Karachi’s Biggest MUN, MUNIK, Is Just Around The Corner and Here’s What You Should Expect

Karachi has had the pleasure of having an absolutely refined Model United Nation’s circuit. It does so with a multitude of conferences happening every now and then that makes sure that the delegates improve continuously. However, out of them all, Karachi’s most awaited MUN conference is finally around the corner!

Model United Nations IBA Karachi (MUNIK) is back with its ninth edition this year, and is happening from the 11th to the 14th of January!

So suit up, because here’s all that you should be expecting from the amazing 4-day conference:

An amazing academic experience

MUNIK this year is hosting 16 committees in total, with General Body committees such as DISEC and SPECPOL, to more specialized agencies such as the Cabinet of Bengal and the Cabinet of Power. With all of its 16 committees, the conference aims to “Reform from Within”  and discuss a multitude of agendas which are crucial for the entire globe. That’s an incredible learning experience all in all.

Source: Facebook // MUNIK – Model United Nations IBA Karachi

A diversified chairing panel

MUNIK not only has the biggest MUNing names from across the country, but also has international chairs coming in for a more well-rounded and diversified experience. MUNIK has always been championing the cause of diversity, and it never fails to deliver!

One of the few conferences to have training sessions for its delegates

One thing that the conference is known for is the amount of effort the conference puts in to make sure that the delegates get to learn a lot and improve their skills. The training sessions, which are arranged weeks before the conference begins make sure that the delegates are equipped with enough skills to make their entire 4-day experience more rewarding not just for themselves, but for the entire committee.

Source: Facebook // Black Ink Studio


Oh, and… STRINGS! 

Strings is making a comeback at the concert night, and you know it’s going to be an absolutely incredible way to unwind after a tough debate!

Source: Facebook // MUNIK – Model United Nations IBA Karachi

All in all, it’s going to be a pretty solid experience so what are you waiting for, head over to MUNIK’s Facebook page from here for more details!


Guys, Fikar Not. IBA’s Enigma Has Your Winter Vacations Completely Sorted

Winter break’s about to kick off in a while, and what’s a better way to spend your vacations than to spend it with your friends having the time of your life? (Hint: it has a lot to do with IBA’s Enigma.)

IBA’s flagship Olympiad, Enigma, is coming back with its seventh edition this January, from the 3rd to the 6th, and it should be on your list for this winter!

Enigma is known for its versatility and has something in store for everyone with its kick-ass 24 events. So, whether you’re a chess fanatic or a lover of Urdu Literature, this event is for everyone!

Here’s all that you should be expecting from the seventh edition of Enigma:

Enigma this year brings forth the concept of stages. This concept amalgamates all kinds of art and will make people live art in its truest spirit.

There’s the Forest Stage…

The Forest Stage is where famous celebrity guests including Tena Durrani, Jibran Nasir, Abbas Jafri, Wajahat Rauf and Natasha Baig will address core issues pertaining to their industries. Plus, Sabahat Sarhandi will be hosting this stage so yeah, it’s going to be pretty awesome!

Source: Facebook // Enigma

…The Baithak Stage…

At the Baithak stage, it’s all going to be about promoting our cinema industry and reigniting our cultural love for chai. There’s going to be a screening of over 20 short films made by young Pakistani filmmakers to display the power of cinematography. Plus, there’s gonna be free chai and ice cream!

Source: Facebook // Enigma

There’s Sound of Tomorrow, too…

Sound of Tomorrow is going to be food for your soul, with incredible performances lined up, and amazing guests like Darvesh and Faraz Anver. So. Much. Yes!

…and The Artist Dream.

Lastly, at the most popular stage, The Artist Dream, legends such as the Sanki King, Zahid Mayo, and Safwan Subzwari & Marium Kamal will beautify IBA with live painting on its walls. So be prepared to fall in love on the journey to an impeccable display of skill and brilliant artists at work.

Source: Facebook // Enigma

These activities will simultaneously take place with 24 events at Enigma and not even for a single minute would the participants feel uninvolved.

