After France, The NUST Ecomotive Team Is All Set To Conquer Singapore

A couple of months ago, the NUST Ecomotive team took from in the Shell Eco-Marathon. This competition is one where teams from universities across the world come together to accelerate the development of environment-friendly transportation technologies. 

The main focus of this project was to optimize the fuel efficiency of the prototype vehicle, while strictly adhering to the rules and regulations of the Shell Eco-marathon.

The team from NUST (called the Team NUST Ecomotive) consists of students from the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (SMME) and School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS). Their attempt to manufacture a vehicle for competing in Shell Eco-marathon marked the first time someone took on the challenge from their university. Naturally, the project required absolute determination and the tenacity to continue despite failed trials. Despite monetary constraints, the team successfully launched their vehicle on the track at Shell Eco-marathon France in 2017, thereby raising the banner of NUST and their homeland.


The final product built by the team had a steel chassis along with an ultra-light and robust carbon fiber body. Other features of the vehicle included a dead man’s switch, a collision avoidance system, and an Eco-assist system. A paint of the traditional Pakistani truck art style sweetened the pot further.

 Team NUST Ecomotive remains charged still, as they look forward to participating in Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2018 which is to be held in Singapore.

The design and manufacturing of a second improved vehicle is now underway so that the team may perform more impressively at the next competition.

These Pakistani Students Were Selected To Go To CERN And Like Cha Gaye Ho Yaar

CERN is a pretty big deal. Smarty-pants scientists all over the world yearn to go there one day, all the way in Switzerland. This magnificent feat was accomplished by none other than 2 young undergraduate Pakistani students.

Source: Muhammad Abdullah

Every year, about 30-35 students are chosen from all around the world to work on a cutting edge research project at CERN as part of their ” Openlab Summer Student Programme”.

Muhammad Abdullah and Muhammad Abu Bakr from NUST and COMSATS respectively were selected to represent Pakistan during this year’s Openlab Programme.

Source: Muhammad Abdullah

Abdullah worked as an associate and member of the core communication engineering team of CERN, despite being an undergrad. He worked with two senior engineers to develop a platform for automating CERN’s network infrastructure. The platform that he helped create has now been implemented there (Impressive yaar

Abu Bakr’s project revolved around ‘disaster relief’ and he helped improve satellite imaging and processing for the programme. His work has also got appreciation from all those he worked with at CERN.

Source: Muhammad Abdullah

The research both the students produced will be published in the CERN Journal and on their website very shortly. 

And among all of this they were invited to go to Google and be ‘Googlers’ for a day, and that’s pretty awesome.

Source: Muhammad Abdullah

Thank you boys for representing Pakistan so well! We wish you all the best for your future.

NUST Ranking As One Of The Top 500 Universities Is A Naam Roshan Hona Moment For Pakistan

NUST is known for a lot of things. Remember the time when its students won an award at the Shell Eco Marathon Finale?

Source: Team PNEC NUST

Or when they left us confused with their relationship with microwaves? I mean really, look at this.

A very complicated relationship, tbh.

Well, the university is making waves once more. Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) released its World University Rankings list for 2018. And NUST is on the list, guys!


QS is a British company specializing in education abroad. It offers publications and events to broaden the scope of studying in a foreign university.


The Islamabad based university is now ranked at 437 in the world, as per the rankings. 

That’s 91 places higher than last year. That basically makes the institute the only Pakistani university to be featured in the top 500.

Source: MangoBaaz/

However, other Pakistani universities were also mentioned. 

Quaid-e-Azam University stands at 651. Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) stands at 701. University of Engineering and Technology (UET), University of Karachi (KU) and the University of Lahore (UOL) were also in the Global Top 1000 varsities.


This is the first time that a Pakistani university has gotten into the top 500 list. Previously, the institute was in the 501-550 band. This shows how much it has improved over the past year. This is undoubtedly an important milestone. And Pakistani students everywhere should be proud waisay. Kaafi bari baat hai. 

What do you think about this? Are you super happy about this, too? Let us know in the comments.

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NUST Students Are Only Being Served Daal And They’re Like ‘Gosht Kahan Hai’?

