This Pakistani's Attempt To Return An Indian's Wallet Has Won The Internet

By Sana Yasmeen | 31 Jul, 2021

Ghazi Taimoor took to Twitter to announce that he found a wallet on the roads of London belonging to Rahul. The rest is history. Read on.

Every once in a while, something so spectacular and heartwarming happens that it brings forward a silver lining in the dark clouds all over. Such stories make for the perfect pieces to restore our faith in humanity and one can never really have enough of the warmth such stories radiate.

Ghazi Taimoor took to Twitter to announce that he found a wallet on the roads of London.

Ghazi Taimoor, a Harvard graduate belonging to Lahore, ended up finding a wallet on Shoreditch High street. This find eventually led him to his quest of finding and personally heading over the wallet to the owner.

Like all good stories, it didn’t take long for a troublesome plot twist to hinder Ghazi’s heroic attempt.

Ghazi Taimoor took it to himself to find Rahul, but Rahul’s complete absence of presence on the internet made it all the more impossible for Ghazi to find him.

In what followed to be a rather scenic narration, Ghazi Taimoor went through dramatic ordeals in finding Rahul, the owner of the wallet.

Ghazi’s initial efforts to locate Rahul were met with nothing but disdain. However, it wasn’t a quest Ghazi planned to give up on, and with some extra effort and critical thinking, Ghazi was able to trace him back to a company.

Having located him finally, Ghazi Taimoor made way to his office ‘Anjali-Style’ with his fingers crossed.

After a series of efforts and troubles, Ghazi’s tale of looking for Rahul finally came to a happy conclusion!

What started from a single tweet became a viral thread and the conclusion was met with happy cheers from all around the globe.

Having handed over the wallet to Rahul, Ghazi’s tale had finally gotten its perfect happy ending.

The story impressed many and was picked up by media from all over the globe.

Labeled as a better ‘Bollywood-style chase’ than Rohan’s search for Rahul in ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’, the story was applauded by all and narrated by many.

Talking to MangoBaaz, Ghazi Taimoor discussed how he never expected his narration to blow up

Talking to MangoBaaz, Ghazi stated that it started as an attempt to cheer up his friends with a ‘Dilwale Dulhaia Le Jayengy’ style narration of the lost wallet. He stated that his sole intentions were to get the wallet back to Rahul and he, in no way, had expected the Twitter thread to blow up.

He also expressed his shock at how big the story went and stated that he was still coming to terms with it.

When asked about a message for the people around him, Ghazi Taimoor explained that the past year had all of us in all sorts of turmoils and traumas and it was high time that we all displayed acts of kindness, no matter how small or insignificant they felt.

People from both sides of the borders came forward to applaud Ghazi Taimoor for his effort in finding Rahul.

…and finally, a hope for us all.


In these times of despair, the story is proving to be a breath of fresh air for all of us. We, here at MangoBaaz applaud Ghazi Taimoor for going above and beyond to help Rahul reunite with his wallet. What do you guys think of the story? Have any comments? Let us know in the comments section below.

Cover image via @ghazi_taimoor/Twitter

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