Here’s How LUMS’ Student Body President Helped This Young Man Get Another Chance At Education

4 years ago, Salaar Khan, the LUMS student body president, discovered Ansar Ali.

Ansar Ali was working as a waiter in Zakir Tikka since 2010. When the young man was asked if he ever considered going back to school to pursue his education, he said he missed it tremendously. However, his family still needed financial support and he had to take care of them.

Source: LUMS Photographic Society

“I was doing Matric but had to leave studies in 2009 because my father died,” Ansar said.

He believed that it was too late to go back to school, especially since his family still needed him. As the prime bread earner of his family, he had to shoulder the responsibility of his sisters too. While he struggled to meet ends meet, some of his classmates were completing their BA, while others had completed their education and had fulfilling jobs.

When asked what he missed the most about student life, Ansar said:

“Well, in school I used to be one of the best students in the class, I used to score well on every test. Jab bhi koi mushkil exam hota tha, meray classmates mujai taang karte thay, ‘Yaar Ansar toh ye test pass karjai ga!’ Mei woh bohot miss karta houn.” 

However, today, Ansar is studying Accounting and Finance at SZABIST.

Ansar’s story broke the hearts of many individuals all over Pakistan. When Salaar started a campaign to collect funds to send Ansar to college, the response was overwhelming. Today, Ansar studies alongside students his age, giving presentations, writing papers and meeting deadlines – all the things college students are required to do.

Source: Humans Of Lums

Salaar truly proved to be an angel in disguise.

If it wasn’t for Salaar’s interest in Ansar’s life, and the enormous impact of social media, we probably would have never known Ansar’s heartbreaking story, and he would still be spending the prime years of his youth working as a waiter.

For all those fortunate enough to be receiving their rightful education, make sure to count your blessings. There are millions of people like Ansar all over the world who are deprived of their rights because of the intense poverty gap. Tag your friends in the comments to share Ansar’s story and to make them realize how lucky they are!

YLES’18 Is Coming Up And You Guys, It Looks Really Cool!

Just got done with finals? Want to enjoy your winter vacations? We’ve got you covered, because LUMS Entrepreneurial Society (LES) brings to you their flagship event: YLES ’18. Sit back and read why it is the perfect five day event and why you can’t afford to miss it.


1. Socialize and make friends

Good conferences have opportunities for attendees to mix and mingle, form new relationships, and strengthen existing ones. Students your age, from all across the country, come to YLES, and A level kids find their potential future LUMS buddies at the event. So this is your chance to expand your social circle and have fun.

Source: YLES


2. Go international

Friendship knows no boundaries, and you can experience this at YLES ’18 for we are going out international. For the first time ever, we have got some international teams to come to Pakistan and participate in this event.

Source: YLES


3. Sing your heart out at the concert

We know that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. And what better way to forget about the exhausting business events than to treat yourself to a night with your favorite artists? On the second day, we bring to you an amazing night to sing your song and dance on the beat with an awesome crowd. Join us at the Concert for the enthralling performances and the chance to make memories for a life time.     

Source: YLES


4. Network at the networking night

There is nothing more important for an entrepreneur than to network with the right people at the right time. Passionate people such as you would have an excellent opportunity to learn from the success story of our guests. Gear up to witness a LIVE panel discussion between the most learned people of the country.

Source: YLES


5. Show your idea at the business events

Idea Junction, Strategic Business Management, Plug it In, Social Sustainability and Brand Rush are the incredible business events that we’ve planned for you. Successful entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders will judge you, so this is your golden chance to show your idea, and you might just be Pakistan’s next big businessman.

Source: Y LES

If, after reading this, you just can’t wait for YLES to kick off, then register here and get your chance to SHINE.

Here Were All The Goings On During This Year’s LUMS Skit Tamasha

Written by Komal Abid 

On the 3rd of December, the LUMS Dramatics Society came together to put up yet another fun-filled night with a number of theatrical performances, dances, and a whole lot of entertainment! Here are seven amazing moments from that night that will make you wish you were a part of it:

Source: Dramaline

1.The opening dance performance was epic!

Directed and choreographed by the talented Hamd Paracha, the opening dance number kicked off the event in style. The intense performance was the perfect way to start the night full of fun and frenzy, and it made sure the audiences were glued to their seats for the rest of the night!


