BNU Senior, Salar Shamas, Is Making Music Like You’ve Never Heard Before

Salar Shamas is an aspiring singer, songwriter and musician based in Lahore, who is telling stories through music. He’s been playing different instruments from a young age and started making his own music in his early teens.

Salar has done his education from Aitchison College Lahore and Feltham Community College London and currently is a senior year student at BNU. He is a rising star among us.


Taking inspiration from Drake, Justin Bieber and a lot of Punjabi artists; Salar composes his own lyrics and pairs them with electronic beats, while giving conventional Pakistani music a new outlook.

He started off by just playing the keyboard and guitar, then started writing about his personal experiences such as expectations, disappointments, desires;

‘Whatever a regular teenager goes through.’ Salar puts it.


He is giving us all a new take on Pakistani music, one song at a time.

We asked Salar how he started pursuing music, and here’s what he had to say:

“I uploaded the first song on SoundCloud late at night and slept. I woke up to the highest number of notifications I had ever gotten! Not only was it overwhelming for me but also an indication. I then thought of continuing and producing more of my originals and so far it’s been working out for me. I do this for myself, to satisfy the inner me that has been hiding this for so long.”

“I’ve a lot of music made up on my laptop, raw recordings using audacity and in my phone as well. I’ve been doing this for years now – If only I had shared them earlier on social media.”


He says he started recording just to capture the feelings for himself. For now, he just wants to be a part of the music scene and that would be enough to satisfy him. 


“Performing is a whole different skill, it’s hard to entertain, especially a Pakistani audience. I stick mostly to music videos and audio production. I perform at private events and even that feels like a lot of pressure. I really don’t get how the ‘big’ names do it in front of huge audiences.


Salar’s music not only contains modern beats but meaningful, catchy and visual lyrics, as well. Listen to his latest single ft Omer Mukhtar.

Give a listen to Salar’s other singles on Patari and Soundcloud. And don’t forget to follow Salar on Instagram and Like his page on Facebook.

Here Is Why I Believe Sardion Ki Chuttiyan Should Go By Faster

What? Winter break should go by faster? Am I in my right mind? Yes, yes I definitely am. I am the type of person who could sleep for 12 hours and still wake up tired, however I definitely cannot sit and do nothing all day at home. It’s nice the first couple of days, and then you can literally just feel yourself melting in your sofa. Also:

1. You realise you have no work to do

So you just aimlessly wander around your house trying to find the purpose in life

Source: Pepsi

2. You don’t see your friends on a daily basis

And no, texting or calling is not the same thing as seeing them in person 🙁

Source: Danish Ali

3. You can’t ‘accidentally’ run into your crush

Yes you can stalk them online… but it’s not the same as low key stalking (uhh I mean seeing) them on campus

Source: Deenga

4. You have the weirdest sleeping schedule

You’re sleeping when you’re supposed to wake up, and waking up when you’re supposed to be getting to sleep

Source: BBC

5. You’re becoming lazier by the second

You contemplate for about 10 minutes whether on not you’re willing to get a bladder infection or get out of the comfort of your bed to go to the bathroom

Source: ABC

6. You tend to open the fridge every 10 minutes and then just close it

You think ‘hey, maybe this time when I open the fridge I’ll find what to do for the rest of my holidays’

Source: Lionsgate

7. Your mom’s actually asking you to help out in the kitchen

Uhhh, no sorry mom, gotta go do some thing, y’know the thing, okay bye.

Source: Deenga

8. So you stop stuffing yourself

When you’re bored your brain’s automatically like: Eat Something. So you do.

Source: Deenga

9. You’re family’s beginning to get on your nerves

I swear if I hear “when I was your age…” one more time…

Source: We Think Films

10. You’re actually (maybe)  looking forward to learning and sitting in class

Ahh, the good old days

Source: HBO

11. You feel unproductive all day

And it’s kinda bringing your mood down

Source: Paramount

12. You’re done catching up on GOT

So now, you have no idea what to do with your life

Source: HBO

13. You’re tired of doing nothing all day 

Dare I say it, I kind of miss doing assignments and projects omg

Source: Tenor

Do you want the winter holidays to go by faster? Let us know!

