The Ultimate Guide To Grocery Shopping For Hostelites

Most nights of hostilities consist of staying up way past bed time to binge eat something that was ordered the night before. We can’t always rely on our parents to send us cooked meals, nor can we rely on the hostel’s food because it kind of sucks sometimes (okay lets be honest, always). It’s nice to eat a home made meal because not only is it tasty, it’s cheaper than ordering in every night, so let’s give you some tips and tricks on your grocery shopping so you can make meals at the hostel:

1. Make a list

Prepare a list of items you want to buy so you don’t forget anything

Source: NBC

2. Pitch in

Ask your friends to pool in money, especially if you have a roomie and you’ll be sharing the food items bought

Source: Deenga

3. Make a budget

Make sure that you don’t spend over that budget

Source: NBC

4. Get ready-made food

Stuff like K&N’s is easy because you just have to fry it and it’s good to go.

Source: Yash Raj

5. Go atleast once a week

You want to make sure that your fruits and vegetables are fresh!

Source: NBC

6. Clean out your fridge every time

Before putting the groceries away, make sure no old food is sitting in your fridge

7. Keep an eye out for sales

A flyer is usually available at the store that mansions the items on sale

Source: TLC

8. Take a friend along with you

Make it a fun trip by asking a friend to tag along

Source: SACV

9. Go easy on the junk food

Remember that the whole point of the grocery shopping is to be able to make meals not so you can just much on chips

Source: NBC

10. Do not overstock

Don’t get so much stuff that it will go bad because you weren’t able to eat or use all of it

Source: T Series

11. Don’t go on an empty stomach 

You will definitely over spend if you do

Source: Giggling Goose Productions


Do you have any tips? Let us know!