FAST Sports Challenge Is Coming Up And Here’s Why You Definitely Need To Take Part In It

Waiting for the vacations to get over? Do you feel you should be playing some sports with your friends at university? Then don’t bide yourself for long because we’ve got you covered.

This one is for all the sportaholics out there! With sports being an important factor during your time at university, (like *duh*, I mean what better way could you possibly find to take out all the frustrations of the day than playing some good old sports, right?), students display their best to get into the teams of the sports they love playing, where they end up making squads with the team mates and sharing countless memories.

One event that always creates such special moments is the FAST Sports Challenge organised by the FAST Sports Society, which takes place every year at FAST-NU. The FAST Sports Challenge is dedicated to provide students the opportunities for participating in a wide line-up of competitive, recreational and instructional activities. It offers leadership opportunities and team building experiences as each team is organized, managed and run by the students themselves. Students from academic institutes show great passion and enthusiasm in taking part in the challenge.


More than 1000 participants and private teams from schools, colleges and universities all over Pakistan take part in the FAST Sports Challenge every year!

Source: Addiyan Baig

The three day extravaganza (taking place from 2nd to 4th February) will feature some of the prominent players and finest talent of the country. The wide variety of sports the FAST Sports Challenge has to offer include:


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…and even Volleyball too!

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Other sports include Throwball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Chess Competition, Arm Wrestling Rage and a Push Up War.

You can even get to witness some of the freestylers in action, showing their varied variety of skills that will leave you dazzled!

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Source: Xpressions Photography

Meet with people and make friends!

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Connect with players from other teams and universities and build new relationships with people. Get to know each other so that you could know how the opponent’s team is like and what its strengths and weaknesses are so that lessons can be learned from previous mistakes for future encounters. Students from all over the country will be there so this is also a chance to make new friends. Teach someone a new skill and you might learn a thing or two from them!

And what a way to top off the event with an electrifying concert by Maria Unera!

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The event will conclude with a closing ceremony on the third day to award the players and teams who stood out and gave a tough time to the other teams in competition.

If, after reading this, you feel you have what it takes to participate in the FAST Sports Challenge, then register to the event here.

You can even follow their event page on Facebook.
Registrations for the sports challenge close on 27th January. So hurry up and be a part of something BIG!