These University Students From Karachi Are Redefining Art, One Mural At A Time

With the walls of Karachi flooded with political slogans, angry graffiti, and pan stains, Awara Parindey is redefining art in the city we call home

This is a flock of 6 twenty-something-year-old artists who identify themselves as ‘Awara Parindey.’ They wander the grim streets of Karachi and slap colors onto barren walls in order to lighten up the surroundings and send abstract messages.

Meet Awara Parindey, a mix of students from Habib University, Szabist, Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture (IVS), and students waiting on their dream universities

Source: Mere Samandar, Mere Kinaray

We asked them what inspired them to venture out on this creative journey, and here’s what they had to say

“Basically, we were part of an internship that didn’t end up working out. We had worked on mural designs for a good 5-6 weeks. At the time we were not familiar with each other’s artistic strengths and weaknesses. However, when things didn’t work out, we decided to do something independently because overtime we had gotten to know each other quite well and didn’t want all the hard work to go to waste.

Since it was us making art, on our terms, it was more like a journey of self-discovery.  We really want to depict freedom in not just one form. If you look at our very first mural, the thought went behind it was to take away from reality. Other than that, we genuinely as artists We felt like our potential was going to waste by not contributing to the greater good. In the end, Awara Parindey became a good outlet to express ourselves. Now we simply want to build a culture and celebrate the diversity that each one of us brings to the group.”

This is Awara Parindey’s first ever mural and it is located at Tipu Sultan Road. We asked them their inspiration behind this, and this is what they told us 

“This picture is talking about a utopian society. You see how the houses are stuck in a bubble and how the land is alleviated? It’s talking about how we, as a community, need to protect each other and we need to protect our individual dreams. We need to shelter ourselves from the evil that always lurks too close to home and we need to keep ourselves safe from all the bad that life throws at us.”

Source: Awara Parindey

Do you plan each mural before executing it? 

“No, not really. We work on extremes. Either we spend days planning a mural, discussing different ideas, making stencils, coordinating color schemes and driving through the city to find the perfect wall OR we just wake up on a Sunday morning, get the team together and head out with spray cans. The whole idea is to create something we feel deeply about so most times, our work is spontaneous.”

We asked Awara Parindey the thought process that went into this exceptional piece, and here’s what they told us

“This was an improvised piece that we decided to wing on a hot Sunday morning. It is located in PECHS, MA Society. We stumbled on this huge rubble and waste that seemed to be just lying there, useless. That’s when inspiration struck. So, the initial idea that’s close to all of us is to be unapologetically who we are and break through the constraints we often bind ourselves around. The point is to realize that we are more than what we imagine ourselves to be and fight past the restrictions we place on ourselves.”

Source: Awara Parindey

Here is another mural made by Awara Parindey, located on MT, Queens Road. The caption reads, “there is a little bit of all of us in these.”

Source: Awara Parindey

And another, located opposite Springs in Defence, Phase 6

Several people have posted a picture with these magnificent wings and have tagged Awara Parindey on various social platforms

Source: Awara Parindey

Apart from creating murals and adding some much-needed color to the walls of Karachi, Awara Parindey is also an on-going business venture

They are often employed by parents who wish to craft a safe place for their children to grow up in. With their millennial mindset, they are able to pitch in creative ideas and cater to the vision parents’ have in mind for their young ones.

Source: Awara Parindey

And at times, they are allowed to go crazy witht their paints and brush strokes, giving children the taste of an alternate reality

Source: Awara Parindey

With the ongoing traffic congestion, power failures, broken roads, and sidewalks, we are utterly blown by the resolve of our local art group, Awara Parindey. They seem to have taken the city by a storm; a group of 6 college students trying to leave a piece of themselves in the chaotic surroundings of our very own Karachi. Follow Awara Parindey on Instagram and check out their latest designs!


This Superstar From SZABIST Uses Music And Acting To Tackle Social Issues Like An Absolute Boss

Today, it seems as though everyone is running along the track that leads to fame.

