing his story and encouraging parents to send their children to school.

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Another brilliant example of how CARE is bringing change in this country is the example of Dr. Azam.

Muhammad Azam completed his matriculation from CARE-I High School in Iqbal Town, Sheikhupura in 1998. He went on to pursue his MBBS from King Edward Medical College, Lahore on a CARE scholarship and became the first university graduate of his family. He later joined Mayo Hospital as a doctor and quickly rose to the position of Registrar. Dr. Azam then completed his FCPS, a five-year training program run by the Punjab Institute of Cardiology. He now practices at King Fahad Medical Centre in Riyadh.

Source: CARE Foundation

Azam and his three siblings, all of whom attended the CARE school, were born into a poor family and grew up knowing only a hand to mouth lifestyle. Azam’s father used to supply local shops with fresh towels. Looking back, Azam says it is nothing short of a miracle that he has arrived where he is today. According to Azam’s family, it was the young boy’s diligence, as well as his teachers who taught him to believe in himself and cultivate his strengths, that made this tremendous story of social mobility possible.

CARE Foundation is doing some amazing work in the field of education, and we hope their spread and impact in society only grows.

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Cover Photo Courtesy: CARE Foundation

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