Things Every BNU Student Gets To Hear On A Daily Basis

If you’re a graduate of BNU or are currently enrolled in a program, you’re going to find these funny. If you don’t go to BNU, you “better” read on because when you say these things, they hurt man.

Here are just some of the things a BNU student gets to hear, sometimes on a daily basis:

Hae Allah. LSE say bhee rejection agae thee?

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No you dimwit maybe I wanted to pursue something different? Kill me.

What are you on?

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If I’m from BNU, I must obviously be a druggie because we all know students in other universities think joints are bones.

Tarogil Campus? Isn’t that near Multan?

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NO dear God, NO. It’s near Raiwind and we commute there every day, just like we commute back every day.

Sunna hai girls walk around in shorts on campus?

Yeah. We also wear bikinis and take classes when it’s Thursday.

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All the rich, spoiled kids study there don’t they?

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Yeah and we will beat yo ass if you call us that again.

How do you guys travel so far on a daily basis?


Mostly on our rich no-brainer private jets but a car when we feel modest.

You know you’re going to have a hard time getting a job with a BNU degree?

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Bitch, I’ll be on billboards, on your T.V and you can sit yo ass down in your office and stalk my……. Instagram (I realize I’m going overboard, bear with me)

Aap ke sath toh bohat saari models parhti hain naKoi set kara do na aik.

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Ever since you’ve gone to BNU, you have this attitude about you

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Yeah and I’ve also learnt to stand up for things I believe in. P.S we call it sass.

Your GPA isn’t even significant.

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Neither is your face.

Apki wo pad wali university hay na?

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Jee. Dil say laga kay rakhtay hain.

We’re BNU. We’re #harami. We’re #Hawhaee, #Allahmaafkaray #Manhoos and we LOVE it.

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BNU Senior, Salar Shamas, Is Making Music Like You’ve Never Heard Before

Salar Shamas is an aspiring singer, songwriter and musician based in Lahore, who is telling stories through music. He’s been playing different instruments from a young age and started making his own music in his early teens.

Salar has done his education from Aitchison College Lahore and Feltham Community College London and currently is a senior year student at BNU. He is a rising star among us.


Taking inspiration from Drake, Justin Bieber and a lot of Punjabi artists; Salar composes his own lyrics and pairs them with electronic beats, while giving conventional Pakistani music a new outlook.

He started off by just playing the keyboard and guitar, then started writing about his personal experiences such as expectations, disappointments, desires;

‘Whatever a regular teenager goes through.’ Salar puts it.


He is giving us all a new take on Pakistani music, one song at a time.

We asked Salar how he started pursuing music, and here’s what he had to say:

“I uploaded the first song on SoundCloud late at night and slept. I woke up to the highest number of notifications I had ever gotten! Not only was it overwhelming for me but also an indication. I then thought of continuing and producing more of my originals and so far it’s been working out for me. I do this for myself, to satisfy the inner me that has been hiding this for so long.”

“I’ve a lot of music made up on my laptop, raw recordings using audacity and in my phone as well. I’ve been doing this for years now – If only I had shared them earlier on social media.”


He says he started recording just to capture the feelings for himself. For now, he just wants to be a part of the music scene and that would be enough to satisfy him. 


“Performing is a whole different skill, it’s hard to entertain, especially a Pakistani audience. I stick mostly to music videos and audio production. I perform at private events and even that feels like a lot of pressure. I really don’t get how the ‘big’ names do it in front of huge audiences.


Salar’s music not only contains modern beats but meaningful, catchy and visual lyrics, as well. Listen to his latest single ft Omer Mukhtar.

Give a listen to Salar’s other singles on Patari and Soundcloud. And don’t forget to follow Salar on Instagram and Like his page on Facebook.

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Madlock, From Pepsi Battle Of The Bands

This article is about an awesome group of musicians, who go by the name Madlock, and like to play post-90s grunge rock primarily, and are actually quite the sweethearts. In this article, I talk to Mehroze Gillani, Awais Jaffery and their manager Hassan Qazi, about how Madlock came into being, their journey to Pepsi’s Battle of the Bands, and about their experience as musicians in general.

