Here’s Everything That Happened At FC College’s First Ever Digitalent Fest

Forman Journalism Society has once again kept its riwaj of astounding Formanites by bringing yet another enthralling event which showcased different TVCs as well as a mélange of short films and documentaries produced and directed by several talented individuals from FCC’s very own pool of film making artistry and adroitness. This enthralling event was none other than very first edition of FJS’s Digitalent Fest.

This was not just an Intra university film festival but this event had an international element in it’s possession too as on the second day of the event well renowned French Film director and a vocal advocate of social innovation Aurelie Salvaire was invited to spill some beans on her different social ventures. Miss Salvaire’s film “Mardban” (Be a man) was also screened on the second day.

Source: FJS

No event at FC is complete without a ritual dance performance of FCC’s very own Marl’bros and also by the beguiling and mesmerizing Sufi Kalaam of Syed Murtaza Abbas Hamdani which made everyone just chant with him. Having Aurelie Salvaire over on the second day of the second day of Digitalent Fest sure was a treat for many film making enthusiasts who came in large numbers to particularly see her. Everyone loved watching her film as well as listening to her spill the beans on her multi-faceted social ventures from film-making to social activism and innovation and asking questions from her too about the secret recipe she has got in her possession for the success of her multiple ventures globally.

First day of Digitalent Fest 2017 encompassed two different rounds of screenings. First round of screenings encompassed short movies like “Rangoon Ki Keemat” and “Noor” which highlighted different dilemmas of society along with certain societal norms. “Rangoon Ki Keemat” particularly was very lush visually with images shown of festivities and processions during several local melas as compared to Noor which though wasn’t a fancy and flamboyant film for everyone but with its psycho-thriller kind of plot it still managed to thrill many among the audience. The TVCs screened were equally praiseworthy but few of them including the one for a hair cutting salon named “Scissors” and another one for a Car wash outlet were humorous too as they were high on comic element which though stands in stark contrast with several films with solemn and gloomy plots being screened on the same day in the same event before there was a sudden outburst of these continuous TVCs.

Source: FJS

Day 2 also had another round of screening of FCC based short films but the highlight of the entire last day was the screening of “Mardban” and the consequent interactive session by Miss Salvaire with the audience. “Mardban” had an emphasis on toxic masculinity of men and how this isn’t just harmful to them but also to people around them. This film came up with a different perspective on patriarchy as it also included individual accounts of different men of how they have dealt with their toxic masculinity. One of the men interviewed also clearly expressed his concern over the deeply ingrained patriarchy in Pakistani society as well as on toxic masculinity by saying that “You can’t even share your good and bad feelings” and Prof. Arfa Sayeda Zehra who was also interviewed in the documentary called this toxic masculinity a “love for power”.

Source: FJS

At the end, winning teams were being awarded for their great work. The best storyline award was given to the team behind film “A Cry” whereas the awards for best documentary, TVC and Short Film were being awarded to “Insularity”, Asfand Yar and “Suffer” respectively. The awards for Best Actor (Male and Female) were given to Ahmed Mehboob and Suzanne De Souza respectively and the award for Best Editing was awarded to Saud Javed Malik.


FC College Just Had It’s Feminist Comic Con And Here Are All The Details

Submitted by The WES Marketing Department

The highly anticipated WES Feminist Comic Con finally took place on the 17th and 18th of November, and it was everything we expected and more! The two day event saw a bigger turnout this year, and all who attended were geared up to celebrate women, entertainment and the world of comics. Here are a few highlights from two productive and insanely fun days:

Panel Discussions:

Our panel discussions delivered a punch like no other. There were two panels, one on each day. The first one was on Women’s Narratives through Illustration and Writing. The panel consisted of various women skilled at illustrating, crafting stories, writing brilliant novels, comic book contributors. Amongst the various panelists was Annick Goethals, a Belgian author and ardent feminist, who took the panel discussion by storm with her candid commentary. The gripping discussion revolved around hurdles faced in the world of writing as a woman, inspirations for characters and advice for upcoming female writers and artists.

Source: WES

The panel on the second day was for the documentary, Mard Ban. Various women, including the creator Aurelie Salvaire and transgender activist Jannat Ali, commented on the stigmas of what it means to be a man in our society, the toxic masculinity thrown in all our faces. The panelists also addressed how this was mentally affecting men themselves, in the form of various health issues such as depression. It was an enlightening discussion on the current trends in our beliefs as a society.