Submitted By Affan Bin Usman

So when one talks about food (especially when you’re fasting), all you can imagine is a well presented dish with sparkling light that makes it so good when we try to imagine it. Yeah, but that wasn’t the case with me when I heard

“Aj khanay mai daal palak hai”…

Source: Deenga

If you’re wondering how looked like…

Source: Hasan Faraz


Source: Deenga

There is no doubt about the fact that “Ghar ka khana is ghar ka khana”. But when it comes to mess food, you’re really reminded of the very fact. Recently there has been an uproar among the NUSTian hostelites about the food menu at mess. The menu is great, just great. But only for vegetarians…

Here, have a look yourself.

If you’re still wondering what’s wrong with this, it’s sad. Really.

JUST LOOK AT IT. Daal on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and TWICE ON SUNDAY. I MEAN WHO DOES THAT?!

Its more or less like a revised version of “Solomon Grundy” an English nursery rhyme:

Solomon Grundy,
Born on a Monday,
Christened on Tuesday,
Married on Wednesday,
Took ill on Thursday,
Grew worse on Friday,
Died on Saturday,
Buried on Sunday,
That was the end,
Of Solomon Grundy

That has been turned into

Bicharay hostelite,
Daal on a Monday,
Daal on Tuesday,
No Daal on Wednesday,
Daal on Thursday,
No Daal on Friday,
No Daal on Saturday,
Daals on Sunday,
That was the end,
Of bicharay hostelite.


The menu before used to be good-okayish. Now of course, we are talking about mess food here and good mess food is definitely a relative term. But for the sake of convince, I’ll explain it a bit. The raw material used for cooking is of good quality. The food is edible. It won’t give you stomach aches and yeah you don’t get served with “gadhay ka ghost” here.

So the interesting thing here is that there is a mess committee, who’s constituent members are students. Like wow. Maybe all these mess representatives had planned a propaganda against us. To get us all to a point where we do not want to eat food at all. So we fast with empty stomachs and screw up our finals due to stomach aches and they score good grades…

You know what’s even more interesting? We are having our ESE (End Semester Exams) and these people decided to experiment this menu NOW.

Have a look at one of the menu we’ve had before and that was GOOD. Really.


Now for chicken lovers, this is gold. Chicken pulao, chicken handi, chicken jalfarezi, chicken Haleem and one of the most important dish chicken biryani along with a mix of some vegetables and daals. See things weren’t blow out proportion before. But why now? Why right before ESEs. How the chicken season switched to daal season would always remain a mystery, I guess.


To really understand our plight, look at this daal….

Source: Qandeel Akhtar


Now, this guy summed it up really well.


By the looks of this one he’s just sad that is pakoras are without aallu.

Source: Saad Adeel

If you’re wondering what this is? It’s dhai bhalay.

The all daal season is of course too much, but overall before this it used to be good-okayish. In the mess’s cooking staffs defense, the food cannot taste like home if you’re making it in such a large quantity. Plus maa kay haath ka khana can never be replaced.

Moreover, with new introduction of vending machines in hostels and cafeterias (C1 and C2) being open till around midnight, all of this is still bearable… unless you’re broke…


NUST Is About To Hold A Robotics Competition And It’s Really Cool, TBH

As children, most of us grew up watching movies with artificially intelligent robots as either heroes or villains. We  wondered if our world will ever be THAT cool. Today, students from universities all over Pakistan gather to compete in such competitions. They bring their creativity, innovation and knowledge to a consensus by creating working robots. Since 2003, NUST has been hosting one of the largest national level robotics competitions in Pakistan. Known as NERC (National Engineering Robotics Competition) is a hands-on, learn-by-doing engineering contest. The participants design and build an autonomous robot that navigates its way around the playing surface. The key is minimal human intervention.

Sheryar Ali Khan / National Engineering & Robotics Contest.

NERC is the first and oldest Robotics event of the country held at the National University of Sciences and Technology’s (NUST) constituent Campus College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering (CEME). The competition serves to teach its participants about designing, building and debugging their own robot. Through teamwork and tricks of the trade, the participants manage to learn a lot about the field.

However, NERC is not just a robotics competition. It’s an arena where dreams and fantasies about battling robots come to life.

