Have you ever had a ‘Proffesor Crush’?


Has your instructor ever made you go head over heels? SPILL THE BEANS PEOPLE!!!

meesha (anonymous) 0 Comments

I don’t really know how to start this off or write it but anyway, i am 21 and my teacher is roughly between 31 and 32. he doesn’t even know my name.. he doesn’t even know that i exist.. from past 2 years he is the hero of my imaginary world and for him i am just another student… Im pathetically all consumingly obsessed with him.. If i’m being honest i actually bused to hate him when i took his classes at first. I remember walking into my lab and just thinking wow this guy is an idiot! Then within a few weeks i actually looked forward to going to his classes and so for the rest of that year i basically tried my best to try and impress him – which sounds pretty pathetic to be honest. So i was over the moon to find out i was getting him again for that semester. I don’t know what i specifically like about him, it just seems to be everything. His intelligence, the way he dresses, his amazing black eyes, his dark hair, his perfect face, his voice. He is just amazing. I could listen to him all day and the smallest things he does i find adorable, even just simple things like him marking our work or writing on the board or marking me Good. I know it can never happen as he is committed and well then there’s the age difference and the fact that it’s illegal, but i still can’t help but wish that it could happen. I don’t like feeling this way about him when i know he will never feel the same but at the same time i wouldn’t like it if i didn’t feel this way. I always try and think of something to ask about just so i can speak to him. He has got to be one of the nicest guy i have ever met in my life, he is absolutely perfect, and i can’t have him! I know this may sound like one of those cliché “student has a crush on a teacher” but i feel like it’s more than that. I can’t stop thinking about him, every time i am in his class all i want to do is just sit there and listen to him speaking to us, it’s like nothing else in that time matters. The times i don’t want to feel like this are the times when i am in his class and he will look at me and it’s like my feelings are transparent and he can tell how i feel just by the way i look at him. This makes me feel awkward when i pass him in the corridors i feel that if i smile at him it will make my feelings obvious or when he is talking should i look him in the eyes (which i think only seems polite) or am i the only one that does that? and does he notice? I just want to be able to talk to him without blushing or stammering like an idiot and be able to think of something to say to him that actually sounds like a conversation, instead of him asking me a question and all i reply with is a single sentence and blush! I feel like i should tell him just to get it off my chest even though i know it would be the most stupid thing to do. I just felt like i had to tell somebody, which i suppose is why i wrote this on here. I need to know that other people feel the same. I don’t really know what else to say apart from what should i do? What can i do? Should i just get over him? But how do i do that? Every time i walk into his class it is just a reminder of what i can’t have.😞

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