This Is What Happened When I Moved Back To Pakistan For School

Everyone finds comfort in their own home, and that home can be anywhere, or anything. Pakistani students are usually a little nervous to go abroad to study mainly because of the language barriers, different culture, homesickness etc, something we call ‘culture shock’. In my case, I had ‘reverse culture shock’.

Reverse culture shock is having lived abroad and then returning to your home country and experiencing that change in society. I experienced this first hand when I first came back to Pakistan to study for O levels. 

Brought up and raised in Canada, I had no vivid memory whatsoever of my home country, so I was naturally reluctant and scared to start O’levels in a school in Pakistan. Firstly, I was not very a little weirded out by the fact that there were uniforms that had to be worn, makeup or nail polish wasn’t allowed, and all your hair ties had to be black. It was a bit odd, but that was the easy part.

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The teachers at my school weren’t very welcoming, they were quiet harsh.

One of them insulted me in front of the whole class for not knowing what the syllabus was in my first week of school, another taunted me for wearing up hairstyles with braids and twists in them. I wasn’t used to this kind of treatment by teachers, because in Canada, they weren’t allowed at all to call out someone like that. Looking back now, I realize that they didn’t mean to single me out, that that’s how those teachers were, but at that time, naturally I got hurt and didn’t feel welcome, all I wanted to was go back.

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I began to hate going to school. I used to beg my mother everyday to change my school hoping it would make the culture shock a bit less. 

However my mother consoled me, she said everything takes time to get used to, and she turned out to be right. Almost everyone in my class thought that I thought I was really cool and superior, when in reality, I was very uncomfortable and just wanted to make friends. It took some time, but I did find the right people that really stuck by me. Even after seven years, I can still count on them.

Every society is different, every school system is different, and what I believe got me through that very hard first year was my friends, and my family. Pakistan is a beautiful country with beautiful people, it took time but I adjusted and made this life my new normal.

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Have you every experienced culture shock? Let us know all about it in the comments below!

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Things Every BNU Student Gets To Hear On A Daily Basis

If you’re a graduate of BNU or are currently enrolled in a program, you’re going to find these funny. If you don’t go to BNU, you “better” read on because when you say these things, they hurt man.

Here are just some of the things a BNU student gets to hear, sometimes on a daily basis:

Hae Allah. LSE say bhee rejection agae thee?

Via: Tumblr
No you dimwit maybe I wanted to pursue something different? Kill me.

What are you on?

Source: Ali Sethi// Youtube
If I’m from BNU, I must obviously be a druggie because we all know students in other universities think joints are bones.

Tarogil Campus? Isn’t that near Multan?

Via: Tumblr

NO dear God, NO. It’s near Raiwind and we commute there every day, just like we commute back every day.

Sunna hai girls walk around in shorts on campus?

Yeah. We also wear bikinis and take classes when it’s Thursday.

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All the rich, spoiled kids study there don’t they?

Source: Ali Gul Pir// Youtube

Yeah and we will beat yo ass if you call us that again.

How do you guys travel so far on a daily basis?


Mostly on our rich no-brainer private jets but a car when we feel modest.

You know you’re going to have a hard time getting a job with a BNU degree?

Via: Tumblr

Bitch, I’ll be on billboards, on your T.V and you can sit yo ass down in your office and stalk my……. Instagram (I realize I’m going overboard, bear with me)

Aap ke sath toh bohat saari models parhti hain naKoi set kara do na aik.

Via: Tumblr

Ever since you’ve gone to BNU, you have this attitude about you

Via: Adele VEVO// Youtube

Yeah and I’ve also learnt to stand up for things I believe in. P.S we call it sass.

Your GPA isn’t even significant.

Via: IRK Productions

Neither is your face.

Apki wo pad wali university hay na?

Via: Eros
Jee. Dil say laga kay rakhtay hain.

We’re BNU. We’re #harami. We’re #Hawhaee, #Allahmaafkaray #Manhoos and we LOVE it.