Whether you’re more of a Big Hero 6 person or a Real Steel fan, this event is for everyone. After all, who doesn’t like a good robot fight in the spotlight? The categories in the competition include Robot Wars, Indigenous Bots, Drone Races or even Lego Bots. NERC has got it all for you, packed into four days of thrilling chase to see who takes the lead this year. What makes this once a year event more exciting is that there is no age limit to participate. You just need the passion and creativity, and you’re in. There are some technical limits, only to make sure we don’t end up with Ultron taking over.

Sheryar Ali Khan / National Engineering & Robotics Contest.

Like every event involving the mingling of Pakistan’s diverse universities, NERC has some fun-filled social nights planned.

A musical night and Gala Dinner with dance performances, music and plays are in order. Keeping in mind the socializing of people with different backgrounds, the musical night will provide a chance for socializing while the Gala Dinner will be a fancy farewell to the hard work put in by the talented students.

So time to pack your snacks and come join these students for the thrilling National Engineering Robotics Competition at NUST College of E&ME (CEME). The event starts on the 12th of July and stays till 15th July showcasing 4 days of engineering talent from throughout Pakistan.

Cover Image Via: Sheryar Ali Khan / National Engineering & Robotics Contest.

NUST Is Going To Bring Back Your Bachpan Ki Yadain With This Concert And You Need To Be There

By Zahra Waheed

FICS – Finding Innovative and Creative Solutions is an educational platform where students from any and every discipline including but not limited to engineering, business, humanities, etc., showcase their projects and ideas hoping to take them to the next level. Stage 1 FICS successfully registered 204 teams. Stage 2 FICS kicked off with bringing in esteemed industrialists from all over Pakistan to judge the teams’ unique techniques and products. Stage 3 FICS will resume with 52 teams on 25th May, 2017. But, let it be known that FICS is not all work and no play.

If you’re going to bring about being an agent of positive change in the society around you, the least we can give you is a good time. And ladies and gentlemen of NUST, a good time is guaranteed.

The *cough* awesome *cough* FICS’17 OC presents a concert so unique, so out of this world, that you’ll all reminisce about it for years to come.


Fellow NUSTians, the rock sensation that is CALL and the musical prodigy that is Bilal Khan will be taking over the H-12 campus for a night!

I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. To the Seniors who’ve persevered and strived their way through four years of some of the toughest degrees out there, the Seniors who we’ve befriended, and the same Seniors who’ll be leaving us very soon:


Source: FICS/Facebook

Yup! That’s right; all you must do is fill out the form to gain Your. Very. Own. FREE ENTRY! Seniors, this is a token of our appreciation for all of everything over the last few years.

In the meanwhile, we hope you can find inspiration from the lyrical prowess of CALL:

Badal do zamanay ko!

Hope to see you all at the “Call – Bilal” concert in NUST for the FIRST. TIME. EVER!!!

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NUST Is Finally Welcoming Its Newest Family Member And I Couldn’t Be Happier

By Ayesha Nasir 

It was the year 2013.

My mother had just dropped me off at the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST). There I was, clutching a pillow in one hand and holding my luggage in the other. Navigating the campus appeared to be a daunting prospect. One of the first things I did as part of my coping mechanism was to download a map of the campus on my phone. I would use it to find myself and figure out where I wanted to be. On one such day that balmy September, I zoomed in on the map to what I thought was the least fascinating part of the campus.

This was the immediate area surrounding the NUST Headquarters. And there it was. A small blue pin on the map indicated a central library.

I looked around me wanting to share this amazing discovery with someone but I couldn’t because a) I was walking across the campus alone and b) I knew this to be untrue. We had no central library at NUST. Try as I might to believe it, the map was mistaken. I tried to shake off the feeling that I had stumbled upon something important. Just walk away from this Ayesha, my brain told me. Naturally, I decided to investigate what had happened to the library. Was it like one of the fictitious entries by cartographers that inspired John Green to write “Paper Towns”? Through my investigation I found out that while the NUST administration has been very much onboard with having a library of its own, its budgetary limitations pushed it to keep delaying it. Of course, the explanation offered to me by the administration did not prevent me from staring wistfully at a spot where I knew something beautiful could be built. It didn’t help that in the course of my remaining undergraduate years, the library came up in conversations more than once. It was almost as if we were talking about a family member who had not been born yet. But there is good news. After years of waiting, the newest family member is about to grace us with her presence. Just as I am about to leave NUST for good, the university has finally given the library a green light and construction is well on its way.