If these aren’t enough to convince you to attend Enigma, the team has planned some amazing socials at the end of every day! With band performances by Darvesh and Fawad, astounding theater performances, a Vintage Car show with classic cars, a concert night with amazing artists and a refreshing winter beach bash will surely put the last nail in the coffin.

Oh, and the events? Well, Enigma has one of the best photography competitions in town…

Enigma’s Shutterbugs is known to be the most fun-filled photography competitions in town. With on-spot photography and a chance to learn from the best faces in the industry, this is the perfect place for every aspiring photographer to learn and grow. This year, Shutterbugs is hosting a one-of-a-kind Boomerang theme, where participants will be expected to submit creative boomerangs which they will take on campus. Other themes include portraiture, fashion, and sports photography.

Oh, and, you’ll also get a chance to meet the phenomenal Ali Khurshid and Arsalan Zafar. How cool is that?!

We don't have a beach on campus , and we don't have any boomerangs we took on campus either BECAUSE WE'RE WAITING FOR YOU TO! 🌊📸Day 2 is going to be about having fun, and making new friends! DROP EVERYTHING YOU'RE DOING AND HEAD OVER TO http://enigma.iba.edu.pk and REGISTER! P.S. You'd need smartphones with Instagram/Boomerang installed for the day.

Posted by IBA Enigma – Shutterbugs: The Photography Challenge on Sonntag, 17. Dezember 2017

…A haven for Urdu lovers

That’s right, Bazm-e-Adab is the perfect platform for your inner poet to debut and to celebrate the beauty of Urdu language. If you have the talent to put your feelings into words, Enigma’s Bazm e Adab is your place to shine through poetry and declamations.

Enigma- Bazm e Adab

dil se jo baat nikaltī hai asar rakhtī haipar nahīñ tāqat-e-parvāz magar rakhtī haiJoin hands with Enigma VII and celebrate the beauty of Urdu Language. Bring us your best work, express your self and give us the chance to decide which one of you has the gift to be the next star of this nation.For details and any queries, feel free to message us.Register at: http://enigma.iba.edu.pk

Posted by IBA Enigma- Bazm e Adab on Donnerstag, 14. Dezember 2017

You get a chance to bring your inner fashionista out!

For all of the fashion enthusiasts out there, Enigma’s Fashion Villa is going to be bigger and better and this year, with a whole lot of bling, glitter, color and some amazing faces from the fashion industry including the leading fashion designer, Tena Durrani!

From cutting out dresses from newspapers to showing off their make up expertise, the participants would be doing it all. The three-day event is jam-packed with fashion wows.

So, don’t hesitate and let that hidden Coco Chanel out and get ready to see some serious fashion magic!


Bring out the Chanel in you!! Countdown begins #FashionVillapoweredbyFuror #5daystogo

Posted by IBA Enigma – Fashion Villa on Freitag, 29. Dezember 2017

There’s also a showcase for all the Picassos of Karachi! 

Art Sense is an event for all creative minds out there. It is a competition which asks participants to use all five of their senses to make different Art pieces and individuals with the best artistic sense will win. From painting, while blindfolded, to painting with bare hands, it’s going to be nothing short of an artsy ride!

Source: Facebook // IBA Enigma – Art Sense: The Arts Competition

You also get a chance to bring your inner Sherlock Holmes out! 

Enigma’s Crime Scene Investigation is the perfect place for people who are into mystery, lots of clues, and lots of fun.  It’s all about exploring the detective in you, solving the mysteries, following the clues, catching the culprit and so much more, all for an amazing prize. God, we’re so into this!

Crime scene investigation promotional video

Enigma VII presents the promotion video for Crime Scene Investigation event this year.Note: This is an entirely fictional video and no notes regarding the appearance of the characters and the surroundings are to be considered related to the actual case.To register: http://enigma.iba.edu.pk/Follow the updates on this page for more information.Cast >> Victim: Taha Ansari Kidnappers: Zunair Ali, Owais Ahmed, Anas Farrukh and Dani Khan Detectives: Ahmed Un Nabi, Sikandar Ashraf Videography: Muhammed Raza Vakil

Posted by IBA Enigma-Crime Scene Investigation on Freitag, 1. Dezember 2017

Did we mention Battle of The Bands?