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UCP Is Set To Have An Amazing Singing Competition And Here’s All You Need To Know About It

Lahore waalon, this is the season for the ultimate music showcase all around the city! To add to the amazing musical zeal going all around, the University of Central Punjab (UCP) is here with the perfect event!

PLEKTRA Music Society is hosting Lahore’s biggest intra-varsity vocal battle Voice of UCP on 11th and 12th of January 2018 with an expected audience of over 5000 students.

It’s going to be full of some incredible talent, with 20 participants competing to win the prize and become the Voice of UCP!


Selected participants for Voice of UCP 2017.The best of the rest are these 20 finalists.What to do you people think, who's gonna be the "Biggest & The Loudest Voice"."THE BIGGEST VOICE WILL RISE".FeaturingSoundtrack – "Thunder" by Imagine Dragons#RiseOfTheLoudest

Posted by Plektra – Music Society on Mittwoch, 27. Dezember 2017

But that’s not all…

Somewhat Super is going to be DJ-ing the Day 2 set, alongside Kashif Ali Babar, who’s known for his melodious voice at Coke Studio, at the live concert!  


The event has been endorsed by all the huge names in the entertainment industry like Omran Shafique and Sheheryar Munnawar, so you know… it’s going to be pretty damn lit!

“Shehryar Munawwar has a message for everyone.”Voice of Ucp 2017/18.The biggest voice will rise.

Posted by Plektra – Music Society on Samstag, 30. Dezember 2017

Head over now to the Voice of UCP’s official page here for more details about the event, and make your January happening with the melodious voices of these amazing students!

We wish all the very best to the president Ali Sherazi, Vice President Waleed Rana and their entire team for the hosting the biggest voice of UCP 2017/18 in the institution’s history!

Here Is Why I Believe Sardion Ki Chuttiyan Should Go By Faster

What? Winter break should go by faster? Am I in my right mind? Yes, yes I definitely am. I am the type of person who could sleep for 12 hours and still wake up tired, however I definitely cannot sit and do nothing all day at home. It’s nice the first couple of days, and then you can literally just feel yourself melting in your sofa. Also:

1. You realise you have no work to do

So you just aimlessly wander around your house trying to find the purpose in life

Source: Pepsi

2. You don’t see your friends on a daily basis

And no, texting or calling is not the same thing as seeing them in person 🙁

Source: Danish Ali

3. You can’t ‘accidentally’ run into your crush

Yes you can stalk them online… but it’s not the same as low key stalking (uhh I mean seeing) them on campus

Source: Deenga

4. You have the weirdest sleeping schedule

You’re sleeping when you’re supposed to wake up, and waking up when you’re supposed to be getting to sleep

Source: BBC

5. You’re becoming lazier by the second

You contemplate for about 10 minutes whether on not you’re willing to get a bladder infection or get out of the comfort of your bed to go to the bathroom

Source: ABC

6. You tend to open the fridge every 10 minutes and then just close it

You think ‘hey, maybe this time when I open the fridge I’ll find what to do for the rest of my holidays’

Source: Lionsgate

7. Your mom’s actually asking you to help out in the kitchen

Uhhh, no sorry mom, gotta go do some thing, y’know the thing, okay bye.

Source: Deenga

8. So you stop stuffing yourself

When you’re bored your brain’s automatically like: Eat Something. So you do.

Source: Deenga

9. You’re family’s beginning to get on your nerves

I swear if I hear “when I was your age…” one more time…

Source: We Think Films

10. You’re actually (maybe)  looking forward to learning and sitting in class

Ahh, the good old days

Source: HBO

11. You feel unproductive all day

And it’s kinda bringing your mood down

Source: Paramount

12. You’re done catching up on GOT

So now, you have no idea what to do with your life

Source: HBO

13. You’re tired of doing nothing all day 

Dare I say it, I kind of miss doing assignments and projects omg

Source: Tenor

Do you want the winter holidays to go by faster? Let us know!