Awais, who’s in his 4th year at LSE and plays bass for Madlock, says his musical passage began, when a friend introduced him to Judas Priest. From there he experienced many twists and turns, going from growling to singing, to finally becoming the bassist for Madlock. 

“I was in the fifth grade when my friend Faiz made me listen to the song Painkiller, by Judas Priest, and it was that song that changed my life. That was when I knew I wanted to do what they were doing, and I wanted to be a musician. I kept listening to a lot of metal, and then I started to growl. Then in school, I met Mehroze, and we bonded over the band Megadeth, and that really shaped us as musicians. Eventually, the roles started to switch, I picked up the bass and learnt that. I have really weird flexible fingers, so that helped a lot with the bass[laughs]. It’s been 2-3 years since I’ve been playing bass, and once the band was formed, meri jagga as a bassist hee fix ho gai.” he said.

For Mehroze, the vocalist, who’s a sophomore in BNU, his journey was slightly different. He started out by playing the guitar, and midway discovered that he had an actual medical condition that affected his vocal chords, after which he finally assumed his post as the vocalist. 

He says “When I was in the sixth grade, my sister brought home a guitar, and like all such things, it just sat in a corner gathering dust. So then I decided that I’d try to learn it, and I did. It was just an impulsive decision I made. This was around the time when I discovered that I had a vocal condition, called puberphonia, or mutational falsetto, where you can’t speak in your normal modal voice. So one day I was randomly googling my symptoms, as you do, and I found a doctor in India, who treated people through the internet, with these really bizarre exercises like blowing air into a football, and pushing your larynx down. So before I was actually treated, I obviously couldn’t sing, so I really focused on my guitar playing. And because of that, once I was cured, I was able to play really complex rhythms on the guitar while singing. So it was really a blessing in disguise.”

They decided, early on in the bands’ history, to shift from metal to a softer, more melodious grunge sound.

“Once we got a little serious about our future, we thought it was time to tone down the metal a little bit, and explore other genres and not be so narrow-minded. And Awais and I actually really loved 90’s grunge already. We were a little skeptical at first, because thrash metal suntay hain hum sab, yaar. But then you realize thats it really just two guitars, a drum and a guy screaming in the mic. It’s just the melodic sound that changes, and becomes less aggressive.” says Mehroze.

Awais adds “Basically, over the course of time, our inclination towards grunge rock became more evident, so we decided that this is the kind of music we wanted to play. We still experiment obviously, as you’re gonna see when we release our new stuff. But primarily, we’re a band that plays straight up rock and roll.

Madlock is primarily influenced by 90s grunge rock bands, but they have some rather surprising influences also, especially when it comes to ideals.

“I think everyone knows we’re hugely influenced by 90s grunge rock bands, but I’m just gonna name some bands that people might not expect from us. From the newer bands, Kings of Leon is a huge one, Coldplay for their atmospheric music, Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson, The Pretty Reckless, Rival Sons, Puddle of Mudd, Caesar. And people are gonna hate me for this, but we really like Nickelback too.” says Mehroze.


When asked what helped them along their journey, they credited both chemistry between the band members, and also playing a lot of shitty gigs. 

“Oh, playing lots and lots of bad gigs.” says Mehroze. “Yes, exactly. When you play a really bad show, with an equally bad and unresponsive audience in front of you, you learn how to play music that appeals to everyone, and it motivates you to get a better response from the audience next time. Doosra, band ki chemistry hamesha se bohat achi thi. We’ve all been best friends since forever, so that made things a lot easier.” adds Awais.

They stressed on the importance of playing music for the sake of creative output and pleasure, as opposed to something fixed and measured. Sometimes though, it can be the audience that becomes problematic too. 

Mehroze says “I think the biggest issue with societies in schools nowadays is that there’s this hierarchy system going on. The seniors act as figureheads of some sort, and sort of dictate who deserves to be here and who doesn’t.”

“Also,” adds Awais, “in a lot of schools, and I say this for LSE obviously, when we used to have jams where everyone could come and watch, the response from the audience was very insulting. I’m not saying respect the musician BECAUSE he’s a musician, but at least respect the art? And appreciate the fact that someone is working hard to play something for you in front you. So at least have the decency to not talk during a set.”