Source: Dramaline

2. Dramalife

People who have been in Dramaline for a while decided to put up an impromptu comedy skit that had everyone in fits of laughter! Directed by Dilawer Ali, this was a personalized comedy for the people in the society that mimicked almost the entire senior council and lightened everyone’s mood. Several directors and a few EC members made cameos in this light-hearted skit that had everyone at the edge of their seats in tears of laughter. It also won the Best Comedy award… (Because it was the only comedy skit, but don’t tell them that!)

Source: Dramaline

3. A brilliant opening skit 

The amazing direction and technicals of the first play of the night, titled ‘Dreams’, were a true representation of what theater in Dramaline is all about. The lead actor Ahmed Kamran, along with the rest of the cast, were absolutely spot on with their performances in a skit depicting the dreams of a retired army officer suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. The skit proved to be an excellent example of the talent that the LUMS community has.

Source: Dramaline

4. The electric atmosphere

Even though it was a Sunday night, and deadlines were mounting pressure, the venue was completely packed with enthusiastic students who had showed up either in support of their friends who were taking part, or for the love of good theatrical performances. The presence of such a fun audience added to the overall atmosphere of the event and made it a night worth remembering.

Source: Dramaline

5. When ‘The morning after’ won best play at Skit Tamasha

Directed by the talented Ayesha Lari, the skit talked about depression and anxiety, and the stigmatization of both in our society. This skit getting its well-deserved appreciation at the end of the night was a thrilling moment for everyone involved in its production. The freshmen who acted in the play were absolutely ecstatic, as was the crowd

Source: Dramaline

6. Appreciation by the guest judge

Mr. Waleed Rana (who belongs to the very well-known band Naqsh from Pepsi Battle of the Bands) gave extremely encouraging feedback to all the performers and showed interest in working with these brilliant, young individuals. This was the highlight of the event because the hard work, effort, and talent of their very own actors and directors was recognized which meant a huge deal to everyone who was a part of the society.

Source: Dramaline

Everything was free!

Yes, you read that right. There was no hassle of buying tickets or emptying our pockets to attend this event. Dramaline understands that college kids are living on a budget and they deserve a fun and relaxing evening that doesn’t cause a dent on their pockets. Not only that, they had also arranged for free burgers from the Burger Joint and drinks from Nestle outside the venue for the attendees. Talk about a great mufta!


All in all, it was a very successful event. Event heads Alina Zuberi and Syed Taha Sarfraz Hussain were ecstatic at the audience turnout, the skits and the event’s overall execution. Here is what Taha had to say:

Source: Dramaline

“Once you’re on a rollercoaster, it’s pretty hard to get off. Skit Tamasha was something similar, it was at that time of the year where one is totally crammed up by numerous presentations, assignments, quizzes and sleepless nights. But all of this did not stop me from delivering the best that I could and put up an event that would not only last forever in my heart but hopefully in the hearts of all those who worked alongside me. Being an event head is not an easy task, and in all honesty it sort of drains you to your core but the feeling that you get after it is all over is second to none. Multitasking, running around, and asking for help, getting things done, entertaining people and most importantly meeting the expectations of the audience is what makes it a whole lot more thrilling. Honestly there was no chance this event would have been this successful without the combined effort of the entire Dramaline Council. I owe all of them, from the freshman to the senior council, without them Skit Tamasha would not have been possible.”

These Students From LUMS Are Speaking Out Against That Video Which Joked About Harassment

Submitted by a concerned LUMS student

Around the world, it is 2017. 2017 is more than the number of years on the calendar. 2017 is significant because it signifies a new era in terms of activism, social consciousnesses, women empowerment and other -isms. 

Around the world, the uprising against patriarchy, sexual harassment, and abuse is becoming the greatest social revolution of the 21st century.


However in Pakistan, it is not so.

LUMS, a premier institution of Pak Pak Pakistan, was unfortunate enough to be the university that admitted Ali Zar into it’s halls. Ali Zar recently came under fire for a video that jokes about harassment. You can catch up on all the happs here.

How do you describe Ali Zar?

Due to this tweet he sent out after the fiasco, from a twitter account named after his YouTube channel, in Laughing Color, you can get a clear-cut idea:


After being called out by (and supported by an alarming number of) university students, online media publications and general public around the country, he has put up this video:

The Answer!

My Channel Journalists

Posted by In laughing colour on Dienstag, 12. Dezember 2017


Instead of removing the video or editing out the offending clip, he put up a video ranting at online media agencies (probably secretly thanking them since his channel is getting more views than ever)

If you remove all the nonsense from this video (nonsense: when instead of properly apologizing for the video, you start ranting at media agencies for spreading the word of your shit), what are the premises of his argument? He supports it, like a typical misogynist by saying that it was for the sake of humor, that it was a social experiment, and that it was taken out of context.


