This Pakistani Bagged The Best Thesis Award Among Students From 23 Countries

Pakistani Student, Umair Asif, recently bagged the award for best thesis at Seoul National University in South Korea. 

Source: Tribune

Umair Asif is a youth activist from Lahore, who recently gradated from Seoul University. He is a 2012 graduate from GC University, Lahore, from where he won a certificate of distinction. Umair is also the founding director and board member in the Kafka Welfare Organisation and a regional education activist at Alif Ailaan Education Campaign.

Source: Instagram/RanaUmairAsif

The Dream Together Masters Programme at Seoul University aims to promote global sport development through providing world-class education for future leaders in the field of sport management. This programme was also started as a legacy of Winter Olympics 2018.

Source: Instagram/RanaUmairAsif

27 young leaders from 23 countries went to South Korea to study under the under the Dream Together Masters Programme, and it was Umair Asif that came out on top.

Source: Instagram/RanaUmairAsif

Umair Asif  was awarded the Best Thesis Award among students from 23 countries for his thesis titled ‘Sports for Development and Peace: The role of sports for development and peace programmes to prevent violent extremism among youth in Pakistan’.

Source: Instagram/RanaUmairAsif

“Alhamdullilah, graduated in Dream Together Master Program with best thesis award. Feeling blessed,my thesis was “Role of Sports for Development and Peace Programs to Prevent Violent Extremism among Youth in Pakistan.”  Umar Asif shares on social media. 

Source: Instagram/RanaUmairAsif

Amazing work Umair, we are all proud of you!

NED Has Made Learning Chinese Compulsory For Freshman, And People Don’t Know How To React

The world is increasingly becoming a global village, and in an apparent attempt to cement ties between China and Pakistan, NED University of Engineering and Technology (NED) has made Chinese Language compulsory for all Freshman students enrolled since 2017 as a Non-Credit course.

Source: NED //    

According to the notification, students are required to register for the course by the 15th of December.

The course aims to equip the students with a basic knowledge of the language, and is not aiming to produce fluent speakers at this point of time.

NED, however, is not the first university to offer a Chinese Language course. 

National University of Modern Languages (NUML) has also seen an increasing enrollment in it’s Chinese Language program ever since the inception of the CPEC Program.

This step from NUST signifies that the university believes that it will help strengthen the ties between the two countries, and would help its students be “a leader in enabling Pakistan’s social and economic transformation,” as it has envisioned.

Following the notification, many took to social media to express how they felt about the new curriculum.

Some people lauded the university for its efforts to expand the students’ horizons, but believed that such steps should be made voluntary, and not compulsory:

While some people were of the opinion that there are more important things that should be focused on apart from language:

One highlighted how its a hassle for the students who are finding it difficult to balance the alien language with their regular subjects:

While a few were a little skeptical about the entire agenda:

And there was one who showed a rather troublesome aspect of the policy:

Only time will be able to tell how this policy affects the students of Pakistan, and the dynamics of the country.

What do you think about NED’s new policy? Let us know in the comments!

The Mayor Of London, Sadiq Khan, Gave A Talk At Habib University And Left Students In Awe

On 8th December, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan visited Pakistan for the first time. As soon as he landed, he made his way for a talk to Habib University, Karachi

Sadiq Khan was elected as the Mayor of London in 2016. His grandparents were Indian, his parents Pakistani and as a proud Brit, he shares three identities. As he sat down to an audience of over 1000 students, donors, and leading business people, everyone huddled together to listen to what he had to say and ask him questions that they’d always wished to.

Source: Sadiq Khan Twitter

He opened his speech to the Habib community with the following words;

“As you know, I am a proud Londoner. What has been remarkable on this visit is that it reminds us that we have so much in common, and there are far more things that we have in common than things that divide.”

Source: Sadiq Khan Twitter

Sadiq Khan visited Karachi as part of a trade mission to strengthen cultural and business ties with India and Pakistan

He asserted that Pakistan has a bright future ahead, because of the people who make the future of the country and the culture that acts as a glue. He also quoted Jinnah about the importance of religious freedom, democracy and women’s rights saying that “These are some of the things that this university is teaching its students.”