A three-day musical ride on the road to unleash the inner rockstar in you! It’s not just a competition but a treat for all the musicians and music-lovers alike! Oh, and, Darvesh and Faraz Anver are coming too for a live jamming session. It’s gonna be l i t!

IBA ENIGMA Battle of The Bands

Here's a glimpse of the journey you are about to start with IBA ENIGMA VII.Enigma Team proudly presents Battle of the Bands!Do not forget to enjoy the battle between 5 to 9 pm. REGISTER NOW AT enigma.iba.edu.pk#LetTheBattleBegin #EnimaVII #FreeForEnigmaParticipants

Posted by IBA Enigma – Battle Of The Bands on Dienstag, 26. Dezember 2017

Oh and, dramatics!

Enigma’s Trabeata is, of course, for the dramaybaaz inside you! With Wajahat Rauf coming in as a judge, you know the competition is going to be super intense!

Trabeata – Drama Competition

This January, let your emotions take over!Register now at http://enigma.iba.edu.pk/Directed by Sarim Jamal

Posted by IBA Enigma – Trabeata : Drama competition on Montag, 4. Dezember 2017

And finally, sports! 

What is an Olympiad without sports? There’s badminton, Hong Kong Sixes, Futsal, and also much for the athlete in you!

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Enigma’s page here for more details! See you there.

IBA Is Bringing Urdu Literature Back With The Evening Of Whispers, “Sarghoshiyan”

Winters in Karachi are uncharacteristically intense this year, and with predictions as low as 7 degree Celsius, comfort is one of the main things that everyone desires. What’s better than to get a hot cup of coffee, and good literature?

IBA’s Literary Society is bringing back Sargoshiyan: The Evening of Whispers, with the goal to enlighten Literature and Urdu lovers with the magic of words, merged together to create verses of immense heart and soul.

Source: Facebook // IBA Literature Society

According to the society,

“While we usually perceive comfort in its physical form because hello: blankets, hoodies and warm cups of coffee but do you ever think about mental warmth? The kind of warmth that fills your soul with peace and tranquility. Art, as we all know is food for soul- it fills the empty abyss in our hearts that this materialistic world has created and what better way to promote art and create an atmosphere of warmth and enjoyment than to listening to poetry.”

Now, imagine yourself sitting with a gathering of poetry lovers, inhaling and absorbing every moment,being able to express your emotions through the subtle art of poetry, feeling every verse resonate with the deepest corners of your heart. Urdu poetry does just that, with its earthiness and

Source: Youlin Magazine

The IBA Literary Society aims at not only promoting self expression but also our national identity through the Urdu language ,which we believe isn’t getting as much attention or appreciation as it should.

Therefore if you’re a lover of soulful poetry or music and believe that Urdu should be rightfully revered as the beautiful and rich language that it is, then this evening of whispers is your true calling.

For more details, visit the IBA Literary Society’s page here.

Here’s Why You HAVE To Attend SPARK’17, IBA’s Upcoming Entrepreneurship Competition

For anyone who’s on the road to becoming an entrepreneur (or if you really fancy the idea), listen up!

Via Tenor

IBA’s Entrepreneurship Society is bringing a two-day event – an Entrepreneurship Competition – on the 24th and 25th of November. It’s called SPARK, and we’re going to give you all the reasons why you should attend the event:

1. They have partnered with the School of Leadership.

At SPARK, it isn’t going to be the usual scene with the same old boring speaker saying the same old boring stuff. Instead, they’ve handpicked the coolest and most interactive trainers in the country like Asma Mustafa to ensure that students don’t end up dozing off.

2. They’ve also partnered with The Nest i/o

The Nest i/o is a hub for startups, and a lot of its speakers are attending to help the participants with product development. This is the ultimate goals opportunity for everyone as you’ll get a chance to interact and network with the finest minds in town. And who knows, you might just score an internship as well?


Yeah, you read that right. Mr. Raza Matin, the Marketing Consultant for Google Pakistan will be training students on how to sell, in one of the rounds of the event. The round, by the way, is called Bechde!, and tbh, I guess we’re already sold!