Here is what a few girls on campus had to say about this:

“The problem is that they are literally saying that laws and rules are the only thing stopping them from harassing women. They don’t harass us because of the rules not out of basic respect and dignity for a human being.”


“He does NOT REALIZE that he is perpetrating rape culture? How can you feel safe when you know the men round you think this way.”


“There should be ramifications for this. it is men in positions of power that abuse it  that should be called out. His channel can be viewed by anyone and if they think its okay to joke about it they think its okay to harass women as well.”


“It’s literally 2017 and these chutiyas are still allowed to exist, how is it not obvious that this was wrong. I am a girl. I am afraid of being harassed every time I step outside of my home. And now I am not sure how safe my university is. And this fucker thinks it is funny?”


“If you notice, it is all the boys who are defending him and saying this should stay within campus. LOL. We will not stand down anymore. This needs to spread so that men are afraid of taking harassment lightly. I hope he is expelled or at least banned from making videos on campus.”


Since Mr. Zar does not understand why harassment is not funny, let’s take him through it. Step by fucking step.

  • So what exactly is harassment? It can be anything from catcalling and making obscene objectifying comments to being touched without permission. Does harassment still seem funny?
  • This “harmless” humor is insulting to everyone who has been subject to harassment. And guess how many people are harassed? A new study published by the Harvard Graduate School of Education reveals 87 percent of women ages 18 to 25 have been sexually harassed.

And these numbers only include women who admit that it has happened to them.

Still funny?

This video is wrong for so many reasons. Since we’ve gone over why it is not funny or “harmless” humor, let’s break down Zar’s other arguments in support of his video:

  • The “you have taken it out of context” argument

  • The “it is not causing any harm” argument

This isn’t a LUMS problem.

Yes, this video may have been shot there, but this is a problem that plagues our society. Men think it’s alright to say anything they want about women. Harassment has never been okay, we’ve just chosen to brush it under the rug, but let’s be frank- bohat hogaya hai, its time we face it head on!

People you know and hang out with, friends, family this boy is a representation of any of them

When the entire country has normalized harassment, and being ogled at in the street is something women are trained to ignore, how is LUMS specifically at fault?

There is a very good reason why most boys are in support of quelling the issue. Why they are saying that women are “overreacting” and that Zar didn’t mean it. Because this is normal to them. This objectifying manner is still what quite a few employ when they talk about women. 

Around Pakistan, harassment is an exceedingly trivialized and even “funny” subject. Our national attitude towards harassment is of ignorance and its good to stop. We haven’t ever addressed the issue properly and this is why people like Ali Zar can go around making fun of it and still get laughs, likes and some strong support. Arguments like ‘stop taking content out of context’ and ‘its all in good humor’ are JUST unacceptable.

Its high time we stop tolerating harassment. It’s 2017 for God’s sake! Enough is enough, otherwise stuff will only get worse!

LUMS Bags The Award For Being The Most Innovative University In The Country

The Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) won the National Medal of Innovation for the Most Innovative University category 

This award was presented to LUMS on the basis of their beautiful campus structure and innovative campus model.  The award was given on the basis of the innovative model of University based incubation at LUMS. The LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship (now called the National Incubation Center,NIC) is the pinnacle of the LUMS’ efforts to promote entrepreneurship and the ‘startup culture’ in its campus and across Pakistan.

Souce: LUMS

The award announcement was made at Pakistan Innovation Forum’s (PIF) Annual Conference on 7th December at Mariott Hotel, Karachi

PIF is Pakistan’s first and only conference that is specifically dedicated to encourage and commemorate innovation within the corporate world of Pakistan. The Forum is currently in its 4th year. This year, some of the leading policymakers, opinion leaders, champions, evangelists, investors, entrepreneurs, and innovators united under a common platform to shape the story around innovation in Pakistan.

Source: LUMS

This year, PIF was themed #ReinventPakistan

The main purpose of #ReinventPakistan was to explore multiple changes within Pakistan’s government, business, and societal sectors.

In the past, the Conference has featured the “Innovation Showcase.” This concentrated on displays of technological innovation and entrepreneurship tailored mainly for Pakistan. It has also led the 3rd Annual National Innovation Awards event. This proved to be a brilliant opportunity to support innovation within Pakistan and helped promote the program.

