City School v/s Beacon House

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Both of these schools are respectable in a manner and both the Citizens and Beaconites take pride in themselves and are known arch-rivals,
but in the end which one is better and why ?

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My vote is for Beaconhouse, The basic thing is that Beaconhouse provides students with different opportunities. They don’t make students learn the basic English, urdu, science and maths bit actually many different which creates a student’s interest in school. For example there is a new subject called robotics in which they make machines. Then we also have PSHE which stands for personal social health and emotions which helps students to express their own feelings and not lie so they just dp with the flow. Plus Beaconhouse makes students go to different sports competitions. Which help students to be in touch with the environment. Not to just study and blast their minds. There are many more reasons from which Beaconhouse is better than city school.
BSS is far better

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