Tonight Is Pink Moon, Also The Biggest Supermoon Of 2020, And Here's How It Could Affect Your Zodiac Sign

By Maryam Khalid | 8 Apr, 2020

Tonight’s Pink Moon could affect your zodiac sign in ways you didn’t even think about

So far, 2020 has pretty much been a topsy turvy ride for everyone. All those times of socializing in a pre-Corona era have really started to feel unreal now. With all the negativity around, it is getting really hard to focus our energies on something else. But now let’s take a step back from whatever is going on with our planet. And let’s witness something truly phenomenal, and possibly the most optimistic thing the universe is sending our way. Tonight is going to Pink Moon and it’s also the biggest Supermoon of 2020.


But for starters, what is the Pink Moon anyway?

Not to disappoint you guys. But the Pink Moon is not actually pink in color. While it would have been incredible to witness a gulaabi chaand in the sky (imagine the poets going crazy), it is named after the pink phlox flowers that blossom in April’s spring. It also goes by the name ”Full Pink Supermoon”. Since it is a Supermoon, it would be 14 percent greater in size and 30 percent brighter than the normal moon. Isn’t this fascinating? Also, if you noticed, the size of the moon already changed since last night.


So let’s see how this Pink Moon is going to affect your zodiac sign, shall we?



The Pink Supermoon is taking place in Aries, so they are among the most affected ones. Also, the moon is in opposition to your Sun. This means that both of them are on the distant ends of the axis, and it would be difficult to bring them together. Now, this gives rise to the conflict between what you have and what you want in life. Aries can definitely work out to make this opposition work, but this would require compromises.




You do know how stressed out you are, but you don’t truly realize the immensity of it. No amount of extra work can relieve the tension you are absorbing from your surroundings. Give yourself some time. Try some meditation. You need to let it all go. Your insights will carve out new ways for you.




Now, as the saying goes, you can never know a Gemini completely. You might be getting really comfortable with this social distancing. But at the same time, you are missing your extroverted and chirpy self. You even don’t realize for yourself what mood dominates at what time. Just remember one thing: it’s okay to feel like this. You must not guilt-shame yourself for not being grateful.




This celestial phenomenon is giving you an opportunity to re-kindle your romantic relationships. Don’t hesitate in opening up your heart to your loved one. Has the quarantine created a long-distance relationship? Give a phone call. Tell him/her how you feel. If you have hit a bump in your romantic life, it’s never too late to sort it out.




Now would be a great time to take charge of whatever has been going out of your control lately. It might be challenging for you. But shrugging off the feelings of hopelessness can be the only way for you to achieve your goals. Nobody can control the unpredictability of life. But you can at least try to take hold of it.




It might be a good day to grab a planner and sort out your daily schedule. With nothing much to do, there’s a whole lot you can begin to try. You finally have all the time for the stuff you’ve been holding back for so long. So get excited and get going!




This is the second most impacted zodiac from the Pink Supermoon. Libra folks, let the universal energy guide you towards ”balance”. Find that lost balance. Cultivate the balance between your professional and personal life. Even try to nurture that balance within your relationships. You are more inclined towards giving. So, try to prioritize yourself for a change.




You are feeling disoriented due to the current circumstances. You’re missing your fun, your friends and the life you had. It’s getting hard for you to find distractions for your well-concealed grief. But hey, you aren’t alone. Just because you can’t meet someone in person, doesn’t mean that you can’t connect as well.




Hard times always tend to show the true colors of the people around you. So learn from what you observe. Let the Supermoon illuminate the nooks and corners of your mind. Prioritize the people who help you grow. Don’t trust others too easily. Trust your gut.




Good news, Capricorn folks! The Pink moon is going to take your career prospects to new heights. So here’s some advice: take your next steps carefully. Align your goals with your career objectives. Dream big and adjust your path. Make sure you’re headed where you want to go.




Don’t let the circumstances scare you away. Yes, there’s a lot of uncertainty and chaos around. But hey, look at this Pink moon. It is proof that nature will always have your back. So, even if you’re indoors, the sky is still your limit. So, aim high and clear your thoughts. The glass is half-full if you just think about it.




Allow this immense lunar energy to heighten your intuitions. Listen to your inner voice. Find out where it leads you. Focus on bringing out the best in you. And good luck with this re-exploration!


So, this is basically how the Pink Moon is going to impact you and your zodiac sign. Let us know if it makes sense. Take care, stay safe and stay away!


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