The boys recalled the time they opened for Ali Azmat as their favorite gig so far… 

“It was one of my favorite gigs, because not only did we open for Ali Azmat, but he also complimented us backstage. He really liked Mehroze’s Megadeth sticker, cause he’s into that kinda music also. And then once he started playing, he played a few riffs from Motorhead, and then he kind of winked at me also, and it was just very cool.” says Awais.

…and for their least favorite/worst gig yet, they had two hilarious stories involving wires, and surprisingly enough, Awais’ hair.

Mehroze starts “I remember, we were opening for Call in LUMS, and we were playing Nishaan by Noori. Now I do this thing on stage where I play the chord in a very flamboyant and edgy way and take a step back. So I do that, but I don’t notice that Awais has his foot on my guitar’s chord. And as soon as I take a step back- BOOM. The wire detaches, and there’s a barrage of sound onstage, all while we were in the middle of a song.”

For Awais, it was a little different. He recalls “This was during Pepsi Battle of the Bands, and we were playing Kahaan Hai Tu. So Mehroze and I, for this song, had decided to do this really cool synchronized head banging. And as I began doing that, my hair got stuck in Mehroze’s guitars’ headstock…and we were live!!!”

For Pepsi Battle of the Bands, there was a lot of convincing that Awais and Hassan had to do before Mehroze finally agreed to go for it.

“So initially, I wasn’t very inclined to do Pepsi. I was really worried about being judged by people as a band. Also I had this fear that we might get rejected straight away at the auditions. In retrospect though, I’m very glad that we took this step, for obvious reasons.” said Mehroze. “Initially, I was on Mehroze’s side, because I understood his very valid fear of rejection. Because he worried about getting rejected and the negative image it would leave for the band. But then Awais convinced me and we talked to Mehroze about it” added Hassan.

“The thing about Mehroze is, he’s super insanely talented, but he often really doubts himself. I think most musicians tend to doubt themselves a lot of times. I met so many amazing musicians through Pepsi, who are so incredibly humble, so I think its a musician thing. It took Hassan and I 3 meetings to simply convince him to consider participating.” Awais said. “So I told him that we aren’t half as bad as he fears us to be, and that we should really try out for it. And I’m so happy that we did”.

They went through quite a major setback right before the audition, when one of their guitarists had to drop out, and they had to go from a four-piece band to a three-piece one.

“I think the biggest hurdle for us was when one of our guitarists couldn’t make it for the audition, and had to stay back. So we went and auditioned without him. But then we found out that he wouldn’t be coming with us at all, so that was quite an obstacle for us. It was just Mehroze, the drummer and I, and I remember that Mehroze and I wrote the lyrics of our audition song literally on the flight to Karachi. It was crazy.” recalled Awais.

They learnt quite a lot of valuable knowledge from their time at Pepsi Battle of the Bands, and elsewhere also.

“The most important lesson we learnt was probably to not rely on others, and always make sure you check and take care of all your equipment and your set-up yourself also. And secondly, you should always have Plan B, always. Even if you don’t have a plan B, you should be very flexible in case you need to switch up the plan and try something new. What can go wrong will go wrong, you know.” said Mehroze, sagaciously.

Here’s the advice they have for all future musicians who want to start a band of their own:

Mehroze starts “If you’re making a band, the most important thing in order to function well as one, is that you need guys who are able to communicate well with each other, and have a lot of chemistry. Now I’m no Chris Cornell, and Awais isn’t Victor Wooten, but the thing is, when we play, we make the dynamic work for us. And this is true for every band ever. Bands ke liye ye zaruri hai ke the collective creative output has to be in sync, it should be original and it HAS to be kick ass.”


When asked what we can expect from Madlock in the future, the guys told us to watch out for an entirely different side of Madlock.

“We’re obviously working on an album, but I think more importantly, there’s going to a whole new side of Madlock that people haven’t seen before. They’ve seen our hard-rock side, but now we’ve got something different also, so that’s exciting.” says Mehroze.


How do you guys feel about Madlock? Do you also want to start a band now? Let us know in the comments below!

If You’re In Lahore, You Need To Watch This Play By The Beaconhouse Dramatics Society

If you’re into theater, then the Beaconhouse Dramatics Society (BeaDS, cool acronym you guys) has a treat for you. Their second annual play, And Then There Were None, will be taking place on the 5th, 6th and 7th of May at Al Hamra.

