Have you ever had a ‘Proffesor Crush’?


Has your instructor ever made you go head over heels? SPILL THE BEANS PEOPLE!!!

Zigzag (anonymous) 0 Comments

Omg!!! I had this huge mega crush on this prof. In uni koi 3rd semester ki baat ho gi he was uzbek. N i could tell somehow from day 1 he is a bit funny around me i was 23 n he was 26..7… Maybe cz when giving our introductions i said well my mum is from quetta n his eyes lit up literally n he blurted out i grew up in quetta…. Ermmm… Tht was sooooo awkward… Every1 could see he had student crush on me… But i fell for him cz of his manners opening doors giving ways standing in front in elevator rather than standing back he even got me a cab 1c n most of all he prayed at the campus mosque tht was a Winner…
N also i could see he was such a hard working person n treated his students nicely when they needed advice… N yess even when i did have a HUGE crush on him i continued to play dumb cz i didn’t want to get or cause any troubles…. Sigh…..

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