The LUMS ‘FemSoc’ Blew Everyone Away With Their Slam Poetry Night

On Thursday, 30th November, the Feminist Society at LUMS held an event in collaboration with the organizers of Pakistan Poetry Slam

The theme kept was “feminism” and participants were asked to incorporate their perspective of the term into their poems. The FemSoc event comprised of lots of talented young individuals who blew the audience away with words that struck deep within.

Source: LUMS

The LUMS FemSoc was founded in 2013 with the main aim to talk about subjects people shy away from

The society aims to create awareness about non-binary issues, sexuality, power dynamics, sexual harassment and violence, gender disparities and the portrayal of gender minorities in the media. It is a student run organization that challenges masculinity and talks about the role men can and have played in the movement for gender equality. FemSoc pushes for structural change for gender and sexual minorities on campus.

Source: LUMS

Furthermore, it aims to provide a safe place for students to talk about any cases of sexual harassment on campus. Most freshmen do not know how to deal with situations like these and so, members of the FemSoc act as a bridge between the student body and the upper powers at LUMS to help students get their case across. They are guided to the relevant hearings and are given a chance to seek justice.

Here is a snippet of Ayesha Lari’s ode to her unborn daughter

But when you’re done digging into the past and clinging on to the memories that will only haunt you in your sleep

Maybe even on nights you just cant sleep, you’ll find it in your resilient self to piece yourself back together and move on so the flesh and the skin and bones restore balance

Let your body become the home you’ve always known because you are the God damn smoldering sky on a night of the Karachi July

This time, it will be enough

You always have been


A snippet from a poem where the girl was approached by a guy who said he wouldn’t marry a girl who is on Facebook because it is a “Gunahon ki jagah”

Qalm ko tour dou ye usai muhalley k larkoun ko khat likhney lagey gi

Magar mein tou us sey sirf alif bey pey likhna chahti hu

Bewakoof aurat

Ye maghrib k alambardaar huqooq k naam pey tujhey shamma-e-ey mehfil bana dein gey

These brilliant performances earned lots of claps (and finger snaps) from the audience as boys and girls together got up on stage and attacked the societal view on gender.

Two students from LUMS also qualified as candidates for the National Poetry Slam competition

We are mind blown by the performances we saw. It is great to see a club providing individuals with a platform to raise their voices and to educate their peers about the deeper problems within society.

Source: LUMS

If you wish to listen to a couple of performances, check out LUMS FemSoc Facebook page and tag your friends in the comments to open their minds to the problems males and females face every single day.