Two Students At FAST-NU Just Got Suspended Over Harassment Claims And It’s Sparked A Debate

An incident took place, where students of FAST-NU were suspended on the grounds of suspected harassment.
Two students, were found to have said indecent things about a female class fellow who went on to the report the matter to the faculty. The problem became a matter of concern who might have been joking.

Nowadays it is common to find cases of harassment everywhere. Whether its sexual or any other type of molestation, but it needs to remembered that harassment is just not acceptable.

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There were mixed views among the students regarding the incident. Some were in favor of and believed that justice was served when the boys involved were shown the DC notice, whereas others criticized and argued as to whether the act was tackled fairly.

A lot of support was seen by the feminists who jumped on the bandwagon to back .

“These things have prevailed over the past few years and have not been catered properly. We need to ensure that every girl is protected of her rights and is safe from this type of behavior, even if it’s just making sexually offensive jokes”

Others were of the view that the boys could have been innocent all along as they felt there was more to the story than just the voice message.

This is how the story really unfolded (according to the friends of the boys’ and themselves).

One of the guys shows up at a friend’s hostel. They have a good time, gossiping and cracking jokes until, one of them asks the others present to reply to his message on a Whatsapp group. The said group has over 20 people on it, and he was feeling a little embarrassed since he got no response at all.

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One of the guys there tries to record him, bantering around to piss him off even more. The guy on seeing that he’s being recorded starts to abuse him, and says he wants to have sex with a girl who’s on the same Whatsapp group. Yes, he takes her name! He did all this in an attempt that he’ll stop recording and avoid sending it in the group. Alas, that did not happen, and this audio message is sent to the over 20 people on the Whatsapp group.

Many students also believed that the matter taking place outside the university premises was something to talk about aswell.

“The incident took place outside of FAST-NU and is one thing that needs to be brought attention to. After all, it was off campus and didn’t take place during university hours, nor did it involve any of the university’s computers”

But the question as to what limit are universities allowed to take matters in their own hands, even if it involves doing things that are unofficial and possess no harm to the university itself, remains unanswered.

We all have been in situations where we have texted the wrong person, especially the person or the group which you could least think of and have left us in an awkward position.

Same has been the case here, although it is unsure whether this was done deliberately.

There was also the incident of Sharmeen Obaid’s sister and the doctor which sent shock waves throughout the medical community and the general public. While many stood by with Sharmeen’s cause, others condemned the outrage.

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The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) has NO specific guidelines for doctors to follow an ethical way of using social media.

Academic institutes should also focus to have clear policies regarding the use of social media too, which the students are aware of. The faculty should be trained professionally and should reach out to students in a clear and concise manner and have no barriers between them. It is necessary that universities implement such rules to avoid such type of events in the future.


What are you views on this matter? Was this a case of justice served? Let us know in the comments!