When asked about the opportunities Pakistani students had in London, he proudly talked about the London Promise

The London Promise states that #LondonIsOpen to trade, business, education, cultural programs, sports, and for the cricket world cup in 2019. All Pakistani’s have to do is work hard and reach out to the correct platforms in order to put our skills out there. Sadiq Khan constantly reminded the audience about the importance of Pakistan’s and England’s relationships.

Source: Sadiq Khan Twitter

As a response to the question on his life journey which led to him “shattering the glass ceiling”, Sadiq Khan said that “when you work hard and have a helping hand, you can achieve anything.” For him, education plays a vital role

He constantly stressed the importance of an egalitarian culture to the audience, saying that everyone deserves a fair chance. Education has played a massive role in his life, and he strongly believes that you must go as far as China, if need be, to attain education. However, faith is the basis of education. 100 years ago, it was hard to go from Makkah to China but even then, those who believed in themselves managed to do so.

Source: Sadiq Khan Twitter

“Decisions are taken by those who turn up. If you don’t turn up, those decisions will be taken but you’ll have no role in them,” he said when asked about the importance of being politically aware 

It does not matter which party people belong to, they just need to be a part of some mainstream party. This is essential as people need to raise questions and make their voice heard. Their suggestions need to be taken in mind when making economic and health policies as that is the only way he can up his game.

Source: Sadiq Khan Twitter


When asked about whether he has ever been discriminated because of his origins, Sadiq Khan quotes Michelle Obama and said, “When they hit low, you aim high”

Sadiq Khan is of strong faith that one must never stoop to the level of his/her enemies. The best response to negativity is silence. When people tried to use his faith against him, he proudly declared that he is Muslim and has received the biggest support any politician has ever received in London. He said that there will always be some people who will try to bring you down. They will try to discourage you from following your dreams but in reality, you can do anything. His haters could never stop him from being the Mayor of London, as much as they tried.

Source: Selina Rashid Twitter

Lastly, a student asked him how to tackle the rise of politics in London

Sadiq Khan talked about how, around the world, there has been a rise in populist and nationalist movements. They play on people’s fears instead of addressing them. Instead of creating more jobs and homes, they blame someone else- the fall of Indians, the fall of the Mexicans and so on. Education is important in order to explain facts to concerned people. In his opinion, pluralism is a good thing as there are Christians, Jews, Muslims and Hindus all over the world. Bravery is the key as more and more people need to be educated and stand up to the fruits of globalization. Frustration needs to be recognized and addressed- jobs need to be created and the environment needs to be made better.

Source: Wahid Khan Twitter

In closing, when asked about his impression of his host city, the Mayor of London said,

“Karachi is great… There is a great buzz, the cultural life is amazing, and some of the things you do, you do really well – whether it is music, culture, and of course, the food is second to none.

Sadiq Khan managed to awe his audience by his cheerful, genuine personality as he continued to welcome questions by students despite the time constraints. Women were urged to make their voice heard. He also encouraged students to achieve the highest education, promising that London will always be open to Pakistani culture and talent.

A Student At PIEAS Died And Fellow Students Are Blaming The Administration

There are some aspects of university life that fall under the ambit of the administration, key among them is student safety- especially those who live in hostels.

Yesterday, there was a serious lapse in student safety at PIEAS Islamabad and this resulted in a student’s death and another being injured. 

The student who tweeted this spoke to MangoBaaz Campus and told us some more disturbing details.

According to him, two students (one was a bachelor’s student and the other a master’s) went to shower early during the day; both boys were found unconscious at around 8:15 AM at which point they were rushed to the hospital. Maarij Azeem, the Bachelor’s student, passed away there while the other student is slowly recovering.

Initially the students were told that a short circuit caused the incident, but later on it was found out that there was a gas leak in the geyser. Since the students were in communal showers and the door was closed, the gas kept building up, leading to suffocation.