Source: LUMS

Upon achieving this extraordinary milestone, Mr. Khurram Zafar, Executive Director LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship commented; 

“It’s a very proud day for the University, the team of NIC Lahore, and the management of LUMS.”

While giving credit to the mentors, entrepreneurs, and interns of LCE, he also added; 

“LCE is just a platform that brings all of you together to do your magic. Lastly, my partner in crime and the new Executive Director of NIC Lahore, Faisal Sherjan: thanks for bringing all the youthful energy, years of wisdom and unrelenting belief in the youth and future of Pakistan to NIC Lahore and making it bigger and better and finally deserving of this recognition. All power to you for infecting the rest of Pakistan with what we have got going at LCE. Pakistan Innovation Foundation – PIF, Dr. Athar Osama and the rest of the Pif team, thank you very much for this recognition and endorsing the work we are doing at LUMS.”

With its beautiful campus, talented students and world-class educational facilities- LUMS never fails to amaze us. Great job, LUMS!

All The Reasons Why You Should Sign Up For The Lifetime Learning Classes At LUMS

Submitted by Marketing Department of LUMS

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), one of the leading educational institutes in the region, launched the Lifetime learning @LUMS (LLL) program last year. The program offers exciting academic and interest based short-courses for people from all walks of life. It is open for anyone over the age of 15 and offers a great opportunity for enhancing your life and career.

Garnering overwhelming success in its previous sessions, the registrations for session 4 starting in January are now open. Here are 8 reasons why Lifetime Learning @LUMS is the best place to celebrate your passion!

1. World-class institution.

To study in a world class’ university is a dream for many. Through some of the distinctive programs, LUMS allows you to fulfill this obsession.

Source: LUMS

2.Amazing Campus.

In Pakistan there are few universities which have the privilege of possessing a visually stunning campus with vibrant student life; LUMS is one of them. Designed by Pakistan’s iconic architect, late Habib Fida Ali. LUMS provides green spaces and stunning infrastructure to its students, faculty and visitors.

Source: LUMS

3. Experience Top Industry professional teaching.

 The Lifetime Learning faculty includes leading industry professionals such as Bilal Sami in Filmmaking, Nighat Choudry in Kathak, Adeel Hashmi in Creative writing, Saad Khan in Event Management etc.

Source: Youlin Magazine

4. There are so many Lifetime Learning courses to choose from

At LUMS there are no limits when it comes to learning. A diverse range of courses are offered such as Arts, Astronomy, Languages, Professional Development, Photography, Baking, Music and Dance; spread over four to six weeks. So, you just name it and you’ll have it!

5. The Graduation ceremony.

LUMS encourages each alumni’s passion for learning. It celebrates their accomplishments by conducting a fun-filled ceremony in the presence of LUMS top leadership, with live performances and amazing food.

Source: LUMS

6. LUMS certification.

All over the globe, having a good university name attached to one’s name adds value. LUMS certification after these Courses brings extra value to a student’s profile and further enhances their career options.

Source: LUMS

7. It’s a great way to meet new people and network

LUMS encourages its students and faculty to meet people and network. LUMS ensures that students expand their network with high achievers and passionate people from all walks of life.

Source: LUMS

8. Get Amazing Discounts.

 Discount is that one word that catches everybody’s attention! And getting it on something one really cherishes, is simply the cherry on top.  LUMS facilitates its students by offering some amazing discounts. There are also loads of group discounts too. You can save upto 20%- yeah you read that right!

Source: LUMS

Lifetime Learning is a great way to stay in touch with your passions and interests, in a safe and secure university environment. For more details on how to sign up and also how to avail discounts, you can go here!



The Music Society of LUMS Collaborated With Patari To Make A Lit AF Track

The Music Society of LUMS has released its first original song exclusively with Patari. “Falling Again“, a western dancehall reggae track; all written, composed, mixed, mastered and performed by members of the society, with no external assistance.

This is the first time any Pakistani university’s music society has published an original track for the masses.

Falling again – The Music Society of LUMS

So The Music Society of LUMS is all set to release its first album exclusively with Patari and performed their first song "Falling Again" live for the first time yesterday! Let's support these talented kids and listen to their song:

Posted by Patari on Freitag, 24. November 2017


The track is part of a project making original music for an album, currently untitled. It is going to be released as a compilation mixtape at the end of LUMS Spring Semester. “Falling again” is the first track of the album, which intends to cover all genres and styles from western dancehall reggae to eastern psychedelic tracks.

