FCC Women Empowerment Society’s First Speaker Who’s Worked With Marvel, Is Helping Empower Young Female Writers

FCC Women Empowerment Society’s First Speaker Who’s Worked With Marvel, Is Helping Empower Young Female Writers

Submitted By The Women Empowerment Society FCC

Women Empowerment Society (WES) at FCCU has the responsibility to acknowledge those who are breaking barriers every single day, and setting new precedents for women in Pakistan. One such woman is Khaya Ahmed.

Khaya Ahmed identifies as a writer, fan-girl and proud procrastinator.

Source: WES

Over the years, Khaya has worked in many capacities. Her work has mostly been that of a writer. She has worked as a lead scriptwriter for The Apartment Complex at Numerical Studios, as a script coordinator and script writer for The Burka Avenger at Unicorn Black, as a consulting writer for Ms. Marvel at Marvel Comics and as a lead writer for the games Run Sheeda Run, Explottens and Funny Wings at We.R.Play. Her job at these occupations included penning and over-seeing the different seasons and also coordinating the social media content. Now that is one impressive list of experiences and projects.

Currently working as a contributor at IGN Pakistan, Khaya Ahmed will be coming to FCC Lahore in November to attend this year’s Feminist Comic Con that is being arranged by WES. This Comic Con is like no other you have ever seen. Its set to celebrate the often underrated and unrecognized work that women in the world of comics and superheroes.

She is going to share her craft and conduct a Story Building Workshop, which will be great in helping empower and motivate aspiring female creatives.

Source: WES

It will start with an introduction to her story and will continue on, as Khaya teaches other people how to weave their stories, and present them to the world. This will help teach participants how to make their voices heard through their words, and most importantly, how to do it while balancing all the other obstacles and hurdles society throws their way.

Khaya Ahmed is standing tall and proud in a setting dominated by men, and is an example for all those women who dream to find a place for themselves in the comic book world, and make their prominent mark, just like her. She is creating a space to the telling of stories unique to Pakistan and Pakistani women. WES is proud to have her at the Comic Con as the torchbearer for empowered women. #NoHeroThisNovember