Maria Unera!

Everyone was buzzing with excitement over Maria Unera’s performance at the closing ceremony and we were rightfully excited! The rather intimate acoustic set was absolutely brilliant, and Maria had everyone hanging on to every single note she sang. Maria also debuted a song about women paving their own path in this troubled riddle world. There was a resounding silence in the crowd and goosebumps when she closed off with “Strong”, a song for her late mother and everyone was in awe.

Source: WES

Cosplay and Fandom Trivia

We wanted people to go all out for the cosplay and they did not let us down! There were way more cosplayers present than last year, all of them had completely transformed themselves and they delivered some amazing short performances in the competition.

The Fandom Trivia was the usual hullaballoo, with teams scrambling to answer questions within the time frame, the audience shouting out incorrect answers to confuse them, and a lot of laughing and chaos while the trivia went on.

Source: WES


We had a Storybuliding Workshop set up conducted by Khaya Ahmed and a Cosplay Workshop by Nouman Mateen and Mehreen Arsalan. Both of them fulfilled the idea that we had in mind – to help attendees understand more about whatever craft they found interesting. The workshops had a great exchange of ideas happening, and our field experts gave invaluable advice to all who were present.

Source: WES

The Feminist Comic Con was capped off with some great food, and good music at the Yule Ball.

Source: WES

Over the span of two days, we successfully helped evil rise, we empowered women and highlighted their work in various fields, and we had a great time. We thank all our sponsors and guests. The Feminist Comic Con will be back next year!

Iqrar Ul Hassan Recently Gave A Talk At FC College And Made Quite An Impact On The Students There

Written by Sabeen Munim

Forman Journalism Society has another session of its most appreciated series of J-Talks. This time FJS had the immense pleasure of having Iqrar Ul Hassan, from the famous show “Sar-e-Aam”. Vice President of FJS initiated the session.

Source: Daily Pakistan

The Youth General Assembly and Awaazein were also part of this discussion. Awazein is responsible for educating the transgender community and taking initiatives for their life happenings.

The discussion started with issues faced by minority groups in Pakistan. A special thanks was extended to Iqrar-ul-Hassan, for the work he does on his show towards spreading awareness of issues of marginalized groups.

Iqrar Ul Hassan has covered more than 100 documentaries presenting the seen and unseen stories of Pakistan to the Pakistani Media Industry. 

He covered the Burma issue wholeheartedly by travelling to Burma and exposed the entire happenings of it to the entire world through his show. He has been working with ARY NEWS for past 12 years and is very proud of his affiliation with the ARY NEWS Channel.

Source: FJS

He talked about his student life of being a Ravian and wining the first gold medal of his debating life in FCC auditorium. He appreciated how great debater was born during his era up till 2006. He encouraged the present students to ask any questions regarding anything they wanted to know about his current campaigns. He continued talking about the positivity he has always got from Faiz Ahmed Faiz saab’s poetry. He stressed upon the verse,

Bol k lab azaad hain tere” and its role in his personal life. He told the audience how greatly he got influenced by Faiz saab’s poetry during some dark times in his personal life.


He talked about his journey and how emotionally connected he is with the National anthem of Pakistan that whenever the words get into his ears, he ends up having teary eyes.


Source: FJS

Talking about the significance of Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s ‘Bol’, he said that our society is yet to face a lot of realities that we have been neglecting to accept them courageously. He stated:

“Our society needs to face the reality first. People are afraid to face truths here.”

According to him, this needs to change, beginning at the most micro level- not lying to yourself. He said he tries his maximum to not lie in his daily life as an initiative that he can convince people to not to lie in their lives.  He humorously revealed that my devotion towards honesty is that,

“I do not even lie to my wife.” (Biggest problem of married men) .

He spoke to the audience about his views on the current situation in Pakistan. He too feels it’s extremely messy and, sometimes, feels out of control.

Being the staunch patriot that he is, he said that we all have the power to change Pakistan and make it better and that our wattan se pyaar, should motivate us to strive towards better things.


Source: ARY News

He ended up his address by saying this;


Tabdeli kehne se nae ati,, kuch karne se ati hai”, motivating the students to feel the love for their nation and doing their part in making it a better place.


The Feminist Comic Con Is Bringing Some Truly Amazing Women Together And It’s Really Exciting

The Feminist Comic Con is all about empowering women and now, with only a few days to go, it’s time to introduce some badass women who are paving their paths on their own terms and joining us for the event.