We Asked 13 Pakistani University Students What Their New Year Resolutions Are, And This Is What They Said

2017 went by so fast, it is absolutely insane to think that 2018 is almost here! It’s time for those “New year, new me” captions again, and this time every student should get in on the action. With a new year comes a new beginning, so we asked students to tell us about their new years resolution and the answers we got were:

1. Increase my CGPA

Hey, every student could always work to try and better their CGPA.

Source: NBC

2. To create balance

To have a balance between University, family, and friends is what every student hopes to achieve.

Source: Tenor

3. To get myself more involved in co-curricular activities

You’ll definitely regret not being involved in different activities in and outside campus after you graduate.

Source: CBS

4. To learn to relax

Use your winter break to take a little breather, and just chill out.

Source: Dharma Productions

5. Focus on my family more

University is important, but so is a strong, healthy family relationship.

Source: KTLA

6. Concept not ratta

The ratta might help you pass your exam, but the concept will take you a long way.

Source: HUM TV

 7. Work on my grammar

It’s never to late to brush up on those skills.

Source: Deenga

8. Stop procrastinating

Whatever you thought about when you read this, do it now!

Source: SLB Films

9. Go on a University trip with my friends

Make some memories, this winter vacation is the perfect time!

Source: Khabarfeed

10. Be more organised 

Organisation skills will help you be more efficient and increase your work ethic

Source: PakistanInstagram

11. Drink less coffee

We all could use a little caffeine detox

Source: Deenga/Mangobaaz

12. Be more grateful 

We have countless blessings in our lives, let’s show a little gratitude shall we?

Source: AIB

13. Focus on my health 

Your mental and physical health should be your top priority, don’t let it slip!

Source: UTV Motion Pictures

What are you new years resolutions? Comment them below!

13 Things That Can Ruin Your Entire Day At University

Students are, let’s admit, more on edge than others. We have exam stress, homework stress, parent’s pressures, and everything you could possibly imagine. You name it, us students are stressing about it. Thus, any one little thing can trigger us into having the worst day of our student life, crazy? yes. Here are 13 tiny annoying things that can turn your day into a pretty bad one:

1. Having a bad hair day

Don’t force 2 things: relationships, and ponytails.

Source: Disney

2. Not having enough time for your morning tea/coffee

Students who are caffeine addicts, (moi) will definitely understand

Source: Colombia Pictures

3. Traffic

You can be stuck in traffic for literally 5 minutes and just get really angry, because tbh traffic sucks.

Source: Shoman Productions

4. Bad marks

No you didn’t study all that hard for that test, but still, not cool.

Source: IRK films

5. Phone running out of battery

You also forgot your charger, and now your asking around begging for a charger because that phone right there is your entire life.

Source: Deenga

6. Rain

Not a rain person at all. Fucks up your hair and clothes and makeup and bag and shoes…need I go on? A wet day is a bad day.

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment

7. Realising you have a massive pimple on your face

The whole day you actually wondered why people were staring at your forehead. Stupid pimples.

Source: HBO

8. Trying to contact your friends but then realizing you ran out of balance

Then you also learn that your university ran out of cards, so now you just sit alone in the cafeteria waiting for any familiar face to show up.

Source: Danish Ali/Youtube

9. Forgetting  you had a test today

You knew you were forgetting something, so just as you walk in class: surprise!

Source: IRK Films

10. Forgetting to put on deodorant/perfume

You keep low-key trying to smell your armpits to see if they actually smell, and wonder if others can smell you

Source: CW

11. Realising you forgot your wallet at home

Even though there were only Rs. 200 in it, you feel naked and broke. Instant bad day

Source: The Living Picture/Youtube

12. Makeup classes

You had plans at 4 pm, but now because of that makeup class, you gotta say bye to those plans.

Source: UTV

13. When your best friend doesn’t show up

And she didn’t even tell you she wasn’t gonna come, how dare she.

Source: HBO

What other things make a really bad day at university? Let us know!

11 Things You Should Know If You’re Going To Start Med School This Year

So y’all made it to med school? Congratulations are in order. All those years of anticipation and studying like dogs finally paid off. You’re one step closer to becoming a doctor.

But now that you’ve made it here, prepare to be bombarded with a shit ton of workload and study material. Here’s a few tips for starting medschool.

