This Comic Con At FC College Is Bringing You Some Amazing Events To Take Part In

This Comic Con At FC College Is Bringing You Some Amazing Events To Take Part In

The Women Empowerment Society at FCCU is hosting the Feminist Comic Con 2017 in just a few weeks now. We gave you Cosplay, Short Film Competition, a chance to be Campus Ambassadors and now we’re throwing something new your way – the Meme War!

The Meme War is an online competition being held in the light of the Feminist Comic Con.

Nobody quite knows that at what point the internet began revolving solely around memes, but it did happen, and now memes have become one of the focal sources of laughter for all of us. So we decided to give you an opportunity to make memes of anything and everything and send them to us on our Facebook page with the hasthtag #NoHeroThisNovember. The meme with the most likes will be declared the winner and will get some fantastic prizes. So go ahead – let those creative juices flow and show us what you got!

WES is also bringing you a Scavenger Hunt thanks to Mad Hunt. This is no ordinary scavenger hunt – all your clues will be in augmented reality and whoever cracks them down, the quickest wins! Do not miss out on this super unique scavenger hunt and join us at the event!

Source: Vice

Lastly, we would also like to invite you to a brilliantly unique event.

Inspired from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the Feminst Comic Con unveils the Yule Ball a black tie event for all of its guests, participants and panelists to attend and have great food and the lovely company of the WES council.

So if you were waiting for a formal event because you have several nice dresses that you wanted to wear or you just want some great food, the Yule Ball is for you. Don’t delay any further and register for the biggest comic con of Lahore now!

If this excited you, register here to take part.