Source: Garnier Pakistan

4. It’s gonna help you become more confident, so it’s time to say goodbye to your old shy self!

We’re sure you’ve wanted to go up in front of an audience and be the star at some point in your life, but then sometimes, we’re just too shy to do that. Well,  SPARK’17 is going to change that for sure. They’ve called experts to teach you how to go up on stage in front of a judge’s panel and audience and pitch your ideas like a pro!

5. The Entrepreneurial Experience

SPARK will surely bring out the entrepreneur in you! In fact, it will make you go crazy with enthusiasm and then make you wonder, “Why do people want to do jobs in the first place? I am going to start my business tomorrow!’”

6. You’ll be given a chance to create your own product!

Oh yes, and not just that, you’ll be given a chance to sell it as well. This is totally your chance to make your dream come to so put your creative hat on and start thinking about the next big thing!

Source: Showcase Productions

7. Did I mention that it’s going to be absolutely kickass?

The event design is tailored to make sure that you don’t encounter even a single moment of boredom, whether you’re in the middle of a training session or in the middle of creating your own product.

8. It’s a chance to be in a long-term relationship with The IBA Entrepreneurship Society!

Being a part of SPARK’17 will give you a chance to work with the IBA Entrepreneurship Society for its future ventures. It’ll give you hands-on experience to work in the big leagues before you even graduated!

9. The prizes and giveaways!

Ahh… the oldest trick in the book, but these guys are a lot more ethical than you think. The winner at SPARK will receive an amazing gift basket filled with…(well that’s a surprise!). And of course, every participant will get a Certificate from the IBA Entrepreneurship Society and Aman Center for Entrepreneurial Development for the Completion of their Mini Diploma in Entrepreneurship!

Source: HUM Sitaray

10. The name SPARK’17

Sources tell us that Team Spark is a big fan of the hit-TV series The Flash and that’s where they got the inspiration for this fast-paced, super invigorating experience. Now that you think of it the logo does look familiar…

11. The Beach Party!

After 2 days of hardcore learning, experiencing and running around at SPARK’17 you get to relax at the beach with your friends and let all that ~negative~ energy from CIE and university exam stress out.

Source: ARY Films

12. The Gorgeous IBA Campus

We think by this time we already have established that the IBA campus is a total piece of art. The architecture is unique and unlike any other structures you’ve seen in Karachi. It’s the perfect place to give students their space to work in teams, jog their creativity and to make their experience at SPARK’17 even richer.

Source: The Vision Factory

So what are you waiting for guys? This event sounds totally amazing, and to be honest, Pakistan really needs entrepreneurial events such as these for the growth, development, and exposure for the youth.

Head over to here to register for SPARK’17!

The Ultimate Guide To Recognize Different Types Of Students At IBA

Each major at IBA comes with it’s fair share of stereotypes. One of the weirdest thing about IBA is that if you’re a student, you can automatically tell which program the other IBA kid must be from just by looking at them. I’m not even kidding.

Are you confused? I’m sure you are. Let me break it down for you:

BBA kids:

The biggest chunk of the population, these people are here only because, “IBA seh BBA ki value hi aur houti hai,” even though literally all they do for the four years of their lives is ratta stuff from slides.

They’re pretty carefree so you can tell one apart from a distance because of their relaxed faces, constant even when the campus is on fire kyunke jaani, itna lit mahol hai! Not constant when a super irrelevant event comes up though and the entire program will start spamming your newsfeed like there’s absolutely no tomorrow.

Overheard at the Adamjee Cafe, “Bus, Bachelors of Bullshit Admistration hi hai yeh.”

Source: Dharma Productions

Social Sciences and Liberal Arts:

These kids pretend they don’t really care about what anyone think about them, and they still try hard to fit in while maintaining the we’re-too-cool-for-you and you-can’t-sit-with-us attitude. Astonishing species, to be honest.

They will judge you for judging people. Will root for any cause that’s currently ~edgy~.

They will make sure they use the words ‘social construct’ in a conversation to let people know that they’re smart and well read. Often found in groups of 10 and claim they’re introverts. 

They’ll also randomly throw a vague rhetorical question about life and existence and the society just to baffle normies.