No longer a glitch on Google Maps, NUST’s central library will be built right at the heart of its H-12 campus. The long-awaited library will be named after the scholar and philosopher Al-Farabi.

If all goes according to plan, the Al-Farabi Centre will be completed in time for the fall session later this year. Like most modern libraries, it is expected that NUST’s central library will have books that are digitally traceable, anti-theft devices, automated check-in/check-out for issuing books, electronic drop boxes to deposit books, and photocopying facilities. Apart from the core reading rooms, it is expected the library will have quiet rooms, meeting rooms, conference rooms, audiovisual (AV) rooms, and study carrels. NUST has also developed a union catalogue for digitizing the information about the books in the library and taking stock of the electronic and physical books. I spoke to Dr. Safdar Ali Shah, Director of Publishing and Student Affairs at NUST, who shared how the uniformity in the databases will allow students to trace books in NUST campuses all over Pakistan. Shahid Ahmed, a former librarian at the Fiction Library at NUST, shared that students have come up to him asking about the library many times. According to Mr Ahmed, a central library will be very useful for students. “It is a requirement for a university to facilitate its students in research,” he said. Some may ask: for a university which offers a variety of extracurricular activities, why make such a fuss about something so archaic as a library? The fact remains that no matter how we technologically advance as a society, there is little that can substitute the learning that takes place in a library.

Haadia Athar, a student of NUST Business School (NBS) thinks this library will serve as a chance for students of different schools to be exposed to different kinds of knowledge. According to Sumbal Wazir Ali, also from NBS, the library can act as an escape from more than just people.

“If I am a student of social sciences, it does not mean that I will only need books related to social sciences,” says Menahil Tahir, a student of NUST’s School of Social Sciences and Humanities (S3H).

Unless you count grabbing your backpack and heading out to study under a streetlamp, NUST has been in need of a space where there is a serious atmosphere for studying no matter what time of the day or year it is.

Such an expectation is not asking too much of a university or even unique to it. “NUST needs a central library, not just for the books and inter-departmental interaction, but the space it’ll provide,” says Hina Nadir, a student of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS). “A friend showed me around Northeastern University’s central library in Boston. It had talking, whisper, and silent zones to cater to the students’ needs, computer sections, and an internal cafeteria. Students practically live there, studying and researching but in a cool environment. A place like that would definitely motivate people to utilize the resources available.” For students who reside on-campus, having a central library that remains open till late at night is essential to focus on their work. The hostels themselves offer no space for quiet or private study. Libraries such as the ones at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI) not only are safe havens for their residential scholars and faculties but, during exam season, these libraries implement policies of extending library timings till the early hours of the morning. Students have been observed to wake in the pre-dawn hours to seek silent time for independent learning. On my visits to a new city or a university (which quite honestly, can be a city of its own), I have looked out for the library which resides in that location. The fact that my university let me down on that account does not take away from the joy I experience when I look at the hard work of labourers building a library brick by brick. If I could go back to 2013 and tell my younger self to have hope, I would. I would tell her that we would get to see the library’s foundations being laid and watch something new emerge every day. I’d tell her to hold on to the map I started out with, even if it seemed like it was all a lie. It would be so worth the wait.

Cover Image Via: Ayesha Nasir 

Students At NUST Are Planning To ‘Rukhsat’ Their Graduating Class In A Very Unique Way

The organizing committee at every institute always tries to plan a kick-ass farewell for the graduating class. After all, the entire event is a pretty huge deal. There’s always the added pressure of making one of the most important nights for the graduating batch extremely memorable.

Perhaps, that is the reason behind the theme for NUST’s farewell

Via Facebook

The organizers for the event set the theme of the farewell ‘Rukhsati.’ Though the term literally translates to departure, the students decided to play on the more desi connotation. They decide to rukhsat their graduating seniors. However, they also wish to highlight the irony of the situation – there are rarely any girls in the department.