Source: TechJuice

The student we spoke to claims that the university has yet to acknowledge Maarij’s death, or the fact that this incident even occurred. Instead, PIEAS has restricted social media access to the students in an effort to keep the news from leaking outside the walls of their university.

This is incredibly disturbing behavior for a university administration. Student safety must always be a top priority, and in light of such an unfortunate event, they must confront the issues in their hostels so that it may never happen again.

Source: PIEAS

The students at PIEAS are looking for answers in the wake of one of their own passing away. By shooing the students away they are only making them more angry and distrusting of their institution. This situation is extremely unfortunate, yet turning a blind eye to it is definitely not the answer.


We pray for the family of the deceased, may they find the courage and strength to pass by this terribly difficult time. We also pray for the student who was injured, may he have a quick and full recovery.

(We tried to contact the administration of PIEAS so that they may give comments on the matter, we are still awating a response) 

This SZABIST Student Representing Pakistan In Russia Truly Deserves All Your Shabaashi

SZABIST is known to create and support brilliant minds. And the university just proved that with their very own, Sanjay Kumar.

Via Facebook/SZABIST Student Council

Sanjay Kumar is a student at the Karachi branch of SZABIST. He’s currently enrolled in BE electronics.

So how exactly did he make SZABIST proud? Well, he was chosen from Pakistan, after a tough competition, to work on the 2030 agenda of a sustainable development goal.

This took place at the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students (WFYS).

Source: WFYS2017

Energetic and engaged young people from 185 countries congregated at the Festival.

These were people who have already been actively involved in moulding the future of their countries. They spent a week shaping the main trends in global development for 2030.

Participants gathered for this festival from October 14th to October 22nd.

The main aim of this festival, that took place in Russia, was to engage the youth in the different problems that have arisen all over the world. They then had to present possible solutions. Issues such as global warming and terrorism were addressed. Moreover, various recommendations were presented.

Via Tenor

Sanjay was attending to his nation with great pride. Talking about his experience, he had the following to say:

“I also represented Pakistani culture, rituals and customs to the foreign fellows, and tried my best to remove all misconceptions about Pakistan in order to bring about a positive change and success in the world.”

Via Tumblr

The Festival consisted of a diverse programme that had been planned. 

A series of scientific and educational events had been set up. Panel discussions, lectures, conferences, master classes and workshops are a few examples of the same.

Source: WFYS2017

Sanjay went on to discuss this wonderful journey:

“It’s a pleasure for me. Indeed, an honor for me. I would like to thank SZABIST for this because SZABIST has taught me how to face difficulties.”

Sanjay also highlighted how the university has taught him the importance of self-worth.

It’s truly great to see people like Sanjay doing such a great job on a global scale. Let’s hope we keep hearing more of such stories.

Have something to add? Let us know in the comments.

Cover image: Facebook/Szabist Student Council

This Pakistani Has Blown Us Away With His Talent In Ethical Hacking

Rafay Baloch is an ethical hacker, writer and security researcher, all at the mere age of 24

Recently, Humans of Pakistan got a hold of this talented individual and he has a story that regained our faith in humanity.

Source: RafayBaloch// Twitter

How it all started

Rafay’s parents were doctors and had high hopes for him too. Rafay always wanted to be of service to humanity but when his computer got hacked in 2009 by a hacker in Russia, he came up with another idea. He had to spend 4 days researching and only then did he manage to regain control of his computer. It was then that he decided to pursue a career in hacking in order to keep people safe from internet predators.

Source: HackWeb

In Rafay’s words;

“Though hacking is a notorious term, what I do is used by the world’s best organizations to protect themselves from the cyber crimes.”

Source: Google

In 2009, Rafay started his own blog where he published tips and tricks to help his followers stay safe from hackers. Eventually, he started pursuing his Bachelors in Computer Science. His interest in computer hacking continued to peak and he would use his android phone to collect security related research data.

In 2012, this genius hacked into PayPal and exposed some gaping vulnerabilities in their system.