Kids, adults, teens, pretty much everyone you see around you is aware of the luxury that fame provides. Social media is the largest supplier of fame. However, with fame comes responsibility. But for some superstars, like the one from SZABIST we’re going to talk about, it’s all easy to handle.

Source: Tenor GIF Keyboard

Sheena Dsouza, a star realized the power her influence held and decided to use it in a positive way.

Sheena is a student at SZABIST, and a star who started posting on the platform in 2015.

Source: Instagram/ here_is_sheena

She fell in love with the art back when she posted her first ever and expected to see positive feedback on it.

But, as she states, “everyone needs to realize that by putting videos up on social media, people will be judgmental and will have an opinion about it.”

Which is what happened to Sheena, too. 

Source: Giphy

Despite the hate she received on the, one comment stood out for her, and it was then she decided what her path was going to be. One of her fans stated that her videos made them smile.

Since then, she has never looked back. Gradually, her constant strive to spread happiness has attracted thousands of people and has inspired many more to find their own creative fit.

So, what makes this student from SZABIST different from every other influencer out there? 

Source: Instagram/ here_is_sheena

For starters, she doesn’t see the musical site as just an app – but more of a platform where creative minds can come together and explore their talents.

Moreover, whenever people message her asking for advice or tips to help them improve their own work, she doesn’t take out her magical list of tips and tricks for perfecting the art of

She encourages them to find their own style and fit.

Because everyone is different due to the experiences they’ve had. No two people are alike, hence, every individual has a different way of spreading happiness and art.

Source: Giphy

Moreover, Sheena uses her platform for the greater good.

Her followers adore her for the socially aware messages she uploads from time to time. Having been bullied as a child, she strongly speaks up against the very same evil.

💢ANY FORM OF BULLYING IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! 💢 Calling people by negative titles, bashing them on social media or even traditional bullying where someone is hurt can cause a long term issue physically, mentally and emotionally. You may not know you're a bully until it's too late. Before you're about to say/do something PLEASE STOP AND THINK. " How would you feel if someone said the same thing to you?" Bullying plays a huge role in depression, suicide or even murder. No one is perfect, we all have flaws and that's okay. It's better to say nothing than to say something hurtful.🌼💛 #SayNoToBullying #MovementMonday #NoBullying #inshot #musically #musicallyapp #musicallyaddict #transition #featureme #summer #happy #fun ##fashion #smile #instamood #amazing #style #love #photooftheday @musicallypakistanofficial @musical.lyindiaofficial

A post shared by Sheena💋 (@here_is_sheena) on

She’s also spoken up about Pakistan’s obsession with fairness. Moreover, she’s a firm believer in the concept of self love and tries to promote the same.

Hi there, What if you had devoted this year to loving yourself more by not caring about what others say, wouldn't it make everything a lot easier? At some point in our life we have been given negative labels by society. Fat, loser, ugly, worthless and so on. We let those words define who we are as an individual and it results in crushing our self esteem. People will keep judging you in every walk of life don't let it get to you. How you overcome these labels is what's going to matter. Stop! Look in the mirror and see how beautiful you are as a person. I'm not referring to your physical appearance. It is your inner beauty which is in it's truest form. Beauty is knowing and proudly accepting yourself for the way you are. If wearing makeup makes you happy DO IT! If you're comfortable with no makeup on be proud of it. All those watching this today, I hope you find a way to be yourself someday. ✨ #SheenaSays 🌹 TAG 3 beautiful girls who need to hear this message 🌹 #inshot #musically #musicallyapp #musicallyaddict #transition #featureme #happy #fun #fashion #smile #instamood #amazing #style #love #photooftheday #Sheenation #empoweringwomen #motivation #beauty

A post shared by Sheena💋 (@here_is_sheena) on

Sensitive matters like acid attacks have also been tackled by her.

