These Are All The Reasons Why You Should Be Excited For This Year’s Feminist Comic Con

These Are All The Reasons Why You Should Be Excited For This Year’s Feminist Comic Con

Submitted by the Women Empowerment Society (FC College)

The Feminist Comic Con 2017 is going to be an exhilarating, fun and super busy event. We have a lineup of competitions that promises a little something to catch everybody’s eye. Our competitions stay true to their comic con grassroots and some have our own spin on them. A lot is going to be happening and all our participants will be absolutely occupied in helping evil rise!

Cosplay Competition:

The heart and soul of any comic book convention is cosplay. We are certainly not going to be holding back anybody from allowing their creativity to take over and dressing up as their alter egos for the day. Participants can dress up as a character from any movie/anime/ TV-show/ game/ cartoon/ comic book or even a real life personality. We want to see who can fool us all, and perfectly transform into someone else. The competition will be judged based on a short performance of 30-90 seconds.

Our cosplay has been sponsored by Digital Realm (also our merchandise partner for the event), a store that provides just about everything related to comic books.

Source: WES// Facebook

Short film Competition:

We have an opportunity for aspiring filmmakers to shine and show us their take on various topics. Filmmaking is an art that needs some more boosting in our society, and we want to help do that. We’re looking for short films, based on whatever message that the participants choose. We don’t want to hold back anyone with too many restrictions and want filmmakers to project themselves through their art. Entries will be judged based on plot, performing talent, direction and artistic work (cinematography, costume, set design, hair and makeup).

All short films have to pass the Bechdel test.

Source: WES// Facebook

Fandom Trivia:

The Fandom Trivia was one of our most loved competitions last year, and we are hoping it’ll be the same this year. We want to get some healthy competition going. Do you think you know comic books? Do you really really love anime? Do you think you can give perfect answers to tricky questions under the stress of time? If yes, then the Fandom Trivia is for you!

Source: WES//Facebook

Gaming Lounge:

The comic con would be left incomplete if we didn’t give you the perfect environment for some virtual battles. If you have some competitive juices flowing, and would like nothing more than to battle it out in your favorite games, we’ve got you covered. Our gaming lounge will provide some healthy competition and good old entertainment. The lounge is open to everyone attending the event and the following games will be available: FIFA, Call of Duty, Tekken and Injustice. This is all thanks to our sponsors, Generation- The Game Shop.

Lip Sync Battle:

We want to participants to brush up those vocal cords, practice their dance moves and prepare two songs and battle it out, with an opponent of their choice, or a random participant picked by us. The victor will be decided by the audience, whoever lip syncs their way to more applause, wins!

Source: WES//Facebook

Scavenger Hunt:

We want to challenge your brain and see how good you are at decoding clues. To win, you must be the fastest at following clues and collecting the tokens in augmented reality! No pressure.

Source: WES//Facebook

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If you still want to be a part of our event, and want to register for the competitions before a mysterious, evil price hike, then hurry up! The early bird registrations are closing soon! Quickly, register here#NoHeroThisNovember