PayPal honored his efforts and awarded him with $10,000

They were so impressed by this talented youngster that they offered him a job. However, at that time, Rafay was unable to accept the offer.

Source: PayPal Awards

Similarly, in 2014, Rafay released a report on an Android bug. This bug, according to Google’s own stats, made 75 million devices prone to attack. His life’s work has been reported by some of the world’s top news agencies such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal and BBC.

He was also inducted into Microsoft, Facebook and Google’s Hall of Fame, earning him a lot of name and pride from different angles in the world.

Source: Rafay Baloch

In the light of his work, in December 2014, he was listed in SC Magazine’s list of Top 35 Threat Seekers in the World. Moreover, in 2014, his name was among the world’s top 5 ethical hackers by the CheckMarx magazine.

Rafay has covered several platforms in order to help educate people

He wrote a book called “Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Guide” which was published through the well-known UK press and is available world-wide.

Source: SlideShare

He was also fortunate enough to be selected by #25under25 by TechJuice

This is a list of young achievers who have broken through all negative stereotypes and have excelled in the technology area.

Source: TechJuice

Rafay is currently working in UAE with a couple of international clients in capacity of a consultant

He has sent in a proposal to the Government of Pakistan to create a cyber unit in order to secure people from cyber crime.

“I hope my efforts will make a difference in the long run and I will get to contribute for my homeland.”

W o w Rafay, we are completely blown away! It really is great to see someone as young as Rafay take up a profession (ethical hacking) and use it to spread awareness so that people and world-famous companies can protect themselves from any harm. Are you as impressed as we are? Let us know in the comments!

Students In Sindh Are Having To Retake The MCAT Exam And They Are NOT Happy

In an unfortunate turn of events, the results for Sindh Medical colleges entry test were recently cancelled by the National Testing Service (NTS).

The test was cancelled on October 26th, following the recommendations of an inquiry committee constituted by Sindh Health Department with the approval of Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah. A retest is expected in the near future, and students are not ready to sit in MCATs a second time.


NTS Retest decision K Khilaf Tulaba Ka Dow University K Samne Ehtejaj.Retest Ka Decision Wapis Lene Ka Mutalba.

Posted by Education in Karachi on Dienstag, 14. November 2017


The retest was thought to be a result of province-wide protests, regarding an alleged leak of answer keys through Whatsapp and Facebook 10 hours before the test.

This was the first time that the test, held on 22nd of October, was being simultaneously taken in five different cities of Sindh; Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Larkana and Nawabshah. An answer key leak was reported in Larkana, Shikarpur and other areas. Students in all the major cities took to streets, outside medical colleges and press clubs to protest against this “murder of merit” as it was being called.

NTS officals were called upon for an inquiry by NAB Chairman Javed Iqbal regarding the test leak. The NTS chief executive officer Sherzada Khan has, however, denied any possibility of corrupt practices in the organisation.


But this is where things get interesting; recent reports say there was no evidence found for a test leak and instead, another reason was brought up;

According to the students, there were at least 12 questions on the test that were out of the syllabus, putting any answer key leak claims out of the picture. But the thousands of student protesting against a test leak can’t be all lying.

12 Se Zyada Questions Out of Syllabus the.NTS Test Out Hone Ka Koe Saboot Nahe Mila.(Committee Ke Report)

Posted by Education in Karachi on Donnerstag, 16. November 2017

Either way, a retest is being held most probably in the first week of December and students are being seen signing petitions and protesting all over Karachi,

The official reason being stated is due to the few out-of-course questions in the test, which honestly sounds like a pretty bleak reason for a retest.


Source: Facebook

Some think the whole thing is a farce;

Via Facebook

Some are disturbed by the collective indecisiveness,

Source: Facebook

And some are highlighting another disappointing aspect of this whole ordeal,

Source: Facebook

And one person came up with the most logical solution:

Source: Facebook


Should the students who claim an answer key leak be given justice, by having to sit in MCATs again? Or should we listen to those who took the test legally and spare them the agony of a retest? What do you think of this whole drama?  Let us know in the comments.

