Here’s why How I Met Your Mother is better than Friends ft. Hashim Wyne

By Eman Sajjad | 11 Oct, 2022

That one episode that mocks Friends:

The episode titled “Swarley” begins with Ted, Marshall, and Barney sitting in a coffee shop in complete silence.
Barney breaks the boring silence with:

“Hanging out in a coffee place is not nearly as much fun as hanging out in a bar.”

It’s amazing to see how much this show has in common with Friends with the best friends to lovers trope, the group of friends hanging in a public place, and most importantly the all too familiar group dynamics.


Ted’s comically tragic love story:

The show is based around Ted who is on a quest to find the one. Throughout the show we see him dating (and almost marrying – Ross Geller much?) a few women, each of whom breaks his heart, subduing his belief in love with every heartbreak.

Yet Ted perseveres and commands success – by the end of the ninth season that is. The tragic pursuit of love breaks down Ted Mosby into a hollow husk of a man, as we see his transformation from an
optimistic young romantic to the unfeeling skeptic.

Because the show is legen- wait for it – DARY, LEGENDARY:

This section is about the most awesome character of all time: Barney Stinson. Barney easily lifts the energy of the show, with his ridiculous plays from the Playbook to trick women into sleeping
with him, his wacky “Ted, I have one rule(s)”, his unresolved daddy issues, and his obsession with wearing the finest suits. You can always count on Barney to break any monotony in the show, giving each episode a fruity and humorous punch.


Lilypad and Marshmallow and what they teach us:

Marshall and Lily are the injection of cuteness and wholesomeness that really completes the show. These two have amazing chemistry, cheesy nicknames, unusually strong coordination, and most importantly pure, honest, and unbridled love for each other. Yet I believe that the most important thing they teach us is that for love to survive, there must be boundaries and compromises at the same time.

Oh, and did I mention, that Lily even has a Marshall body pillow? Things do get weird sometimes.

And obviously, the bros:
Marshall, Barney, and Ted are the three guys that are the epitome of how bros should carry themselves among other
They are loyal to each other, they try to help Ted’s love life, and most importantly, they are there for each other,
through thick and thin.
Barney even has a Bible-esque scripture that he calls “the Bro-Code”.
Muhammad Hashim Hussain Wyne

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