I was touched by watching an acid victim speak about her attack. How her entire life flashed in front of her eyes as the man threw a bottle of sulfuric/nitric acid on her because she refused to marry him. She was helpless, her skin was burning down layer by layer. Every night as she would make an effort to try to get some sleep her attacker's face would haunt her. She was living her worst nightmare. Few months later, she looked in the mirror and realized beauty is not only in ones physical appearance. Beauty comes from within you. She was confident and started living for herself that's when she truly knew what self love was. Start by loving yourself and say NO to Acid attacks! #SayNoToAcidAttacks #MovementMonday #inshot #musically #musicallyapp #musicallyaddict #transition #featureme #summer #happy #smile #instamood #amazing #style #love #photooftheday #acidvictim @musicallypakistanofficial @musical.lyindiaofficial

A post shared by Sheena💋 (@here_is_sheena) on

The app itself is fairly underground in Pakistan.

And people don’t take too kindly to newer concepts. However, Sheena has the following advice for people who want to follow their heart and make a difference:

“Always remember to be confident about what you do, and ignore the hate if it gets too much. Just focus on the love and support.”

We couldn’t ask for a better message to start the new year with, SheenaWhat do you guys think? Let us know in the comments.

I Asked The MangoBaaz Campus Team What Their New Year’s Resolutions Are And Here’s What They Said

2018 is merely days away. Have you started working on your new years resolutions yet?

We make them every year, complete some of them and rewrite most of them in the December of next year again. If anything, resolutions make you a bit more hopeful of the future. Whether it is to lose weight, read more, get a 4.0, land your dream position, or even to just eat healthier. New year’s resolutions make you look forward to, well, a fresh new year full of better opportunities and brighter days (in theory at least).

So, I asked the fam at MangoBaaz Campus to show me what their resolutions for 2018 looked like.

And here’s what they had to share;

Maham Fakhar Khan

“Say NO more often. Spread peace and kindness. Learn new words and. And get a puppy.”

Source: Maham

Mahnoor Asghar

“Drink more water!”

Source: Mahnoor

Zainab Ali

“Read more.”

Source: Zainab

Sajeer Shaikh

“Do better. Be better. Kick ass.”

Source: Sajeer

Bisma Rizwan

“To work on the startup I have been thinking about since forever.”

Source: Bisma

Khadija Muzaffar

“Learn to love and accept myself.”

source: Khadija

Rameen Shakil

“To stand up for things that make me uncomfortable, instead of smiling and ignoring them.”

Source: Rameen

So there you have it! What are your resolutions for 2018? Let us know in the comments!

Here’s Everything That Happens When Shaadi Season And Finals Clash, MashAllah

December is a month FULL of shaadiyan. For students, its also a month full of exams and exam stress. Almost inadvertently, your exam schedule will clash with the wedding schedule and your month will pretty much look like this:

1. Dance practice will begin taking up your nights.

Initially it will all be fun, dancing with your friends and cousins; having a good old time. Suddenly as the days pass by and the work piles up, you’ll begin to panic. Deadlines and submission dates will creep up on you, and guess what? You can’t dance away from those!

Source: Deenga

2. Wedding wardrobe shopping

This is an especial problem with the ladies. You’ll need nice clothes to wear at shaadis and guess what, finding those take time. Then tou you’ll need matching jootay, jewelry and the list goes on.

Source: Deenga

3. Late night studying ‘sesh’.

Your day is full of dancing, shopping and panicking. Therefore you can only study raat ko. 

Source: Tenor

4. Figuring out an impossible study schedule to fit around shaadiyan.

‘Study a bit before the mehndi, and then come home and finish those chapters’

It ain’t happening. Tiyaariyan will bog you down the function and then the after party will keep you occupied later.

Source: Adele VEVO

5. There will a lot of snapping at the shaadi.

Snaps would say : ‘I should be studying right now!’. You know you’ve done it, don’t deny it!

Source: EROS

6. You won’t be able to enjoy the wedding.

Or the food, or the madness that usually unfurls at functions. All you’ll think about is that chapter you need to finish.

Source: CBS

7. Oh, your parents will tell everyone that you’re having exams! 

Some aunty or khala will find out from your mom that you have exams, and that’s it, everyone will keep telling you off about it the entire night.

Source: Tenor

8. Getting home, getting done with post-wedding things and changing immediately into pajamas

You gotta be comfortable when you study. Get out of the suit and get cosy- parhai parhai parhai! 

