FAST-NU Is Organising Its Homecoming And It’s Definitely Going To Be LIT

No matter where you go, you’ll always have a special place in your heart for your university.

All students from FAST-NU will understand where this is coming from. From walking on the Highway and going to classes to studying in the library and constantly motivating yourself to complete assignments and projects; you look back and reflect on things that might sound serious and are the memories that you laugh about once you graduate.

Homecoming is all about reminiscing the memories you shared with everyone during your time at your alma mater.

Carrying the tradition forward as always, The Old Students Association of FAST-NU (OSAF), will be organizing Homecoming’18 for its alumni. Catch up with the alumni, your former classmates, and friends, and meet your favorite teachers and staff members from back in the days.

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It’s about revisiting the campus you loved so deeply.

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Coming back home, taking a tour of the campus, and visiting the spots where you used to spend time with your friends can truly bring a sense of fulfillment.

Also, recollecting the groups formed during late-night study sessions and the places where everyone used to meet for group presentation meetings are the experiences when nostalgia hits you hard in the face. It’s always great to visit your university and see how it has changed and grown over the years.

You can also reunite with old friends!

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Homecoming is also the event when you finally get to meet your fellow classmates and friends from university. Many students move abroad either for higher studies or to seek a job after graduating, and Homecoming can be the event where you reunite with your old pals who you thought you’d never be able to meet.

After all, your network determines your net worth.


“The way of the world is meeting people through other people.”

Homecoming is about connecting with people from diverse backgrounds. Join the students and alumni to cultivate and build friendly relationships with people and share experiences, opening a whole range of possibilities. Talk to your seniors, listen to their story and learn valuable lessons.

Homecoming’18 will take place on January 20th, 2018.

Stop by to look at the Highway being lit and decorated. It’ll definitely leave you enthralled.

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Meet and strengthen professional relations with people from top-notch giants of the industry.

Umar Saif, Jehan Ara were among the few of many other attendees last year.

It’s sponsored by the entrepreneurs of FAST-NU!

Homecoming’18 is being sponsored by FAST-NU alumni who are now leading entrepreneurs. Sponsors include the GeniTeam by Khurram Samad, Cricingif by Shahid Rasool, Sabri Group of companies by Farid Sabri, Khaleef Technologies by Ahmed Hanif, Rolustech by Shahrukh Riaz and Confiz. FAST-NU is fortunate enough to have made a big impact on the entrepreneurial front. We take immense pride in these achievements and credit the faculty for being supportive all along.



Thats not all, Xpressions Photography will also be there to cover the whole event.

Xpressions Photography, is the sole media partner of Homecoming’18.  The media agency is also owned by FAST Alumni Mohsin Zaka & Sh Arsalan.

And if you think the night couldn’t get any bigger, think again! We cannot call it a night until Qurutulain Balouch’s electrifying jam.


Special guests include Xulfi, Farhan Saeed (who performed last year too!), Burhan Rasool (CTO PITB), Qazzafi Qayyum (MD Teradata) and Ahsan Saleem (VP Confiz Ltd.), who are all notable alumni of FAST-NU.

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So FASTians, what are you waiting for? Head to the campus on January 20th and have an experience that is bound to last a lifetime!

Note: The event is child-friendly.

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