Sometimes they also try to protest against stuff every now and then because again, who doesn’t want to get noticed? 🙂

Source: Giphy

Accounting and Finance:

Their entire existence is burdened because of
a. the endless studies
b. their misfortune of choosing to enroll in ACF.

On the bright side though, they have 8/10 better career prospects.

They sometimes try and pretend be as cool and edgy as the BBA kids but seriously, even a blind person is able to tell the difference.

They have the most worn out faces and like to sulk in the library because of how hard their life is, and how much they have to study (told you it’s an endless juggle for this lot).

They’ll literally do some freelance finance assignment in exchange of a good joke.

Source: quickmemes.com

Economics and Maths

Nerds of the highest order. You don’t even get to see them around cuz they’re busy sulking in a corner at Tabba about how hard their majors are and how they’re the smartest kids around cuz mAtHs. Also often found telling random strangers about their misery.

They look down at everyone as if they’re peasants because of course, everyone else can’t mAtH like they do.

No one really cares about these kids, but they don’t really need your attention. They don’t even have the time for it, to be very honest.

Source: Giphy

Computer Science

Life of a CS Major:


Beta FAST kyun nahi gaye?
IBA seh CS kon kerta hai?!
“Bro, WiFi set kerdou please


These kids are usually found in super secret places, and have their own little world. They look like the most masoom and mazloom kids ever. They’re like the middle child, totally neglected.

Often found saying, “yeh sab degrees khatam houjayeingi aur tum sab humaray paas hi aao ge because computer science is the future,” while a Marketing kid rolls their eyes in the distance. 

Source: Quinzine Productions

This is a satirical piece and is almost 83% far from the truth but if you still find yourself to fit these stereotypes then you should probably stop and re-evaluate your life. 


IBA Has Its Very Own Masterchef And Students Are Obsessed With Her Cooking

Good food is a blessing, that’s a universal fun fact. University food is usually super boring, that’s a universal not-so-fun fact. But things at IBA are a little different thanks to this AMAZING girl who is nothing but a superhero.

Say hi to Maryam Altaf. She’s a Social Sciences and Liberal Arts junior at IBA, who also happens to be an absolute foodie.

She loves to cook and bake, and it’s something that has been passed down the family from both of her parents’ side:

“My grandmothers were amazing cooks, so is my mom, dad, my (maternal) uncle, and many others in the family. Brownies were the first thing I ever baked probably when I was 11 or 12, been cooking and baking ever since. “

She took a gap year before university during which she co-founded her start-up, The H&M Cuisine. Regarding the entire idea, she told us:

“It initially started off as a very small business that catered to immediate friends and family only, as time went by, it started gaining momentum. With the help of social media and word of mouth our dream business started to grow and flourish.”

Source: Maryam Altaf

Bringing homemade food to IBA was something that was never in the cards for her, and all of it began when she started bringing it for her friends, who later suggested that she should start selling it to other students on campus. And voila!

Source: Maryam Altaf

Maryam’s venture has been a big hit, and her customers are growing. Talking about how she handles cooking with her academics she said:

“Since the very beginning I have loved challenging myself so I take this on as one too. The key is to be able to give almost equal time to both, if I work on H&M early morning, the rest of the day is spent in university, the evening is reserved for some family time and H&M work, while I burn the midnight oil to catch up on course readings and assignments. One thing I do during hourly weeks and a little before the finals is stop operations at IBA as I cannot afford to neglect my studies at all.”

Source: Maryam Altaf

Every business though, of course, has a lot of hurdles in the way, and Maryam told us:

“The fact that I have to distribute time equally among the business, academics, family and social life to name a few things can get a bit tricky at times, but neglecting one because of the other is not something that I like. There were initially no problems on campus but when the number of orders started growing there were problems like that of the storage on campus considering the weather in Karachi and such factors, but eventually things worked out as I got associated with the Center for Entrepreneurship Development at IBA.”

Source: me

Personally, H&M helped Maryam to grow a lot and discover new opportunities, and learnt how to take her business to a bigger level thanks to all the love and support she’s gotten from the students on campus. 