The iGEM Peshawar Team Just Won Big At The World Championship In Boston And The Entire Country Couldn’t Be More Proud

Do you guys remember the amazing superheroes from Peshawar? The ones who were on the road to save aquatic life, wildlife, and humans from being affected by consumption of the contaminated water?

Yup, I’m talking about the iGEM Peshawar team, and they just won a silver medal at the International Genetically Engineered Machine World Championship in Boston! 

The ten member iGEM Peshawar team developed a fish called ‘Reporter Fish’ by building DNA circuits for heavy metal detection in the water. The fish is able to detect contamination water by changing the color of its body to warn of the contaminants which can harm fishes, plants and humans, if consumed.

Boom! Silver it is!! 🇵🇰🥈IGEM Peshawar gets a silver medal this year in Pakistan’s second year here at the International…

Posted by IGEM Peshawar on Montag, 13. November 2017

iGEM Peshawar 2017 was also nominated for the Best Bio-safety Award at the competition, according to the official press release.

“The project will have a direct impact on fish farmers and will also help to keep the fish with good health for consumption by human beings,” Dr Faisal Khan, who heads the CECOS’s Bio-sciences Lab and supervised the team, told a local newspaper.

This news is an amazing advancement for Pakistan, and an incredible advancement in science, and people all over the country are so proud of the team!

Even Imran Khan tweeted a congratulatory message!

It is indeed a big achievement for Pakistan

From a bronze last year to a silver this year, the iGEM Peshawar team has all of us crying happy tears! We’re so proud of each and every individual who was behind this project and can’t wait to see what the have in store for us ahead.

What do you think about this massive achievement? Let us know in the comments!

Swat Student, Hira Akbar, Has Just Been Nominated For An International Peace Prize

Hira Akbar is not your average 14 year old Pakistani girl. She’s just been nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize.

Source: Dunya News

Hira lives in Swat, specifically in the Saidu Sharif district. She is the speaker of the Child Rights Committee’s parliament and takes an active role in raising her voice against injustices against children in Swat. More specifically, she runs campaigns against child marriages, and raises awareness about physical abuse children have to bare with some Swat schools.

Speaking to a newspaper, she said that ‘The nomination has motivated to fight for the rights of children in my area and across the province.’


Hira is among six students from across the world who have been nominated for this prestigious award. 

Malala Yousafzai won the same award back in 2013. This makes Hira the second person from Swat to be nominated for this award.

The award (an initiative of the KidsRights Foundation) gives out a prize amount of 100,000 Euros which are put towards projects that have to do with the winner’s cause.


The winner will be announced on the 15th of November. We wish Hira all the best of luck. Pakistan is proud of you and your efforts!

The Allama Iqbal Open University Offering Free Education For Students From Balochistan and FATA Is The Best News You’ll Hear Today.

It’s a moment of absolute joy for all of Pakistan, as for the first time free education is being made available at secondary level for the marginalized and the less developed areas of the country.

Education is a fundamental right of every human, and realizing that, the Allama Iqbal Open University has announced free education from Spring 2018 for the students of Balochistan and FATA till Matriculation.  

This initiative was taken in order to contribute to the government’s effort in upgrading and enhancing the educational facilities in the country and to bring maximum number of people to the education sector.

This policy was announced by the Vice Chancellor of AIOU Professor Dr. Shahid Siddiqui while addressing the National Conference on English language and Literature – two-day event which was organized by the university’s department of English Language and Applied Linguistics in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

AIOU has already been providing waivers and free education to certain segments of the society.

The list included disabled persons, prisoners, drop-out girls and transgender group. Now they’re extending their policy in order to include the economically less-privileged areas of our society.

It’s such a brilliant initiative to have something so basic as education being universally accessible to all, and we’re hoping that other universities will also follow suit to ensure that every Pakistani is given access to quality education.

What do you think of this news? Let us know in the comments section 🙂