Via Facebook

The organizers have jokingly described the event as a marriage between the graduating batch and unemployment

Via Facebook

They decided to make the event stand out through this interesting concept. They intend to include bhangra, a dholki-like celebration and the incorporation of many shaadi wali rasams during the course of the event. They’re apparently also planning on screening DDLJ in the week prior to the event. Doesn’t get more desi than that, tbh.

Interestingly enough – they have the whole larki walay, larkay walay situation sorted as well

The graduating class will be the larki waley. The juniors will be the larkey waley, because they, in their own words, will be stuck with all the ‘laundas’ for another year.

Source: Deenga

The Facebook page for the event itself is abuzz with activity. People are already sharing their concerns about the invites. Like every great desi rukhsati, it seems like NUST’s farewell is about to be quite drama-filled as well.

You have people discussing these possible scenarios

Via Facebook

And talking about possible snakes that might show up

Via Facebook

But, like every great desi story, there’s a hero here, too, to save the day

Via Facebook

Polls are also being shared in order to establish the various roles people will take up as family members. Abbus are being decided upon..

Via Facebook are phupos

Via Facebook

Overall, the event has garnered quite a lot of attention and seems pretty unique. It’s safe to assume that the graduating class of NUST will remember their farewell for years to come. It’s also heartening to see that the students are putting in a lot of effort to make the night a memorable one. However, here’s hoping that the marriage between the graduating class and unemployment proves to be unsuccessful.

Source: Giphy

Do you, like the students from NUST, have any unique ideas for farewell or graduation themes? Go ahead and share them here.

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These NUST Students Are Revolutionizing Short Distance Travel, One Cycle Station At A Time

We’ve all thought about it. We’ve thought about it when we were walking from our hostels to our departments. We’ve thought about it when we were walking from our departments to the cafes. We’ve thought about it when we were walking from one cafe to the next. We’ve thought about it when the hot summer sun beat down on us as we were making our way to whatever destination we had in mind. We’ve thought about it when our legs started to hint that they’re just about ready to give up from all of the day’s walking. We’ve thought about it when we saw the (only) shuttle going in the exact opposite direction of where we wanted to go. In fact, when we were Freshmen at NUST, of all the thoughts that went through our minds, this one was the first.


“You know what?”, you thought to yourself, “NUST should have cycles all over campus – available for rent.” “I can’t believe no one’s thought about this idea before.”, you boldly continued thinking to yourself. You were wrong, of course, because thousands of students had come before you, and they’d all thought about it. But no one had ever done anything about it. Well, up until now at least.

Introducing a name that needs no introduction on the NUST H-12 Campus: Cykiq.

Like every great beginning there’s a proper story behind Cykiq and it’s inception as thought up by Ans Shahzad and Hamza Afridi (then freshmen at SEECS and now seniors just about to graduate), famously referred to as the milkshake story.

And so soon after this idea came into existence, “a business model was made, resources were sorted out, and Cykiq was born!”

What, then, is Cykiq?

Simply put Cykiq is a cycle sharing platform. But simplicity here is superficial. Cykiq is modeled after cycle sharing companies commonly found in European and North American metropolises. This start-up is rooted heavily in its technologically savvy approach to the problem, which means that there are cycle stations strategically placed across the campus. These stations (which are still work-in-progress) will allow users to unlock a cycle by swiping a Cycard allotted to them. After they’re done cycling, the users can dock the cycles at the nearest station and go about their business as usual.


What’s their journey been like?

Ans and Hamza became dedicated to Cykiq, and soon after the milkshake story took place they started to develop and spread their entrepreneurial wings. This journey saw many ups and downs, taking them across platforms, places and competitions that they hadn’t thought of before. One such eventful competition was the third and final stage of NUST’s FICS (Finding Innovative and Creative Solutions) 2015 where the present day Cykiq core team was expanded from two visionary students to four individuals who together had become a force to be reckoned with.

Source: Senam Khan

It hasn’t all been smooth sailings since then, but nearly four years later an idea born out of frustration has transformed into a 22 strong team who’s taken the NUST campus by storm.

Source: Senam Khan

To get to this point these guys have worked closely with the NUST administration and the NUST Career Advisory Council (CAC) – who’ve proven to be an asset to their work, providing them with crucial help for business model and financial plan development, as well as setting them up with valued industrial linkages.

Where are they now?