The poster for the play is DOPE AF. It looks so intense, but it also makes you want to watch the performance.

Source: BeaDS Facebook Page

The play’s director, Hassan Raza, spoke to MangoBaaz Campus and told us about the play and his amazing cast.

Their 2 months’ journey to this moment wasn’t easy. Hassan himself was down with chicken pox, another cast member broke his knee and another even had her appendix surgery. But to his surprise everyone would always show up to rehearsals. Him and his team clearly have put in LOADS of effort into this play.

Source: BeaDS Facebook Page

The play itself is based around 10 highly influential people of a city. These very important people are gathered for a dinner party by a mystery host on an island, but things don’t end well for them. It is after they’ve eaten that each one of them is accused to committing murders in the past, they were never questioned then because they were powerful enough to escape the law. Stuff takes a turn for the worse, when each guest is killed one by one. *chills*

Source: BeaDS Facebook Page

According to Hassan, this has been a play he’s always wanted to bring to life. It is originally an Agatha Christie novel, turned into a Broadway production. The original play is full of comedy however, Hassan’s interpretation of the story is stripped of light hearted humor and is immensely dark.  

The team of ‘And Then There Were None’ are looking forward to entertaining you this coming weekend. Raza says that he wants people to leave their homes, and reconnect with theater in its purest forms. Oh and here’s a little push to make you attend: entry is free of cost!

Here’s Everything That You Need To Know About The Competitions At BNU’s Bestival

By: Komal Zaheer

As usual, this year’s BNU’s Bestival has some super thrilling competitions to offer. Here’s a sneak peak into the most exciting ones:


The gaming event is a great way for budding gamers to finally put all those evenings spent in front of their X-Box screens to good use! The event started off with twenty plus budding gaming enthusiasts all set on showing their respective skill set in one of two provided game formats; FIFA and Tekken. The format is simple; both categories will be judged in nail biting, one on one knock out rounds that decide the fate of who will qualify and who will be officially K.O-ed out of the competition!

Battle of the Bands

Another extremely anticipated competition that pulls in great talent each year is none other than, The Battle of the Bands. Looking on from last year, the turn-out has been amazing till now with more and more participants coming in. The idea is simple; teams come in and are judged on how well they command the stage, their coordination with their band members and their originality.  Audiences wait in eager anticipation for their favourites and the fresh talent that never runs out in this country!

Rap battle

Rap has been till now, a relatively foreign concept here in Pakistan, but this is exactly what the Rap Battle competition aims to change! It caters to both individual and participants and pairs. The turnout has been phenomenal with a whopping 45 up-and-coming rappers wowing the judges and showing the crowds what they’re made of. The event itself is based on two qualifying rounds; day one consists of the contestants providing their own rendition of any cover song they like. Based on what the judges see on the first day, only ten participants will go on. Judging criteria includes the participant’s skills in front of the mic, the clarity with which they rap and how well they sync their beat boxing or verses with the beats.

Stand-up Comedy

The stand-up comedy competition at BNU Bestival is unlike any other event because it is literally a test of who can make the audience laugh the loudest and preferably for the longest. The 15 participants that have registered are in for a serious challenge because doing comedy is no joke. Pun intended. It is a great event for all those over ambitious class clowns to finally showcase their hidden and usually sidelined talents! The highlight of the event however, was the presence of the king of comedy of Kit-Kat Talcum powder fame, Waseem Hassan Sheikh himself as an esteemed judge.

Individual Singing

A good voice and a will to rock the stage is all that it takes for one to shine at the Individual singing competition at Bestival’17. This year we see our fair share of outrageously talented individuals from all over Pakistan and the competition is tough! The event itself tests the participants control over their own vocals and present to the judges exactly what sets them apart from the crowd.


Art of motion

Dance is a universal language that goes beyond all physical boundaries and speaks to the soul.

