15 Heartfelt Gift Ideas You Can Afford On A Student Budget

As a student, one must adapt to budget friendly ways. Here are some terrific gift ideas for your close ones that are super thoughtful and won’t even break your bank too much. Disclaimer: Some may take a great amount of effort.

1. A 365 Jar

As the name suggests, get a jar and write chits with positive messages, memories and quotes. Give it to your friends and be a source of happiness throughout the year. Lots of effort, but it’s worthwhile.

2. A photo in a frame

Simple, chic and meaningful.

Source: Etsy Studio

3- ‘Open when’ letters

Write your friends loads of letters, but for different occasions. They open it when the occasions arises, and then there’s a little bit of you there with them.

Source: Styletic

4. A knapsack of hope

Source: Pinterest

5. A custom printed mug

Source: Everydaycelebrating

6. A gift card

Source: CNET

Stores like The Body Shop and Sana Safinaz offer gift cards, which are good options.

7. A phone cover

Source: casefactory

Specially if they use a clear cover on their phone and you notice it going yellow, might as well get them a new one, right?

8- A (customized) notebook

Source: twitter/khabeesorat

Preferably of their favorite TV show character or something.

9. Pet fish or turtles

Source: bestanimations

10. Flowers

Source: giphy

11. Fairy lights

Source: giphy

Who doesn’t like fairy lights?!

12. Scented candles

Source: tenor

If they’re a candle person, but really, who isn’t a candle person.

13. Some of their favorite snacks

Source: WKF

If that won’t put a smile on their face, I don’t know what will.

14. A book/s

Source: dfranks

One can never have enough books.

15. A BIG HUG!

Source: NBC

And sometimes all a person needs is a hug!

There you go! Students are kangal, but there’s no limit on the leave their feel for their friends (cheesy, I know). These little heartfelt gifts can go a long way.