Future plans

The second original track, an Urdu rock anthem, will be released on December 7 at the Indie Music Food Festival. This will be the first ever university festival of its kind, by the Music Society of LUMS and LUMS Culinary Club, featuring food and live performances by well-known Indie musicians (Shajie, Mehdi Maloof, Poor Rich Boy and Jimmy Khan)

Younis Azeem, the President of the Music Society had this to say when speaking to us:

“It gives me immense pride that the Music Society of LUMS is the first society of an educational institute in Pakistan to take on such a grand creative project; I sincerely hope that from henceforth every year Pakistan will see an original album come from our society. I’d also like to really thank here Ahmer Naqvi and the rest of the boys over at Patari. They’ve believed in this project and are slowly making our vision into a reality. I really hope in the coming years that this also becomes a thing throughout the art societies of Pakistan.”

‘Matlab bohat covers ho gaye hai yaar. Kuch apna likho, kuch apna gao, kuch apna banao’ Younis added. 

You can listen to “Falling again” here.




The LUMS ‘FemSoc’ Blew Everyone Away With Their Slam Poetry Night

On Thursday, 30th November, the Feminist Society at LUMS held an event in collaboration with the organizers of Pakistan Poetry Slam

The theme kept was “feminism” and participants were asked to incorporate their perspective of the term into their poems. The FemSoc event comprised of lots of talented young individuals who blew the audience away with words that struck deep within.

Source: LUMS

The LUMS FemSoc was founded in 2013 with the main aim to talk about subjects people shy away from

The society aims to create awareness about non-binary issues, sexuality, power dynamics, sexual harassment and violence, gender disparities and the portrayal of gender minorities in the media. It is a student run organization that challenges masculinity and talks about the role men can and have played in the movement for gender equality. FemSoc pushes for structural change for gender and sexual minorities on campus.

Source: LUMS

Furthermore, it aims to provide a safe place for students to talk about any cases of sexual harassment on campus. Most freshmen do not know how to deal with situations like these and so, members of the FemSoc act as a bridge between the student body and the upper powers at LUMS to help students get their case across. They are guided to the relevant hearings and are given a chance to seek justice.

Here is a snippet of Ayesha Lari’s ode to her unborn daughter

But when you’re done digging into the past and clinging on to the memories that will only haunt you in your sleep

Maybe even on nights you just cant sleep, you’ll find it in your resilient self to piece yourself back together and move on so the flesh and the skin and bones restore balance

Let your body become the home you’ve always known because you are the God damn smoldering sky on a night of the Karachi July

This time, it will be enough

You always have been


A snippet from a poem where the girl was approached by a guy who said he wouldn’t marry a girl who is on Facebook because it is a “Gunahon ki jagah”

Qalm ko tour dou ye usai muhalley k larkoun ko khat likhney lagey gi

Magar mein tou us sey sirf alif bey pey likhna chahti hu

Bewakoof aurat

Ye maghrib k alambardaar huqooq k naam pey tujhey shamma-e-ey mehfil bana dein gey

These brilliant performances earned lots of claps (and finger snaps) from the audience as boys and girls together got up on stage and attacked the societal view on gender.

Two students from LUMS also qualified as candidates for the National Poetry Slam competition

We are mind blown by the performances we saw. It is great to see a club providing individuals with a platform to raise their voices and to educate their peers about the deeper problems within society.

Source: LUMS

If you wish to listen to a couple of performances, check out LUMS FemSoc Facebook page and tag your friends in the comments to open their minds to the problems males and females face every single day.

Here Are All The Reasons Why PsiFi IX Will Be Bigger And Better Than Ever Before

Submitted By SPADES Marketing Department 

Who says LUMS is a business only university? This year the science society of Lahore University of Management Sciences (SPADES) is bringing the biggest science Olympiad to you in January!
Yes, the 9th edition of PsiFi is happening from 13th to 16th of January and word is out that registrations have begun! This time around, we offer 16 premier sub-events that are unmatched and unparalleled by anyone in the entire country!
Here are some of our most exciting events, that will make you want to sign up!

Diagnosis Dilemma 

Crisis, suspense, precision, and drama is what Diagnosis Dilemma is all about. We set the stage, we act, and we make sure that YOU have fun! Every round is designed to provide equal playing field to people from all backgrounds


Prepare to embark on a journey that has years of legacy associated to it. We don’t require you to be a whiz-kid or brilliant in physics. We will test your creativity, knowledge of space environment, teamwork, management and presentation skills.