Source: Tumblr

9. You’ll also suffer from post-shaadi sadness while trying to get your study on. 

Shaadi songs will play in your mind as you try your best to slave through a chapter. Yup, there goes all your focus.

Source: Deenga

10. Oh, and girls, sometimes you’re too lazy to wash off all your makeup.

You’re sitting in your room, studying with a whole face of makeup. Aur phir pata chala you fell asleep in it and wake up with them raccoon eyes.

Source: imgur

Let us know what struggles you go through the shaadi and final exam season. Let us know in the comments.

Cover Photo Courtesy: ARY Films

Two Students At FAST-NU Just Got Suspended Over Harassment Claims And It’s Sparked A Debate

An incident took place, where students of FAST-NU were suspended on the grounds of suspected harassment.
Two students, were found to have said indecent things about a female class fellow who went on to the report the matter to the faculty. The problem became a matter of concern who might have been joking.

Nowadays it is common to find cases of harassment everywhere. Whether its sexual or any other type of molestation, but it needs to remembered that harassment is just not acceptable.

Source: eMap

There were mixed views among the students regarding the incident. Some were in favor of and believed that justice was served when the boys involved were shown the DC notice, whereas others criticized and argued as to whether the act was tackled fairly.

A lot of support was seen by the feminists who jumped on the bandwagon to back .

“These things have prevailed over the past few years and have not been catered properly. We need to ensure that every girl is protected of her rights and is safe from this type of behavior, even if it’s just making sexually offensive jokes”

Others were of the view that the boys could have been innocent all along as they felt there was more to the story than just the voice message.

This is how the story really unfolded (according to the friends of the boys’ and themselves).

One of the guys shows up at a friend’s hostel. They have a good time, gossiping and cracking jokes until, one of them asks the others present to reply to his message on a Whatsapp group. The said group has over 20 people on it, and he was feeling a little embarrassed since he got no response at all.

Source: PA 

One of the guys there tries to record him, bantering around to piss him off even more. The guy on seeing that he’s being recorded starts to abuse him, and says he wants to have sex with a girl who’s on the same Whatsapp group. Yes, he takes her name! He did all this in an attempt that he’ll stop recording and avoid sending it in the group. Alas, that did not happen, and this audio message is sent to the over 20 people on the Whatsapp group.

Many students also believed that the matter taking place outside the university premises was something to talk about aswell.

“The incident took place outside of FAST-NU and is one thing that needs to be brought attention to. After all, it was off campus and didn’t take place during university hours, nor did it involve any of the university’s computers”

But the question as to what limit are universities allowed to take matters in their own hands, even if it involves doing things that are unofficial and possess no harm to the university itself, remains unanswered.

We all have been in situations where we have texted the wrong person, especially the person or the group which you could least think of and have left us in an awkward position.

Same has been the case here, although it is unsure whether this was done deliberately.

There was also the incident of Sharmeen Obaid’s sister and the doctor which sent shock waves throughout the medical community and the general public. While many stood by with Sharmeen’s cause, others condemned the outrage.

Source: Tribune

The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) has NO specific guidelines for doctors to follow an ethical way of using social media.

Academic institutes should also focus to have clear policies regarding the use of social media too, which the students are aware of. The faculty should be trained professionally and should reach out to students in a clear and concise manner and have no barriers between them. It is necessary that universities implement such rules to avoid such type of events in the future.


What are you views on this matter? Was this a case of justice served? Let us know in the comments!

This Is What Life Is Like When You’re A Teachers Assistant At University

We love them, we hate them. We bribe them, and then curse them for being stone hearted.

Ladies and gentlemen, the good ones of the lot deserve a red carpet laid out for them every time they come to class, because if it weren’t for them, most of us would have a grade that could get us chittarfied.

Did someone pop into your head yet?


Good Lord, don’t hurt your brain, I’ll enlighten you:

*Drum rolls*

Your Teachers Assistant.

As the name suggests, these are students who work as a professors associate and manage tasks that are assigned to them. They normally range from marking your class participation to making internals.

