Here's How This Weekend's ‘Ring Of Fire' Solar Eclipse Is Going To Affect Your Zodiac Sign

By Maryam Khalid | 19 Jun, 2020

Did you know that a ring of fire eclipse that could affect your zodiac sign is happening tomorrow?

If you are somehow pissed at how the pandemic situation is turning out, nature might have something to interest you. Most parts of the world will witness a solar eclipse this weekend. The moon will move directly in front of the Sun starting this  Saturday on June 20 and ending Sunday, June 21. This kind of solar eclipse is known as a ”Ring of Fire” due to the outer edge of the Sun’s circumference flaming around the edge of the Moon.


Here’s how to see the ‘ring of fire’ eclipse that could affect your zodiac sign, in Pakistan

Yes, you can totally witness this celestial phenomenon. According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department, the eclipse will start at 8:40 am and would end at 2:34 pm across the country on Sunday June 21. However, it will start at 9:26 am in Karachi, would reach its peak at 11:40 am, ending at 12:46 pm in the city.

But you should not get too excited, because you shouldn’t look directly at the sun without any eye protection. The radiation would be much more direct and it could damage your eyesight.

Source: Gulf News

Now let’s see how this solar eclipse is going to affect your zodiac sign, shall we?



Aries folks, you are very likely to be engrossed in your emotions this weekend. The thoughts like who you used to be and who you have become now, will cross your mind frequently. You do not need to be all sad and gloomy over this. Try to view this with the perspective of evolution. You’ve evolved considerably and are truly a better version of yourself.

ring of fire eclipse zodiac aries


You need to voice all your unsaid words, as they have been piling up for years by now. Control your temper as well. You have every right to be angry at the world. But that’s not who you are. Just speak from your heart and let them know what you are thinking. You’ll feel lightened, trust us.

ring of fire eclipse zodiac taurus


You have been overworking for quite a while now. Many issues are still calling for your attention. But you need to put your health first before thinking to indulge in matters once again. Take some time out for yourself. Do some self-care, have some yoga. A little refreshment is all you need to get going again.

ring of fire eclipse zodiac gemini


Things are not going so well for you. Your mind is perturbed with all the bad news occurring so frequently. Your cosmos are not letting you go easy this month. But hey, take a deep breath. You need to remember that we cannot control everything. Just try to find your little moments of happiness among the chaos.

ring of fire eclipse zodiac cancer


Eclipses are all about changes. Leos are known to be passionate and hardworking souls. But they might feel worn out around this time. So, maybe taking some time off isn’t a bad idea after all? Meditate and reflect. It’s a weekend, so you deserve some free time for yourself.

ring of fire eclipse zodiac leo


The solar eclipse is going to shake your house of community and socializing. So, don’t be surprised if the dynamics of your interactions start to redefine themselves. You don’t need to freak out at these changes. Just try to understand whatever the other person is suggesting. Be empathetic and you are not going to lose anyone.

ring of fire eclipse zodiac virgo


You need to assess your goals once again. Are you focusing on your career a lot? Is your personal life getting ignored? Let the universal energy guide you towards ”balance”. Find that lost balance. Cultivate the balance between your professional and personal life. You need a new shift in how you approach things.

ring of fire eclipse zodiac libra


Let the Ring of Fire ignite a fire of passion in your heart. A passion to learn something to do something different. Use this weekend to read a new book or acquire a new skill. Since you should avoid going outdoors during a pandemic, you have plenty of options to explore while sitting at home.

ring of fire eclipse zodiac scorpio


You feel like you are amidst the darkness.  The world is crumbling down in front of you and you don’t know what to do anymore. Let the solar energy to illuminate the nooks and corners of your mind. Your star sign is an arrow. So, do not worry, you’ll find your path ultimately.

ring of fire eclipse zodiac sagittarius


Solar eclipses are believed to have psychological effects on people. There are mood swings, unusual dreams, and even relationship issues between partners. You might not get along with your partner well. There would be some issues and disagreements. But this still doesn’t mean that your mutual love is ending. Just put some extra effort to identify the problems and fix them.

ring of fire eclipse zodiac capricorn


Frustration would have become your daily energy by now. But don’t let the circumstances freak you out. Surely, there are a lot of uncertainties. But you are always known to be optimistic. So, clear your mind and collect your thoughts. Reassure yourself that you would do your best to not let things drive you crazy.

ring of fire eclipse zodiac aquarius


You are empathetic. Don’t let the trying circumstances blur away your best quality. There is a need for kindness more than ever. With the right mindset, you can find love and beauty in everything. So, good luck with this exploration!

ring of fire eclipse zodiac pisces

So, this is basically how the ‘ring of fire’ eclipse is going to impact you and your zodiac sign. Take care, stay safe, and stay away!


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