The Art of motion competition at BNU Bestival started off with a bang! Providing a great platform for passionate dancers from all around Pakistan, it invites all those who dare to shake the dance floor. The crowds are on the edge of their seats while they see participants pop and lock it to the next level! With such a wide variety of institutes registered, the event was guaranteed to be jam packed with unbelievable and energetic performances, with participants coming in from UOL, UCP, LGS Gulberg and even Concordia! However, it isn’t over yet and the participants who impress today will move on to the qualifying rounds.

So stay tuned for more!


Bestival 2017 Is Starting Tomorrow And Here’s What You Should Be Looking Forward To

By: Areesha Latif 

Let the drums roll out! Let the trumpet call!

Let the heart race, oh, let the goose bumps hit the pace.

Bestival 2017 is about to begin and it is, beyond any doubt, bigger and greater this time. So, dear, ladies and gentlemen, get your phones all charged for you’ll be given a lot many chances to click selfies.

Here’s a list of some of the things, or let’s say people, that you should be looking forward to, this Bestival:

Starting off with the one and only; the heart throb, the Tere bin sensation:

 Uzair jaswal

No, ladies you may breathe, as said before, charge your phones well on the day. This ain’t a joke.

Source: Koolmuzone


We’ve a lot more to surprise you with. If only you’ve enough patience to deal with all that excitement, you may proceed reading because we assure you this list will leave you off the hook.

Our second expected celebrity is the gorgeous, the beauty with the voice Zoe Viccaji 

Source: PakiUM

Sufism is what hits us to the core.  The tabla’s and mystic euphoria is watching your way, people.

Third celebrity expected to be seen on the Qawali night is none other than the guru who has melodious voice, resonating heart and soul ,all together with his mystic magic. The coke studio star – Rizwan Muazzam 

Source: Bestival/Facebook


NO, we are not done yet.

The next we have for you to keep your eyes looking for is somebody who is best at making people laugh. We all have his videos on our phones. None other than Waseem Hassan sheikh

Our  fifth  celebrity is the king of comedy and pun. Yeah, you guessed it right! Lucky dear all the way!

He is best known for his pun on stage, so get ready to laugh until your gut hurts and your stomach asks for mercy.



Source: Bestival/Facebook

We are going green, are you?

Cover Image Via: Bestival/Facebook 

The BNU Lip Dub Is Going Viral And Here’s What The Rage Is About

In case you haven’t watched it, the BNU lip dub video is a picturization (the BNU version of it) of an Atif Aslam song. It is, hands down, 3 minutes of pure fun. The video has been trending all over social media with likes and shares pouring right in, since last night.

Beaconhouse National University has a talented bunch of students, from actors to dancers to models; it is no surprise that the video turned out great. Bachay hain hee hyper.

Matlab kya scene hay bacho. Kyun? Kese?

Image result for BNU lip dub pepsi
Image from BNU lip dub

Here’s something you probably didn’t know about the video:

1. It was shot in one day. Okay that’s believable.

2. It was choreographed in one day too. Sae hay. Good job.

3. It was shot in 5 hours. WHAT!?!

The BNU lip dub stars students who have just become BNU-ites to students whose BNU journey is about to end. Matlab kay variability yar. The video is choreographed by Nauman Chaudhry  whose is also known as BNU’s best male dancer.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, suit and sunglasses

If you’re a BNU-ite, you must have seen Nauman Chaudhry burnin fiya on the dance floor. Known on campus as Nomi, he lives to find an occasion to flex those muscles.

“We didn’t know the lyrics of the song, but we love a challenge so we managed to put together people and we did it. Perks of being talented keh lo,” says Nomi.

If you haven’t watched it, jaldi karain. IT’S TRENDING.

Yar like kar dena. We might just win.

Bohat sara pyar.

You can watch the entire video here.


Cover Image Via: BNU/Facebook

BNU’s New Cafe Cost Almost Four Crores But Is it Really Worth It?

Before May 28th 2016, if you wanted to have lunch at the old BNU cafe, you literally had to walk what seemed like a mile before reaching the Sartaj Aziz block, holding the café inside it and that too on the 2nd floor. One had to basically jog and then squat up the stairs every day. If the pursuits of eating didn’t give your legs a good shape, I don’t know what would have. All that exercise, everyday definitely made us….CURSE that location.