Cykiq had its soft launch at the start of the Fall 2016 semester. At the time of the soft launch, they had 15 cycles available for sharing across campus – all of which were booked within the first hour of announcement.

And now, Cykiq has expanded its bicycle fleet as well as it’s services – allowing for cycle renting and sharing!


Their new bicycles are top of the line aluminum-bodied, Chicago mountain bikes, perfectly suited for the hilly terrain of the H-12 campus, which essentially means that you could cycle to Gate 10 or to the Main Office without breaking a sweat.

Cykiq’s popularity is helped greatly by their tongue-in-cheek marketing strategies. Here’s what a cycle sharing company jumping on the coke vs. chai brand war bandwagon looks like:

And they’ve even made it on to the local news channels!

What’s next?

Cykiq is going to have it’s official launch on Wednesday, 10th May 2017 in the NUST Helipad Ground from 4 to 5PM. The inauguration will be graced by the Rector himself! From this point on Cykiq will have formally kicked off a service that’d been dreamt of since the first student stepped on campus. Be there to support these guys and be on the lookout for their titanic posters fluttering proudly in C1, C2 and at Gate 10.

To learn more about what these guys are doing, how they’re doing it, and how you can help out, check out their beautifully designed website.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Cykiq has finally arrived!

NUST Boys Hostels Just Got Their Microwaves Back And Here’s Why They Were Taken Away In The First Place

I was woken up yesterday morning by the best news a guy could hope to be woken up by.

Finally. No more oppression by the matriarchy. We have demanded and received our right to a microwave oven.

Congratulations NUST H-12 Boys Hostels, you’re all now users of shared microwave ovens. Hallelujah! This one’s for you Rumi, Razi, Ghazali and Attar!

For all non-NUSTian hostelites, here’s a little back story:

For years there’s been a lot of back and forth between female hostelites and male hostelites at NUST about who’s living a better life. The debates always boil down to the late curfew time for the boys and the microwave facility available to the girls. The boys always leave the arguments feeling high and mighty believing they’ve won the argument. But then night time comes and when they’re trying to make a meal out of a packet of chips, they receive snap chats of K&N sausages, chapli kababs and malai botis being prepared luxuriously in the girl hostels – and then they realize that they had won the argument but lost the war. BUT NOT SO ANYMORE GIRLS! BECAUSE WE HAVE OUR OWN MICROWAVES! AND WE SHALL AVENGE ALL THOSE HUNGRY NIGHTS! AND YOU SHALL REGRET ALL OF THE PICTURES YOU INSTAGRAMMED AND SNAP CHATTED OF FOOD AT MID NIGHT!

The question then arises, why weren’t there microwaves at the boys hostels in the first place?


This is where things get interesting. Really interesting. Legend has it that the boys hostels did have microwaves.

Wait, what? Where’d they go then?

You’re asking the right questions. Where DID they go?
Legend has it that once upon a time, not so long ago, there used to be microwaves in the boys hostels – an understandable assumption since the girls hostels have them already. And well, NUST is home to the next generation of Pakistan’s Engineers-to-be which means NUST is home to the best jugaarh experts of the country. One such jugaarh these students needed to come up with was a fast and economical way of drying undergarments. The microwave oven did that just perfectly.

Microwave ovens, which were once appliances limited to popping corn, making instant noodles and heating up stale refrigerator food, were liberated from the confines society had imposed on them to become instruments of immense power.

But then the admin got a whiff of what was going on (probably someone leaving their underwear in for too long) and we were robbed of a precious asset – an asset we’ve come to really value in it’s 5 year absentia.

A student of NUST summarized all of this perfectly in a now-viral post:

Some seniors have raised issue with the year being quoted as wrong, and that in fact all of this happened in 2010 and not in 2012. Of course, this is all rumors and legends. Many seniors from the batches of 2009-2012 have denied there ever being microwaves in the hostels in the first place. Of course this denial might be owed to them trying to suppress any information of being an accessory to the crime.

News of new microwave ovens broke today and it has taken over the campus by storm – and everyone’s chiming in with their jokes and opinions. One such example being:

With great power comes great responsibility. NUST boys. Don’t let probable history repeat itself.

And now I go back to studying for the OHT tomorrow. Or microwave something.

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