In the end, Maryam had some amazing advice for people who are struggling with new ideas and want to do something big in the world:

For everyone out there with a dream I urge you to follow it. Yes, there will be difficulties and problems that come your way in the beginning, but you can not construct a building without a strong foundation. In order to run a successful business you have to take the first step no matter how risky it is. You may fail but do not lose hope because of one downfall. Picking yourself up after falling down and coming back stronger is what really matters. We definitely do learn from our mistakes, failing is something that should be seen as something positive to learn from and not something shameful. Because at the end of the day practice makes perfect! Just have complete faith in yourself and your ideas, do not lose hope no matter what! A positive attitude towards life can take you places!”

Thank you Maryam for bringing absolutely amazing food to campus, and for making all of the students’ worries of the day go away. You rock!


11 Types Of Very Interesting Students You’ll Find During The IBA Elections

Right now, the only thing which is on an IBA student’s mind is the Student Council Election. For the past month, people have been actively (and passively) campaigning for their sides in the IBA Elections. If you’ve been active on Facebook for a while, you would definitely have come across these kinds of campaigners: 

1. The Optimistic Crew

These guys are so sure of their victory that they forget that being optimistic, and being an optimist are two different things. But chalou, khair hai, chalta hai, dunya hai. 

As someone said, “If our future VP is ‘the optimistic’, then God save the IBA community.”

Source: ARY Films

2. The wannabe poets

Oho. These guys are known to give intense competition to all second graders out there with their intense shayari! 

Slogans like, “dabbay mein dabba, dabbay mein cake, mera VP lakhon mein aik,” win hearts, and get you votes. It’s a total win strategy.

Source: Showcase Productions

3. The #Hashtag Clan

The only job these guys have is to make a hashtag for their candidate. If it was up to them, they’d legalize the #typing #like #this trend. Twitter bhi sharma jaye inkay tags k saamnay. 

Source: CW Entertainment

4. The ones who win your hearts

Yeah. They don’t need your votes. They only want to win your hearts. I’m not even kidding.

#VoteNahiHumDilJeetLetayHain you have my heart, promise. Vote ki tou khair hai. 

Source: AN Entertainment Pvt Ltd

5. The bhais

You’re distressed or you need help and there’s only one thing you need to do: shout #BhaiBhai and you’ll have a grand total of 2 bhais coming to your rescue in less than a second. Your naaras keep the spirit of the bhais alive.

Source: Geo News

6. The Revolutionaries

They will do anything, and everything to prove that they’re here for a revolution or for some form of change.


Via Tumblr

7. The Lit” Club

There is a very exclusive club whose sole job is to write, “It’s lit!!” on every single campaign update. They get paid to do it, pakka!

Via Tenor

8. That one kid who’s too cool for elections

Or so they say. They will actively be there to comment on every single individual who’s involved in elections, while promising to themselves, in the same sentence, to never partake in any activity directly or indirectly, or even care about it.

One question: What do you want, beta? 

Source: Tenor

9. The Dharna Squad

There will ALWAYS be a couple of kids who would want to go against everything that has been happening. No one pays any attention to them, but yet they’re always there. They will silently judge you from afar, and then go on with their dharna.

Source: Picture Quotes

10. The grads who can’t seem to let go

I mean, guys. Come on. You have graduated. Let the other kids do your job. Please.

Via Tumblr

11. The “we were never this bad” Crew

Trust me. You were just as bad if not more. Don’t ya worry about that. Har kisi ko yehi lagta hai. 

Source: TUC Pakistan

Are there any more kinds of people that you’ve come across? Let us know in the comments!

Cover image via Zee Studios


IBA Has Finally Appointed A Mental Health Counselor And It’s Nothing Short Of A Victory!

Mental Health is an issue that most people don’t tend to think much about here in Pakistan. Its because of this that  not many people are aware about it either. But as times are changing, people are now coming to terms with the fact that mental health is extremely important.

Recognizing the same, IBA now has appointed two full-time mental health counselors for all of the students!

Dear IBA Student Body,A year back, we committed ourselves to a cause: bringing full-time mental health counsellors to…

Posted by IBA Social Sciences Club on Freitag, 8. September 2017

It all started out back in April 2016, when IBA’s Social Sciences Club decided to start an online petition to hire a full time, practicing counselor at IBA.

