City School v/s Beacon House

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Both of these schools are respectable in a manner and both the Citizens and Beaconites take pride in themselves and are known arch-rivals,
but in the end which one is better and why ?


As a person who has studied from beacon and taught at TCS for a while I’ve found that putting young children in City School is basically educational suicide. TCS has good campuses and bad campuses I’m sure, but their policies regarding how a child should be taught are atrocious. You can’t tell a child that 1+1=3 is wrong, you have to quietly and without the child’s knowledge change the answer so that it’s correct. I’ve been made to erase and rewrite pages upon pages of Class 1 comprehensions because the students’ writing was too childish. I was absolutely horrified by the attitude there. It’ like they don’t teach these children to help them learn things, they just teach to score points with the parents.

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