Performing at our closing ceremony is Maria Unera Qureshi!

Maria boldly decided to pursue music at the mere age of 16. She garnered attention from Nescafe Basement season 3 and came back for season 4 with a rendition of Love Me Again along with multiple female musicians. This powerhouse performance wowed the nation, and even stunned the song’s original singer himself, John Newman, who posted praise for the performance on Twitter.

Since then, her career has gone uphill. She has gone on to work with Levi’s Live Sessions, where she put forward her first original song for the first time. The beautiful song was a dedication to her late Mother. She also featured in Cornetto Pop Rock season 2.

Maria is clearly musically gifted, but she’s also philanthropic.

She focuses on raising awareness regarding multiple issues such as HIV and AIDS, child abuse. She’s an avid supporter of the Dance4Life initiative. WES is extremely excited to have her on board and grateful for her support!


Another exemplary woman joining us is Safina Aftab.

Safina is definitely empowered in her own right, and she wants to use her position to help pave the way for fellow females and give them opportunities to succeed. Safina has had tremendous success working with Google Pakistan in collaboration with the Lahore Times on various projects and now, she is helping the Feminist Comic Con out by sponsoring the Yule Ball and not only that, but giving away 4 paid job opportunities to females who have signed up for the comic con.

Through collaborating with WES for the event, Safina is furthering her search for such women and is completely open to receiving CVs and picking four women for paid job opportunities. The work is all online and multi-dimensional in terms of creating content for various businesses.

If the performance of an insanely talented artist and the chances of a brilliant job aren’t enough to draw you towards the Feminist Comic Con, we don’t know what is.

The Feminist Comic Con happens this 17th and 18th of November. No Heroes Allowed.

This Comic Con At FC College Is Bringing You Some Amazing Events To Take Part In

The Women Empowerment Society at FCCU is hosting the Feminist Comic Con 2017 in just a few weeks now. We gave you Cosplay, Short Film Competition, a chance to be Campus Ambassadors and now we’re throwing something new your way – the Meme War!

The Meme War is an online competition being held in the light of the Feminist Comic Con.

Nobody quite knows that at what point the internet began revolving solely around memes, but it did happen, and now memes have become one of the focal sources of laughter for all of us. So we decided to give you an opportunity to make memes of anything and everything and send them to us on our Facebook page with the hasthtag #NoHeroThisNovember. The meme with the most likes will be declared the winner and will get some fantastic prizes. So go ahead – let those creative juices flow and show us what you got!

WES is also bringing you a Scavenger Hunt thanks to Mad Hunt. This is no ordinary scavenger hunt – all your clues will be in augmented reality and whoever cracks them down, the quickest wins! Do not miss out on this super unique scavenger hunt and join us at the event!

Source: Vice

Lastly, we would also like to invite you to a brilliantly unique event.

Inspired from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the Feminst Comic Con unveils the Yule Ball a black tie event for all of its guests, participants and panelists to attend and have great food and the lovely company of the WES council.

So if you were waiting for a formal event because you have several nice dresses that you wanted to wear or you just want some great food, the Yule Ball is for you. Don’t delay any further and register for the biggest comic con of Lahore now!

If this excited you, register here to take part.

These Are All The Reasons Why You Should Be Excited For This Year’s Feminist Comic Con

Submitted by the Women Empowerment Society (FC College)

The Feminist Comic Con 2017 is going to be an exhilarating, fun and super busy event. We have a lineup of competitions that promises a little something to catch everybody’s eye. Our competitions stay true to their comic con grassroots and some have our own spin on them. A lot is going to be happening and all our participants will be absolutely occupied in helping evil rise!

Cosplay Competition:

The heart and soul of any comic book convention is cosplay. We are certainly not going to be holding back anybody from allowing their creativity to take over and dressing up as their alter egos for the day. Participants can dress up as a character from any movie/anime/ TV-show/ game/ cartoon/ comic book or even a real life personality. We want to see who can fool us all, and perfectly transform into someone else. The competition will be judged based on a short performance of 30-90 seconds.

Our cosplay has been sponsored by Digital Realm (also our merchandise partner for the event), a store that provides just about everything related to comic books.

