Cross Stitch Brought Together Sajal Aly And Wahaj And It's Too Haseen

By MangoBaaz Studio | 8 Jul, 2021

YES! We heard you and your obsession over this new on-screen couple, Wahaj and Sajal! Undoubtedly, they have taken over the internet with their passion and chemistry in the latest campaign shoot with Cross Stitch. Whether it was Sajal’s eyes, saying a thousand words, or the starry-eyed gaze of Wahaj, OR the rain itself. *Someone stop us*

Via: @crossstitch_official

However, on the other hand, what no one talked about was the campaign itself. We dug a little deeper into the mood and purpose of it, which also, by the way, left us awestruck!

Via: @crossstitch_official

No doubt, the outfits won the game, but the absolutely flawless sync between the music, inspiration, cast, and the entire set took the uniqueness of the whole campaign to another level.

Via: @crossstitch_official

‘Cross Stitch has consistently been synonymous with bringing out Pakistani culture and heritage and reveal the beauty of it.’ We definitely agree with it, as can be seen in the art direction, storylines, song choices, and the styling that can be the perfect rendition of the country’s culture!

Hence moving towards the further details: AHH, the music!! It was so captivating, snappy, and yet so melodic – a perfect revival of the popular Pakistani folk singer, Mai Bhaagi. This song entails a girl (Sajal in this case) who is longing for her love forever under a neem tree – ‘Khari neem ke neechay hoon tu hekali…’


Via: @crossstitch_official

Anyway, the song was re-sung by the talented, Farheen Raza Jaffery, and her voice was ON THE MARK to be the perfect voice-over for Sajal and her awaiting someone she has been wanting to see for so long! The storyline and the set were, according to the 70s’ theme, hence the styling streamlined the same theme throughout.

Via: @crossstitch_official

On a side note, we never had it in our mind to pair this couple together, but well, Cross Stitch did the job for us by dropping this bombshell of a campaign- what we all needed in our lives!

Via: @crossstitch_official

Now we all wait for someone in the industry to pick a hint and case these two for the next pair up in a drama or a movie! *fingers crossed and hoping our wishes come true*.


Cover image via @crossstitch_official/Instagram

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