1. It’s not gonna be the same as Inter/ Alevels

But you already knew this. Whatever you have been doing up till now will not necessarily work here. The study pattern is different, the books are thicker, the course is larger and the time to cover it all is limited. All-nighters don’t work either.

Source: EROS

2. Figure out your learning style

Some people are visual learners and can remember facts by making pretty notes and highlighting. Some learn by writing it all out. And some learn by explaining it to others. Figure out what works best for you.

Source: HUMTV

3. Go to the libraries

Just for the sake of it.

Source: Pepsi

4. Keep in touch with your campus stationary shop walay uncle

He has all the things you’ll need to pass tests. From past papers to lecture slides. He knows the paper pattern and important things better than anyone.

Source: Zayn Malik VEVO// Youtube

5. Go to class

Attend lectures and make notes. Specially the minor subjects. They help a lot.

Source: HumTv


6. Talk to professors if you’re having trouble

They’ll always be eager to help you out.

Source: BBC

7. Follow the study guides that seniors give out

There’s always that one god-sent senior who will post study guides. Follow their instructions and you’ll ace the tests.

Sourc: SNL

8. Buy all the books

Borrow them from seniors or buy them second hand if you want, but make sure you have them all at hand. Pdfs only work in theory. You’ll need some time to figure out which book works best for you and sometimes you’ll need more then one book to study the same topic.

Source: Deenga

9. Volunteer and participate in activities

You’re not a corpse stuck in a white coat. Go and sign up for activities in your college. Make the most of these years. You’re never getting this time of your life back.

Source: Grey’s Anatomy

10. Have as much fun as you can in the first two years

Wards will start once you get into third year and the you’ll feel the real pressure of med school fall upon your shoulders. So make the most of these two years.

Source: Pepsi

11. Make friends and memories

It’ll help you keep hold of your sanity.

Source: Silicon Valley

Do you have any more tips for starting med school? Share them in the comments. Tag your med school walay friends!


Here Are ALL The Responses You’ll Definitely Hear After An Exam

Every student has a different reaction to exams. Some stress out, some binge eat, some remain calm and procrastinate. Again, after they actually take that exam, different reactions can be observed from different students. To learn the human nature and how the mind works better, it’s important we analyse these reactions:

Yaar, what was the answer to this question?”

So, as you can see, this student is insecure. They aren’t quiet sure what the answer was and are relying on others to give them the information they need. They don’t even realize that now that the exam is done, they can’t do anything about the answer they gave already. It’s gone now my friend, get over it.

Source: NBC

“I totally failed.”

This student is a pessimist. They don’t even know how they did, they just know one thing: that they’re gonna fail. The funny part is, most of the time they actually end up doing really well. So, the question is, do they just say they failed to have low expectations for themselves, or because they actually believe they failed? Or were they just dropped as a child? Who knows?

Via FunTheory.Net

“Honestly, it wasn’t even that hard.”

The “I’m so cool, nothing ever fazes me” kid. We get it, you’re smart, and you’re the first to hand in your exam but just pls stop. The Einstein shit you’ve got going on there needs to tone down a bit. You might have been raised in a supportive household, but when you say ‘it wasn’t that hard’ to your fellow classmates who didn’t know shit, you might get a chittar or two.

Source: Deenga

“The exam was so lengthy.”

The complainer. They complain about everything. From the way the question was worded, to the amount of time they got to answer, to the pen that ran out of ink. They basically blame everything else, besides themselves, for not doing well on the exam. I hope one day, you can actually learn to take responsibility for your actions.

Source: HUM TV

“Kasam se, I’ll start studying next semester.”

Every friend has been hearing this from at least one person in their friend group since they were, like, born. This student might have a habit of believing they’ll never be good enough, so they end up not trying. They didn’t study, they probably cheated off of somebody in the exam, and now they’re making jhootay waday about studying next semester.  You know this won’t ever be true, so you just nod and smile and say okay.

Source: HUM TV

“I hope she marks leniently!”