Source: WES// Facebook

Short film Competition:

We have an opportunity for aspiring filmmakers to shine and show us their take on various topics. Filmmaking is an art that needs some more boosting in our society, and we want to help do that. We’re looking for short films, based on whatever message that the participants choose. We don’t want to hold back anyone with too many restrictions and want filmmakers to project themselves through their art. Entries will be judged based on plot, performing talent, direction and artistic work (cinematography, costume, set design, hair and makeup).

All short films have to pass the Bechdel test.

Source: WES// Facebook

Fandom Trivia:

The Fandom Trivia was one of our most loved competitions last year, and we are hoping it’ll be the same this year. We want to get some healthy competition going. Do you think you know comic books? Do you really really love anime? Do you think you can give perfect answers to tricky questions under the stress of time? If yes, then the Fandom Trivia is for you!

Source: WES//Facebook

Gaming Lounge:

The comic con would be left incomplete if we didn’t give you the perfect environment for some virtual battles. If you have some competitive juices flowing, and would like nothing more than to battle it out in your favorite games, we’ve got you covered. Our gaming lounge will provide some healthy competition and good old entertainment. The lounge is open to everyone attending the event and the following games will be available: FIFA, Call of Duty, Tekken and Injustice. This is all thanks to our sponsors, Generation- The Game Shop.

Lip Sync Battle:

We want to participants to brush up those vocal cords, practice their dance moves and prepare two songs and battle it out, with an opponent of their choice, or a random participant picked by us. The victor will be decided by the audience, whoever lip syncs their way to more applause, wins!

Source: WES//Facebook

Scavenger Hunt:

We want to challenge your brain and see how good you are at decoding clues. To win, you must be the fastest at following clues and collecting the tokens in augmented reality! No pressure.

Source: WES//Facebook

For more details go click here.

If you still want to be a part of our event, and want to register for the competitions before a mysterious, evil price hike, then hurry up! The early bird registrations are closing soon! Quickly, register here#NoHeroThisNovember


These Cosplays From Last Year Will Get You Excited For The Upcoming Feminist Comic Con At FC College

Submitted by the Women Empowerment Society 

No Comic Con is complete without cosplay. It’s an essential element of a comic con, and certainly our Feminist Comic Con won’t be ignoring cosplay. For those of you who are misguided and have no clue what cosplay is, it’s pretty simple.

You have to pick a personality and transform yourself completely into that character, whoever or whatever it may be.

Source: WES

The word is a witty combination of costume and play. Participants get the chance to fully immerse themselves into a different person, act it out and fool us all.

Source: WES

Last year’s Feminist Comic Con saw some pretty amazing transformations. This year, hopefully, will be no different. Even though our theme this year is Villainesses, we don’t want to be responsible for holding back your creativity so for the cosplay you can be absolutely whoever you want to be! Participants can dress up as a character from any movie, anime, tv-show, game, cartoon or even a real life personality.

Source: WES

Transform yourselves and prepare a short performance for about 30-90 seconds and individuals who are absolutely convincing with their impersonation and costumes win!

Speaking of winning, we have another opportunity for anybody who is interested in helping us take the Feminist Comic Con up a few notches.

The Women Empowerment Society (WES) is now looking for people who are interested in helping us march on and in making this a Comic Con that’s going to be talked about for a while.

Source: WES

You and your friends can do that by becoming Campus Ambassadors. All you have to do is to get people (a minimum of 10) to sign up for the Feminist Comic Con at FC College and avail not only a fancy title but also some pretty awesome perks that include free entry to the event, a food voucher and a free pass for every 4 teams you register

So here’s the deal: as Campus Ambassador, if you are able to recruit at least 50 or more people, or 13 teams, you will get a VIP pass through which you can meet all of our amazing celebrity guests, ranging from people in the comic book world, to the entertainment world, to published authors. You do not want to miss out!

Don’t dillydally and click here to register and help us raise evil this November. #NoHeroThisNovember

The FCC ‘Women Empowerment Society’ Is Fighting The Patriarchy And It’s Honestly Pretty Cool

Submitted by the Women Empowerment Society

Women Empowerment Society (WES) of FCCU has one seemingly simple yet extremely complex duty – to remind the people around us that women stand on an absolutely equal and leveled pedestal with men, every single day.

Unfortunately for us, we still live in a world where gender equality is not the norm, and where the patriarchy is intact instead of being smashed into smithereens. Keeping this sad reality in mind, WES is trying its best to play a part in building a better and more equal society for all of us.