The Club has always been a strong proponent of mental health awareness, and this was one thing that they swore would achieve.

Source: Facebook // IBA Social Sciences Club

The Treasurer of the SS Club in 2016, Usra Rasool, was one of the people who started out on this mission. Talking about her journey, she told us:

“When I was asked to present this petition in front of the Dean, I requested all Social Sciences batches of that time, that if they are facing any mental health problems I’d like them to tell me so I can make a strong case in the meeting. When the messages started to pour in my inbox they ranged from anxiety and depression due to personal, social and various grave reasons. A lot of them faced anxiety due to the increasing pressure they face to excel or to be better in job. A lot of them had personal problems such as, abuse they faced when they young, troubled childhood, all of the reasons combined to affect and mold their performance at IBA.”

By June 2016, the Club had collected enough petitions, but most importantly, they were given a green signal by the Dean and Director of IBA, and the matter was taken to the Executive Board for discussion.

Source: IBA Photography Society

Ilsa Rashid, who’s majoring  in Psychology, is also one of the key people to lead the change, and she told us:

“Our first presentation to the Executive Board at IBA was around April 2016. We followed up until June and then the new panel was selected. We know now, that institutional change is possible if you keep pushing — and with a bit of luck too. The executive board were quite receptive to the idea to begin with.”

Finally, after a year and half worth of a process, and the hard work of two panels, the much awaited announcement was made yesterday.

As Usra said, “The process is slow because the institution is huge and has so many people involved but in the end the change is permanent.”

With this milestone, IBA now joins the ranks of universities like NUST and LUMS, which has active counselors on campus.

It’s incredible how our society is slowly recognizing the problems which weren’t paid attention to in the past, and are now addressing them head on, and it’s a huge ray of hope, to be honest!


A Play At IBA Ridiculed Transgenders And Students Everywhere Are Pissed Off

Recently, a production troupe, DramaCulas, was invited to IBA to perform. They presented a play called “Pey Se Pakistan” and pretty soon things got ugly, and its just not right.

Source: Facebook.com/DramaCulas

The play apparently appropriated trans people, sparking controversy regarding their offensive portrayal of a trans character.

The trans character was played by a cis man. The character entered on cheap Bollywood item songs and was later was made fun of on stage. Many students from IBA took to social media to express their disbelief and anger.

A lot of people directly called out the production troupe

‘Who the fuck thinks it is okay to make fun of trans characters, when they are already so so SO marginalized and oppressed in our country?!’

Source: Facebook.com


Some were infuriated by the act

Source: Facebook.com


And some were disgusted

Source: Facebook.com


While a few thought that the play accurately portrayed what happens in our society. 

And therefore, wasn’t as offensive as everyone was making it out to be.

Source: Facebook.com

Someone actually used a Game Of Thrones reference to explain how this shouldn’t be a problem in the first place


Source: Facebook.com

But one person tried knocking sense into the ones defending the act

Source: Facebook.com


Following the uproar, DramaCulas issued a half-hearted apology, which seemed more like a clarification and people just didn’t have time for it.

Our theatre group DramaCulas make plays to spread smiles and laughter in a time when there is depression and sadness…

Posted by DramaCulas on Mittwoch, 6. September 2017

It seems like they edited their first apology and chopped it off to what sounded more like a flimsy excuse. 

DramaCulas, either you guys don’t know that anyone can view your edit history on Facebook, or you just left it out there for everyone to see. Your pick.

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What do you think actually happened here? Was the play justified or was it appropriating trans people? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Here’s How You Can Get Through The First Few Weeks Of IBA Without Facing Any Maslas

Just a few days left till IBA opens its gates to the incoming freshies, so I thought: why not compile a little list for y’all kids so that you’re not as confused as I was in my first week?


Let’s go!

1. Pay attention during the orientation campus tour 

Even though the campus itself is fairly simple to maneuver through, it seems like a nightmare when you look at your timetable. MCC, MTL, MAV… what WHAT? I swear last time a kid came to ask me what MTL stood for, and where it was, I told him it was an Adamjee Classroom and pointed towards the Fauji Building.

