City School v/s Beacon House

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Both of these schools are respectable in a manner and both the Citizens and Beaconites take pride in themselves and are known arch-rivals,
but in the end which one is better and why ?

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I graduated from the TCS CCI (Capital Campus Islamabad) in the summer of ’14, having completed my Alevels.

My answer is based from the pre-olevels point of view since my sister is going there (same campus) atm. And I’m very disappointed.
Their teachers are continuously changing for almost every subject (biology teacher switched twice, same with chemistry, English teacher switched 3 times now and the latest teaches English in Urdu). And when your class has an average of 60% for their term finals you know something’s very wrong with their system.

It used to be great at my time. We had amazing teachers who took the time out FOR US. I don’t know if the administrations gone lazy of the overall quality has dropped but I’m pulling my sister out of this system next class.

A prime example of how not to run a school.
I know this doesn’t really answer the question but I just wanted to share this.

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