Throughout the year, there are several events that WES undertakes, all aimed towards empowering women, making conversation about certain topics easier, and creating a safe space for whoever may need it in FCCU. However, last year, the society came up with an event absolutely like none other.

An event so unique in its own right that it is now, definitely, going to be an annual occurrence – a Feminist Comic Con.

Source: WES

Taking inspiration from Comic Cons that happen all over the world we decided to put our own spin on it, making sure that women in the world of comics whose work isn’t highlighted take the complete spotlight and hog the entire stage. Our event had it all, cosplay, movie screenings, fan art competitions, and the most loved fandom trivia. Our panelists were a group of diverse women, all empowered in their own right, such as Khaya Ahmed (consulting editor for Marvel Comics, writer for Burka Avenger, and currently involved at, Nigar Nazar (first female cartoonist of Pakistan and CEO of Gogi Studios), Amna Saleem (Run Sheeda Run, 3 Bahadur), and Meesha Shafi (actress, singer, feminist). Have you ever seen a more accomplished and bad-ass judging panel? 

Source: WES

The success of the Comic Con was further amplified through having sponsors like Youth Correspondents Magazine and easytickets back the event, and through having some amazing merchandise stalls. Our success was also in part thanks to the attention we garnered through social media by people like Riz Ahmed, Mona Eltahawy, Clark Gregg and articles in various newspapers and websites.

Source: WES

This year, a more improved and refined version of us is back in November, and the event will most definitely be better than before. The Feminist Comic Con’s theme is centered on villainesses, all the powerful, rather evil women in the comic world. Keep a look out for the second installment of the WES Feminist Comic Con #NoHeroThisNovember.

Sania Saeed And Nimra Bucha Gave A Talk At FCC, And It Was Oh So Inspirational

Submitted By Forman Journalism Society 

All things considered, Forman Journalism Society is referred to for its colossal accomplishment as a social club in Forman Christian College, where exercises, for example, intelligent interactive sessions with the superstars, entertainment events occur throughout the year. Once more the general public orchestrated a wonderful occasion called the J Talks an intelligent session with Pakistan’s most celebrated on-screen characters Sania Saeed and Nimra Bucha on the utilization of contemporary media as an instrument for social change.

They discussed their up and coming task which is an astonishing theatre execution by Olomopolo media called “MUSHK”. The play will be held in Lahore from October 6-8 in Alhamra Arts Council, Shopping center Lahore and different cities in Pakistan.

Nimra and Sania told everybody that how Mushk (Aroma) is an adjustment of a French play and it’s about affection and aching. According to them this play is so near their heart since they needed to resuscitate what they call their energy by displaying an idea in a more creative manner from show serials and motion pictures. Sania Saeed also emphasised over the fact that “keeping up a concept requires WORK, WORK, WORK. It doesn’t just happen like that.” She also quoted that “Social media say ye faida hua hai ke paisay ke begair bhi cheezein ho sakti hain”

While answering a question, Nimra Bucha had this to say about being young:

The great thing about being young that you don’t realise is that you people have an open mind and the luxury to educate yourself which can boost up your mind with all the great things tou please aap uska faida uthaayein”. She also quoted “Apka dimagh bachay paalnay ki or paisay kamaanay ki dhaur may nahi rehna chahye” to which the audience responded with great enthusiasm.


The audience which consisted of students mainly just made different inquiries to the performing artists with a specific end goal to have their view of various situations and what battles had they needed to experience while pulling up this thought. Alongside this, students shared their own encounters and perspectives with respect to acting and performing plays.

Sania told everybody that she is recovering what she believes is lost to people who don’t actually value what media can do for society and she is trying her best to close that gap by adapting to various options like visiting universities to talk and have a trade of thoughts with students here.


Nimra participated equally by emphasizing on the point made by Sania with respect to how everybody has an alternate taste from garments to amusement content by uncovering to the gathering of people how she has never been excited by Cricket, dissimilar to a huge number of individuals.

The actresses urged all students to come and watch the play, because it’s high we take charge of our public spaces. The more we engage with our theaters, the more life we’re pumping into our culture.

[Tickets for the play are available all over Lahore with a special student discount. Check with your university admins about special discounted tickets. For more information about the play Mushk, go here]

This Is How Theater Helped These Formanites Become Better Versions Of Themselves

Performing Arts has always been something of a question mark in our mainstream society. Even though everyone likes to watch plays at Alhamra and brag about them the next day, they can rarely picture themselves mixing with the “artists”. Realizing that your kid wants to pursue acting in theater is more horrifying than any other disappointment to our parents.