Pay attention at the orientation and WRITE THE ABBREVIATIONS DOWN. Don’t be that kid.

Bonus: I was talking to a friend of mine while writing this and he went, “If only someone told me that TBA does not stand for Tabba…” 

Source: Showcase Productions

2. Don’t buy new course books.

I was a fool, okay. I spent lots of money on books that I never even used. So many regrets. We have an amazing Book Exchange group, and even more amazing individuals who will either give you away the books for free, or will sell them at a throwaway price.

Protip: Since O-Week is also Election Lobby Time™, don’t miss out on the chance to get those free books outta your seniors.

Source: MangoBaaz Video

3. While we’re at it, don’t invest in multiple notebooks and binders

You will only be needing one notebook, bus! Just buy the one which has dividers. Divide your courses across. You won’t have to lug the huge binder across, and won’t have to deal with the added stress of having lots of empty notebooks by the end of the semester.

Source: TUC Pakistan

4. Network as much as you can

Election Lobby Time™ is a GREAT time to network. I know many people will come to you and tell you, “Omg this senior was only talking to you for your vote,” and tbh that’s ok. While I’m sure not every single person is gonna be there for you after the entire fiasco is over with, but 60% of the people will definitely end up being super amazing friends so like… go out there and network as much as you can because this is the time you get to make friends. Go, my bacha, the world is yours!

Source: MangoBaaz

5. Embrace the diversity!

IBA has people coming from all the parts of the country, and that’s what makes the student body so diverse. This is amazing because you get to find your own kind of people super soon. I remember, in my freshman year, we obviously didn’t know anyone in the class. So, a few students started asking everyone’s birth dates, and there was this one guy who’s birthday was coming in the same week. Voila! The perfect bonding session and it was a lot of fun too!

So go out there, get to know as many people as you can. Throw little parties. Celebrate the fact that you’re in one of the best business schools in the country, or just celebrate someone’s birthday!

Source: Showcase Productions

6. Invest in comfortable footwear

Duaaein dou ge mujhay. Like, I know how amazing it feels to have great footwear which makes you look classy. Lekin, when you have to go back and forth from CED to Adamjee and everything in between, your feet just give up. Get good, comfortable shoes (which are also amazing for preventing bad tans and making your feet look like a shade card lolz).

Source: AN Entertainment Pvt Ltd

7. Be on time everywhere

We’re Pakistanis, and we all have our desi time checks. 5 minutes = half an hour? Yup.

One word: Don’t! Teachers are super strict with time, here. So if a class starts at 8:30 and you’re not on time, you’re marked absent.

I remember a lot of kids in my class cried because this teacher didn’t even tolerate a second above the start time. Plus, we only have four allowed absences in a semester and you don’t want them to be wasted on such basic bs.

Source: The Vision Factory

8. Bring lunch from home

Or don’t. You’ll get tired of the same menu in a week, tops. But seriously, IBA canteens are amazing for a light snack, but if you bring food from home, it’s just gonna be super economical, and you’ll stay on your budget.

(Budget is important because as soon as you step into university, your money just starts to disappear. Scientific fact haipakka waada!)

Source: The Vision Factory

9. Stay back at the launches, or just the after hours! 

Every society has a launch event in the O-Week, and it’s all kinds of fun because it’s mainly for you guys. But personally, I stayed back because the IBA campus looks BEAUTIFUL at night. That is the only thing which made me fall in love with the place. So like, please do try.

Source: The Vision Factory

10. Try each and every student activity.

The first year is all about experimenting, and getting to know yourself better. Sign up for the sports you want to participate in (which happens right after the first week), or take part in the flood of events which will follow! By the end of the year, you will know exactly what your knack is, and the rest of the 3 years are gonna end up being lit af!

Via Tumblr

11. Most importantly, have fun! 

I mean, this is your year. University’s overwhelming and all, but you’re gonna get a great heart warming welcome here at IBA. Just make sure you get the most out of it and have fun!

Source: MangoBaaz

Don’t worry, freshies. You’ve got this! If anyone has more advice, leave it in the comments below.

Cover image: The Vision Factory Films