An Intermediate Student’s Open Letter To Other FCC Students: Why Can’t We Get Along?

Submitted by Alizain Rizvi

For all those who aren’t in FC, there’s a very real animosity that exists between the Baccalaureate students and the Intermediate students. This open letter addresses that very animosity.

Dear Baccalaureate Students,

So this has been going on for a while. Not all of the students have any problem with us, Intermediate students. Some are good friends with us, while others don’t care about what’s going on.

But all of those who have a problem with Intermediate students, on their behalf, I really want to know: hum ne kiya kya hai bhai?

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Yes, I understand that mistakes have been made on our end as well.

But that doesn’t mean that you cast aside the entire Intermediate bunch, does it?

The hatred has spread to the extent where when the Campus Feed application was launched in FCCU, there were posts literally calling on the campus ambassador to ban Intermediate students from accessing it. Matlab, hum bhi yahan parhte hain, fees dete hain. Aisa toh nah karo yaar. 

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Just going to leave a friendly reminder:

We’re the ones who wear FCCU’s uniform daily while coming to college. We study in the original archaic blocks of the university and we absolutely love them. And when you need to do your photo shoots, aap humarey blocks main hee aatey hain.

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Moreover, our societies cannot hold our events in the auditoriums in E-Block or S-Block.

It’s firmly believed that every single Intermediate student is uncivilized and perverted and thus, a threat.

Think about it, though – the app you banned us from using, you guys objectified girls on it khud hee.

Then, you guys shared strange confessions as well. Facebook pages like FCC Crushes and Confessions also exist, all of which propagate the same kind of thinking. It’s wrong, regardless of who carries out such actions. No one has the right.

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To conclude this open letter, I just want to say that this animosity needs to end. 

All of us need to work on ourselves. The first thing we need to eradicate is this habit of judging people for being different. Let’s work on our mistakes and try to get rid of this concept of people from different backgrounds not being able to get along.

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And that doesn’t just apply to FCCU. It’s something to chew on for everyone else as well.


An Intermediate Student.

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