Moving on, on the aforementioned date, the liberal arts university aka BNU inaugurated a 2 storey café (with a basement) which is in proximity to the buildings our classes take place in. We, owing to lack of entertainment, got all overjoyed over the idea of an easy access to food. The ceremony itself was attended by Mrs. Kasuri and a number of people from the administration.

It seems like the café was inaugurated in a slapdash because even now ( that is after 5 months of it being functional) it lacks coordination, space and well oxygen.

We never thought that with the shutting down of the old cafe, they would also shut down the khokha, popularly known as the “Sheikho’s Cafe”. It was the sweetest little place to catch a drink with a friend and pick up some munchies before hitting class. Coffee Planet, the only franchised eatery at BNU, has been closed as well.

An estimated 4 crore rupees have been spent on the construction of the  new building.

So, a university made up of 6 separate buildings, now has one café for it’s ENTIRE student body. The results are not the prettiest, to say the least. Imagine, being stuck inside a stuffy room filled to capacity, the air conditioning not working, while you look down upon the plate of korma in front of you as that  drop of sweat that had formed on your forehead a while ago finally has had enough and drops in your plate, reminding you of your cursed fate. But it seems the café is trying to spice things up a little with something called the “BNU steak” and “BNU soup”.



Before the café opened, there had been much anticipation as to what new delights it may have in store for the students. All hopes and dreams, however, were shattered when the café did finally become operational and the same food that was served before was put in front of the students once again.

Image result for expectations vs. reality meme food

Oh, and did I mention, being a liberal arts institution, BNU is filled with some of the most creative of minds as it looks like they were all put to use before naming this amazing place of dining …..*wait for it*….“BNU Café.” We’re as amused as you are.

Cover Image Via: BNU (Beaconhouse National University) Lahore Via: Facebook

39 Things That Only Students From BNU Will Understand

BNU has a certain reputation. But what truly goes on at the sprawling campus is only known to the lucky kids who go there. If you have studied at BNU, you can definitely relate to these things:

1. The feeling of being on a journey every day to somewhere far far away from Lahore

An hour long drive to and from Tarogil felt like you were going somewhere far away for a really important journey, but sometimes you didn’t even take any classes and drove all the way back, achieving nothing at all.

2. Being greeted in the morning by Ejaz Uncle and Akram Chacha asking for the bus fee

Source: Giphy

And trying to hide away from him but his eagle eye always spotting you. 

“Beta apki fees nahi aai.”

“Uncle kal pakka.”

3. The pain of Raiwind Road construction and getting stuck in traffic everyday for hours


You will never again know the pain of standing a few steps away from your university for an entire hour but not being able to get there because of traffic.

4. Keeping seats for your friends and fighting for them with all you have because you know that if they miss the bus, they will never be able to get to Tarogil

Source: Tumblr

This was a crucial friendship test. The longer your friend took to come, the longer you held the seat and screamed for the bus driver to not drive, your friend is just at the signal, and the look of pure joy at your friend’s face, who got late, but didn’t miss the bus because of your sincere efforts. Friendship goals right there.

5. Getting to see the fields where Shahrukh  Khan sang the DDLJ songs, and waving at the bhensain and bakriaan you watched on the way to university

You got to witness the best of both worlds.


6. On good weather days, you loved the fact that your university is far away

You couldn’t help but look outside with wonder at the stretching fields and the bathing cows.

7. When you’re not a bus student, but free riding on the bus anyway

Pretending to be asleep so Ejaz Uncle and Akram Chacha won’t spot you, sometimes on lucky days you got away with it, but sometimes, Ejaz Uncle made sure to make your walk of shame out of the bus as loud and embarrassing as it possibly can be.

Source: Tumblr

8. The sudden feeling of betrayal when you weren’t allowed to enter the university gate without showing a proof that you have paid the fees

Source: Giphy

9. Becoming experts in zoology without even needing to study it

Seeing the kind of insects you’d never normally see. From rare lizards, to giant spiders and gorgeous flowers and trees with beautiful lavender colored flowers, you got the chance to explore mother nature.

10. Suffering makhi attack in summers

Source: Giphy

They sat with us and ate our lunch with us, because in summers, you couldn’t escape them so you had to get used to them.

11. That poultry smell that sometimes sneaks in when it’s humid


In the end you got so used to it, you even stopped covering your nose and let that familiar smell embrace you.