Science crime busters.

The delegates shall have the role of detectives and will be asked to help the police department solve a murder case. The story will pan out over the course of time, during which the delegates will be given clues, puzzles and tasks; each of which will help bring them a step closer to solving the murder.

Source: SPADES// Facebook

Geek wars

To all the geeks and freaks out there, all the fans of DC, Marvel, GoT, Star Wars, Star Trek and what not.. Valar Morghulis! The time has come that you let your inner comic book fan and sci-fi film nerd come out. We hope to see you all at PsiFi! Hasta La Vista!

Rapid Maneuver

Think you’re fast? Rapid Maneuver has zesty and deceptively simple time-based games to make your PsiFi experience a memorable one. From intricate model making to rapid-fire trivia, you’ve got a minute to win it all!

Source: SPADES//Facebook


If you’re a fan of the Sherlock Holmes type of reasoning and problem solving, Th?nk is the event for you. It won’t just challenge your mental abilities but will take your mind to limits that you didn’t knew existed.

Vine-d Up 

It’s all about memes, vines, videos and captions. The only tool you need to win this event is your brain along with a fine sense of humor.


Race to Infinity

Mind-boggling activities, precision, creativity and a lot of running around the campus, that’s what RTI, THE BEST EVENT IN PSIFI is all about! Display your potential to win our theme-based rounds and unleash your mental, analytical and physical skills!

Source: SPADES

If that doesn’t please you, we have tons of social events planned just for you, so you have no excuse not to come!

Source: SPADES

And if we’ve convinced you, then do sign up here as quickly as you can. Time is running out!

Students Got Out Of Hand During The LUMS Qawali Night And We Need To Talk About It

The Literary Society at LUMS, like every year, hosted a Qawali night this last Thursday.

Everyone was excited. They expected the usual; singing along to soul-lifting rhymez, a few people who’ve had a bit too much ”’FUN”’ and a lil bit of dama dam mast qalandar.

Source: Twitter // @LifeatLUMS

No one could have expected the yaind that was about to transpire.

Students got excited and decided kay qawali ke flow mein aana hai, so as you can already guess, their ‘flow’ may have gotten out of hand.

(Let’s take a quick break; if you’re confused about what we mean by ‘flow’, then take a step back and

The problem started when people, climbed up on the stage that heaved under the weight of their inebriated gracelessness. Some fights occurred that escalated into physical violence.

Source: DailyMotion

PS: This is a mild portrayal of the shit that went down.

The ones who were in their senses, too, acted out. Suffice it to say, the commotion was so abusive to the senses that the Qawwals got up to leave (for real) but the organizers begged them to forgive the students’ transgressions, a decision they probably regretted when someone from the crowd chucked a pack of biscuits at the Qawwal some time into the sequence. (Oh yes, you read THAT right)

The Qawwal’s reaction:

Santu (the Qawwal) expressed his disappointment saying that he used to believe that LUMS students were more civilized and such; but after the events of the day (night) he had seen that they were the same as the rest. So there you have it, the night ended on a rather horrific note. Qawals offended, students beat up and a disgraced university.

Source: LUMS Literary Society

Alumni of the prestigious institution (haan abhi bhi LUMS ki baat ho rahi hai) mentioned that in qawali nights during their time, there was more respect towards the artist, and the art itself. Students would conduct themselves in a way that was appropriate to the occasion instead of feeling free to engage in displays of obnoxious entitlement.

Is this because of the “modern values” of the new gen? (Hint: no)

Let’s examine this at the most basic level: generally, you should respect others but it’s not a must in the most cases. In this case, the problem is not that people had too much “”FUN””. What we should understand here is that when you pay to attend an event, e.g. the qawali, the underlying assumption is that you will be interested in listening to the qawali, which means that the least one could do is be respectful of the event. Sahi hai, “‘you’re enjoying yourself'”, mahaul ban raha hai but this entails that you do not disrespect the creator of the mahaul. Imagine yourself in his shoes. You go to perform excitedly, expecting people will be interested and eager to listen, aaaaand they chuck biscuits at you.

Source: Daily Pakistan

Whatever your perspective might be on the issue, (the new gen is too liberal, the new gen doesn’t respect culture. If they didn’t respect culture they wouldn’t hold and attend qawwalis every year throughout universities in Pakistan); there is only one truth: it shouldn’t have happened.