Over the years, FCC has acquired the reputation of one of the liberal institutes in Lahore. Creative innovation and critical thought are encouraged here. However, a part of it is limited to the classroom, casual discussions and debates, in theory or competitions. Music, however, has been a key element of student life on campus. Thanks to the faculty of humanities, a course “Introduction to Theater” was offered by the Arts Department in Fall 2016.

Three hour classes, twice a week seemed exhausting but nevertheless, we hastily registered for the course. The first few days, for me, were like a realization that this was an introvert’s nightmare. But soon I took it up the challenge and by the end of three months, it was home.

Backstage, before a performance at Alhamra, Qaddafi Stadium, Lahore / Arooj Khalid

It was a huge transformation for people inside and outside the classroom. The course single-handedly fought the prevalent conviction that theater was some taboo place. The art of theater is a perpetual journey of self-awareness, expression and empathy. Starting from relaxation and trust building exercises, our family – as we still call it – of theater students, inflicted with stage fright, self-doubt, body image and trust issues slowly confronted and got over all of these problems. We made everlasting bonds of mutual support, emotion and reliability.

Posted by FC Theatre Students on Samstag, 10. Dezember 2016

“Initially, I thought it’s just about acting but there’s so much more to it. The physical exercises and breathing exercises coupled with relaxing techniques was such an amazing experience. We learned how to recognize our emotions and express them in theater. The interactive circles helped me to speak up, a lot. Though it was a two hour class but to me, this was more relaxing. A class where I got to know more about myself, the people around me and my connection with them. However, that doesn’t make it an easy course. It requires a lot of time to learn and practice. I am so grateful that FCC introduced this stress relieving course, I’d definitely take more courses like this.” Anish Arif Hashmi, a student who joined the course in Spring 2017 narrates her experience.

We saw each other grow and explore our own personalities, and those of others. For the first time, we learned how truly suffocated we had been and theater helped us open up and express ourselves.

For me, theater was a key that opened many doors. It relieved me of my reserved and self-limiting traits. I allowed myself to open up and welcome everything in life with a positive outlook.  I started believing in things I’d negated for the past decade.

Our instructor, Sobia Zaidi was our hero, a genial personality with a contagious smile that enchanted the whole classroom. To this day, the moment I see her on campus, is the moment I know life can’t be that bad.

If there's one quality a person needs in their life, it's passion. Sobia's passion for theater has pulled us together…

Posted by FC Theatre Students on Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2016

Hifsa Khan, one of our most cheerful team members had this to say about the class: “When we interacted in this class on the first day, I knew I wanted to come back to this group of curious and artistic people. To me, it was something that I call a turning point in my life. Theater is all about team work, harmony and freedom; the freedom to think and feel, and to explore yourself. I know what theater did to me: it made me a happier person.”

Sahiban writes a letter to her beloved

Posted by FC Theatre Students on Samstag, 10. Dezember 2016

Introduction to theater was much more than a course to learn the basics of acting and production for students. It was a whole new way to experience the world; an introduction to the world of art and a new perspective on life, relationships and humanity.

“I belonged to a conservative background, so some of my ideas were also conservative. But inside, I always wanted to act in a play. A bomb needs a spark, so did I, and I got it here”, says Ali Arshad Dumra, the ghabroo jawan of our group. He further explains, “Umeed ek esi cheez hai jo insan ko kuch der k liye hi sahi, lakin batati zroor hai ke murda saans or zinda saans mein kya farq hai. Ye umeed mujhay theater ne di.”

Behind The Scenes at rehearsals in FCC / Bilal Tariq

In the course of four months, we organized two plays and performed them on various platforms. It was a success and the course was offered again in spring 2017. The students from the previous semester couldn’t get enough of it, and were often seen near the whereabouts of rehearsals. Eventually, we all became a huge family of “theater students”, a group where everyone felt welcome and could be un-apologetically themselves. Together we went through thick and thin, holding hands through each other’s joy and sorrow. Theater ke bachay were seen everywhere from occupying the auditorium, campus grounds, empty classrooms, and anywhere they could find to work hard on their projects.


In essence, incorporating performing arts in education was something Formanites certainly needed. And it didn’t come alone. Now, FCC offers courses in arts, drawing, theater, and music every semester.

The cover photo was provided by FCC Theatre Students Facebook Page.