You know, the internals that basically make or break your grade.


Yeah, those. 

Like I said, good TA’s are hard to find, but did you ever wonder about the things or struggles a TA has to go through that makes them the way they are?

If not, keep reading humans, this might just help you out. 

1. The “Nakhrey” bearers:

Source: Amino Apps

“Completing tasks is fine, it’s a part of what we’re supposed to do. But then, sometimes we’re asked to do things like going on a coffee run, or getting the professors keys from their cars and once, I had to run all the way from Aud 24 to the teachers gate, to get to her car for a file that wasn’t even there. I don’t remember the last time I did something like this for my own sister!”

2. Anonymous emails:


“Even though most of the students I’ve encountered are absolute sweethearts, there’s always that one student and his/her group of friends who think it’s fun to send anonymous emails whose content ranges from sickly sweet, to disgusting. Some students don’t know where their lines are, but that’s fine- I’ve learned to ignore them now.”

3. Days off? What are those?


“This semester, I’ve only had Sundays off. I know this is what comes with being a TA, but functioning on five hours of sleep, six days a week is hard work. Most days, I have the whole day off with just one class in the last slot of the day. *groans*”

4. Doston kay taaney:


” The only time when me and the rest of my TA friends have time to go out is during long weekends or breaks- or when we’re procrastinating. I’ve had to face the wrath of my friends because of this. There’s only so much emotional blackmail a human can bear.”

5. Free food? Free food!


” The best part about being a teachers assistant is that you (sometimes), get free food from your class. They’re normally little things that translate into ‘please mark my attendance’ or ‘I missed a quiz, mark it please’, but hey, free food is free food. You can’t resist food.”

You definitely can’t human, food is bae.

If you’re a teachers assistant and have some more interesting experiences, let us know in the comments.

Source: Tenor

This 16 Year Old Is Going Above And Beyond In Her Fight For A More Equal Society For Women In Pakistan

Hi. Let us introduce you to this kick-ass teenager who’s using all of her energy to fight for women empowerment across Pakistan.

Meet 16-year-old Raina Khan Barki. 

Raina is working to uplift the position of women in our society, especially those who are victims of violence, torture, poverty, and injustice.

Source: Raina Khan

Raina was chosen for a fully funded exchange program to the US via the The US Summer Sisters Exchange Program which is  funded by the US Department of State, US Pakistan Women Council, iEarn and the Society for International Education.

When she came back, she realized something extremely important,

I realized that each woman of my nation has wings , yet not all of them are courageous enough to use them to fly and taste freedom only because of the stereotypical barriers set before them by our society. I decided to take up the responsibility of becoming their voice!”

Source: Raina Khan

She then founded an NGO called Zenana Pakistan which is working towards eradicating discrimination.

Raina aims to do this with the help of education, as well as strengthening women capacity to counter violence by providing legal assistance to victims of violence and harassment.

While speaking to us, she shared the vision for her NGO;

With the help of this organisation, I wish to establish a just and violence free society where women enjoy equity and avail economic, social and political opportunities with full freedom and the capacity to exercise them. It is acting for women human rights in order to change society in favor of women through education, awareness and organization.”

Zenana Pakistan being run solely on volunteer work, good will and determination. It is a network planned out to provide free education to women by building schools in their local communities and to give them job opportunities based on merit. 

Source: Raina Khan

What started just in Lahore, quickly spread out throughout Pakistan after Raina received hundreds of applications from Islamabad, Karachi, Rawalpindi and cities like Haripur. 

She says it would have not been possible without the overwhelming response that she got from the youth of Pakistan and it is something which encourages her to do more. She further added, 

“Although I am currently working towards receiving funds and donations in order to establish schools in different localities of Pakistan,  I opened a small academy in my own house and it is providing free education to twenty seven women. From January 2018 onward I plan to carry out awareness campaigns in different educational institutions. The organisation wishes to partner with these institutions to provide employment to women on merit bases and to give volunteering opportunities to the interested students!”

Source: Raina Khan

Looking back, she shared with us that it was her house-help who gave her the final boost before she registered her NGO. 