12. Admiring those gorgeous art projects by the art students in the courtyard

Undoubtedly, BNU has some of the most talented and creative people under its roof and it’s always fascinating to see their projects in the courtyard for you to admire.

13. Running as fast as you can before the courtyard gate gets locked so you can skip climbing the stairs to get to the canteen

Source: Tumblr

14. Dreading the moment summer began because your skin turned 50 shades of brown

Source: Giphy

15. Watching people in the morning make the healthy choice of sipping an orange juice from one hand and smoking a cigarette from the other

Source: Tumblr

Chai in one hand and cigarette is also another common choice observed in BNU.

16. Even if you never tried chars, you got so familiar with the smell that you can easily identify it among all other smells in the world

Source: Disney

17. Watching people roll joints in their “supposedly” secret spots is a casual sight

Source: Disney

18. Being patient when canteen walay chacha deliberately ignore your plea for a chai just because he can

Source: ShareGIF

19. Falling in love with the anda shaami sandwich from the canteen because you know anything else is a million miles away

20. Winters in Tarogil are simply beautiful

And drinking chai in this fog made your life complete.

21. Watching the VC jog around the football field no matter how cold or hot it is outside


You were impressed by the level of his fitness and sometimes wondered if you should jog along and ask for a fee reduction because he looks so nice and friendly but quickly shaking that thought away (or was it just me?)

22. You kinda sorta love being from a university that’s oh-so-scandalous

From the menstruation campaign, to being on the top of the list for a terrorist attack, to having Mubashir Luqman bash BNU on TV, to hearing rumors about getting a warning from the army, BNU is a university who likes to live on a scandalous edge.

Source: Giphy

23. Always hearing rumors about which guy is definitely gay


It doesn’t matter if you want to know or not, you will have to hear it.

24. The moment of betrayal when they decide to upgrade the tiny khoka canteen to a five-star cafeteria just when you’re about to graduate.

But the new kids will never truly understand the beauty of that khoka.

25. Being so proud of BNU when Bestival comes and all your friends from different universities want you to help them get in

Source: BNU

Yes, Bestival is that good.

26. Getting a 50% discount at Forest café

Yay! You may get discounts elsewhere but this one just takes the cake… and only 50% of your money.

27. Having a Coffee Planet all to yourselves

28. Those fashion shows

What better way to use all those models who go to school at BNU than putting up fashion shows?

Source: Bestival

29. Discriminating against IT department for no reason at all


30. Watching the faces from BNU on billboards, in dramas and in ads

BNU is the choice of the stars.

Source: Tumblr

31. In summers, almost dying from a heat stroke because there are literally no trees or shades there

Source: Giphy

In the end, you resorted to umbrellas.

32. Being shocked at the percentage of BNU students that smoke

Source: Adele VEVO

THE WHOLE WORLD basically.

33. Being jealous of the hostelites who had a giant farewell thrown for them which even the VC attended and always had events of their own where you were never invited


You Lahoris, on the other hand, didn’t even know if you’d get a lousy farewell.


34. Sometimes you’d miss the City Campus

You could go anywhere, but you mostly went to Bistro 201. MM Alam road and Residency’s panini used to be so near. Although the building was shit, you miss being in the center of the city and being home on time and getting some sleep.

35. And especially Residency’s panini

The best panini in town.

36. Sympathizing with the arts and architecture students who roam around with gigantic projects, sketchbooks and other artsy stuff with them


37. You could NEVER do BNU without at least a dozen heavy duty chappal

Source: Pinteres

Most of us have broken a shoe or two because of walking too much in Tarogil.



38. Whatever anyone ever said, you know the BNU community is love

Source: Daily Pakistan

Waderay in karak shalwar kameez,  balochis in full desi gear, guys in flip-flops and pajamas, boys who took their time to get dressed up from head to toe, girls in hijab, girls in stockings, girls with their head covered in dupattas, girls with dragon tattoos, girls in stiletto heals, girls in flip-flops, foreigners, PML N supporters and PTI supporters even PPP and MQM supporters. You saw it all.

39. And this place is lifetime love

Source: BNU

BNU for you is after all, not a university, but home.