Gurfateh Pirzada Looks Absolutely Stunning In THIS Pakistani Designer's Clothes

By Sajeer Shaikh | 12 Mar, 2021

For the uninformed, (who REALLY need to get with the program), Gurfateh Pirzada is an Indian actor who starred in ‘Guilty’ and will soon be seen in ‘Brahmastra‘ as well.

Gurfateh Pirzada has also often been likened to Ahad Raza Mir, since a lot of people believe that they look alike.

I don’t see it personally, but hey, I don’t mind a world where lookalikes exist in the form of either Ahad or Gurfateh. It’s a win-win, honestly.

In case y’all missed it, we even talked to Gurfateh Pirzada regarding the same and a lot more. You can watch it here:


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Apna kaam banda plug na karey? Aisay kaisay?

Whilst in conversation with MangoBaaz, Gurfateh Pirzada mentioned how he followed Pakistani content quite often, with Humsafar being one of his favorite shows. He also talked about being a Mahira Khan stan and appreciating Momina Mustehsan after the sensation that Afreen Afreen became.

It seems like the India-Pakistan love doesn’t stop there. In the interview, Gurfateh mentioned that his sister will be getting married soon, and he’s been pretty busy with that prep. And if you follow him on Instagram (if you don’t, you’re missing out), you know he’s been posting snippets from the ceremony.

Here’s what caught our attention:

Source: @gurfatehpirzada/Instagram

Y’all see sum’n?

Yep, that little Faraz Manan tag at the bottom. Gurfateh here is all decked up in this stunning attire by Faraz Manan.

Gurfateh Pirzada shared a few more snaps from the ceremony (so far) wearing Faraz Manan, and boy, does he look great

Source: @gurfatehpirzada/Instagram

I’m keeping my eyes peeled for more, and I really hope a Faraz Manan-Gurfateh Pirzada collab is something in the works. But for now, I’ll leave you with one more picture of Gurfateh looking absolutely dapper.

Source: @gurfatehpirzada/Instagram

I’m not overtly saying that we should be thankful he exists. But I’m also not NOT saying that. So do what you will with that information.

Mehreen Syed was also seen leaving behind appreciative comments on his post. 

Source: @gurfatehpirzada/Instagram

I can only agree.

Also, crossover pe crossover. Now, all we need is for him and Sajal Aly to star in a movie together to really mess with everyone, you know? That’s going to make headlines instantly.

Gurfateh then went on to post this:

He officially dedicated a whole post to the outfit sent in by Faraz Manan.

(“Excuse my narcissism,” he says. Little does he know it’s more than welcome.)

Anyway, in all seriousness, Gurfateh Pirzada is slaying that look (is it cool to say that anymore?), and I, for one, can’t wait to see more of our designers flock to have him wear their clothes (lookin’ at you, YBQ – we all know that photoshoot will be exceptional). Additionally, all of us here at MangoBaaz wish him the absolute best, and congratulate him on his sister’s engagement.

Let us know what you think about this in the comments.

Gurfateh Pirzada Spoke To Us About Being Compared To Ahad Raza Mir. Here’s What He Said


Cover image via @gurfatehpirzada/Instagram

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