The student who basically leaves it up to the teacher to give them good marks, no matter what horse poop they wrote in their exam. But, newsflash honey, teaches (mostly) give you the grade that you have earned. This isn’t second grade where you get a certificate just for participating, or for just showing up.

Source: CW

“All the shit I wrote on my hand didn’t even come in my exam.”

This student actually spends a great deal of time cheating, before and after the exam, and ends up still not getting good marks. Half the time, they don’t even know the stuff they wrote on their arms, and look after to see that the answer to question 3 was there all along! Hats off to you folks.

Source: Disney

What other reactions have you observed, and what is your analysis about them?

Here Are Some Things That Will Go Through Your Head During A Final

Exams. A time in our lives when our hair starts falling out and every relative around starts getting married.

A time, when the weather reminds you of the cheesy romance movies and you start noticing the tiny pencil marks on the white wall in front of you.

With your books beside you. 

And three projects that are due the same week. 

Oh joy- NOT. 

Source: CBS

Besides being distracted during preparation, concentrating during an exam is another story.

Remember that girl you thought was cute at street 24, house xyz, two streets away from your third uncle’s house? No?

You’ll probably remember her during your Maths exam pal. No worries. 


Besides trying to recall all the information you crammed into your brain the night before the exam, here are five things that go through your head- that make focusing easier said than done:

1. Making to-do lists and schedules.

Source: FOX

Even though you’re a pro at being the messiest and most disorganized person alive. Somehow, sitting in your assigned seat at the auditorium reminds you to start putting your life back together.

Unmade bed? Working schedule? That swimming class you had to sign up for? A cupboard that looks like it belongs to the grinch?

Saara sahi karna yaad aye ga tab. 

2. Lyrics that speak to you.

Never, update your music playlist before exams humans. Take my word for it.

Source: Hulu

I updated mine three days before the exam, and I didn’t even know I knew the lyrics to the songs until I wrote them down instead of an equation.

3. Life changing realizations.

Source: Tenor

Exams are a great time to notice how the walls aren’t white but cream colored. How your fingers are shaped and how the girl in front of you has beautiful hair.

And how you’re probably going to flunk the semester. Is it too late to accept that rishta that came in for you?

4. Ways to trick the professor.

You know what they say:

If you can’t beat ’em, trick ’em. 

Well, they don’t quite say it that way, but desperate times call for desperate measures. You could write that “T” in True or False in a way that passes as both.

Source: BBC

Seriously though, it works. But if you have more tricks up your sleeve, let us know in comments and help a pal out!

5. Why am I single?


Maybe if you weren’t single you’d be motivated enough to group study with your ‘significant other’.

Or if you’re in a relationship, you stare holes in your partners back and wonder how they’re still writing.

Source: BBC

I mean, how could they do this to you? Fail bhi toh saath saath hona hai na.

Larkana Just Hosted Its First Ever Science Fair And It Looks Pretty Amazing

The city of Larkana just had it’s first ever science fair, and it genuinely looks like the entire affair was a blast.

The Larkana district administration alongside Alif Ailaan (a Pakistan wide campaign for education), choreographed the two day event and it seems like it all went by rather flawlessly. The division head for Alif Ailaan, Junaid Dahar, was pleasantly surprised at the turnout at the event.

Twitter was abuzz with positive reactions and pictures of the event.

Clearly the kids were ecstatic 

Also, we need to get closeup with that awesome looking artwork 

Students had worked incredibly hard on their projects aur nazar bhi aa raha hai

And just look at that turnout! 

MashAllah MashAllah

Fun and games ke saath saath there was learning happening too

The girls took their stand and showed off their projects, loud and proud 

There were also some live demonstrations at the festival 

Again, just look at this turnout! This is so so encouraging to see 

Even the Sindh Home Minister and Mayor of Larkana attended and participated in the event

The event was well received and everyone was pleased with how it turned out 

Events like these are a positive step towards spreading education and an interest towards math and science. What’s even more promising is the fact that people turned out in massive numbers to support the event as well as the students and their project. We look forward to seeing more events like this in smaller cities all across Pakistan.