“She would constantly tell me stories about how she was criticism for trying to speak in Urdu and not in Punjabi by her relatives, how she would get hit by her husband for
(i) earning her own living
(ii) not giving the entire earning to him for gambling despite having five children to be taken care of and how she wanted to get school education but her family never allowed her to do so.
I started teaching her along with many other women from her locality. The smile that I got to see in return was priceless and it finally encouraged me to do more.”

Every strong journey comes with its fair share of hurdles, and has Raina faced plenty.

She shared how even the officers at the registration office criticism her for thinking that she could bring a social change in a country like Pakistan but she did not let all the criticism shatter her.

But that’s not all, she told us about how she kept thinking that she was doing something wrong because of the immense criticism she was relieving from everywhere,

There were days when my closest friends became my enemies. There were days when I had to stay in bed all day long and ponder over what went wrong until I realized that I had to become stronger with every critic that I got. I analysed all the critics and feedback that I got to formulate my final opinion or decision. I got to hear things like, “you’re too young to think about this, focus on your academics,” “you’re a girl, you’re too weak to face the society dear, ” “hayee, aap issay akelay America bhej rahay hain? Logon ne suna keh larki akelay jaa rahi hai tou kya kahein gey?””

Source: Raina Khan

But she knew that dreaming big for your nation’s betterment does not have an age limit and so she followed my dreams regardless of what the society did or say.

In the end, she has a wonderful message for everyone who’s trying to do something for themselves, or for the world,

“If any one of you wants to achieve something good in life, do not care about your age, your gender, your social status or your caste because in the end what matters is what you do and not who you are or where you belong. I did not care about “log kya kahein gey” because I knew that what mattered more was, “Raina, if you do not help your women achieve their goals and if you do not help them counter violence, injustice and discrimination tou insaniyat aap se kya kahay gi?

Source: Raina Khan

We’re all in total wonder seeing Raina’s courage to do something so huge while being so young. She’s a total inspiration for everyone who wants to make an impact in this world!

What do you think about her? Let us know in the comments!

Meet Ammara Raja: The Desi Wonder Woman Taking The Taekwondo World By Storm

Have any of you ever wanted to participate in an event, or wanted to intern at this local firm but never did, because managing loads of things on your plate as a university student is hard?

You know, when your heart says “YES!”, but your mind starts listing all the things you have due? But even though this might seem like a really hard task at hand, it’s nowhere near impossible. In fact, some people make it seem like so effortless, that you take one look at them and think:

Source: Amino Apps

One of these people is a third-year accountancy student at RMIT Melbourne University, who has a part-time job and trains six days a week for Taekwondo.

Meet desi Wonder Woman: Ammara Raja.


Did your brain just flip? Because mine did.

Born in Oman and raised in Melbourne, Ammara has always been into sports and was involved in different ones during her stay in Pakistan as well.

Her love and passion for Taekwondo grew when she wanted to learn how to defend herself in situations that might require so. As an advocate for women rights, she believes that women need to be able to protect themselves and should be self-sufficient.


Self-defense plays a major role in making a woman agile and strong.

Taekwondo is a full body contact combative sport that often leads to a ton of injuries and bruises. Yet, these make Ammara feel alive and give her purpose.

Ever since she has given the sport her full potential, she has been participating and winning a ton of competitions, some of them being:

  • Australian National Championship- Bendigo, Victoria.
  • Australian University Games (AUG’s)- Gold Coast, Queensland.
  • Moomba Open at State Netball Centre- Victoria.
  • Victoria State Championships.
  • Victoria Inter-University Championship.


And I can’t even finish my term projects on time.

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Hold on humans, this doesn’t end here. In a few years, Ammara aspires to represent Pakistan and aims to compete at the National Taekwondo Championship in Pakistan next year – to give her more of an understanding of where the sport stands in Pakistan.

Moreover, she also wants to work towards women empowerment in Pakistan, and help facilitate women to achieve whatever they put their mind to because:

“Confident women, are the best women.”

We wish Ammara the best of luck for anything she puts her mind to for the future. You go, girl!

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