Here's Why Muslims Around The World Have Fallen In Love With Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Following The ChristChurch Attack

By Biya Haq | 20 Mar, 2019

A Prime Minister like Jacinda.

Suffice to say, the Christchurch shooting in New Zealand was a massive blow for Muslims all around the world.

The lives of 49 innocent souls were lost at the hands of a white supremacist whose motive was to kill every Muslim in sight. The horror extended when the gunman decided to live stream the entire shooting on Facebook. The entire incident was a monstrosity and millions of Muslims all over the world stood grieving for the lives of men, women and children killed that day.

It is quite the common theme that when a terrorist attack occurs, people all over the world choose to blame the Muslim community, given their ‘connection’ in the past with terrorism. However this time, things turned out to be quite the opposite.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, took total control of the situation.

And since then, Muslims all over the world have been praising her for the actions she took during this time.

And since most of us don’t know that much about her, we thought we’d do some leg work.

Jacinda Ardern is the 40th Prime Minister of New Zealand and the youngest ever leader of the country’s labour party. She is the youngest female to hold a PM seat in the country AND is a complete badass woman because she gave birth while holding office, handing off her responsibilities for just a mere six weeks of maternity leave.  She has been the second to do this, following suit of our very own, Benazir Bhutto.

And to top that off, her baby became the youngest person ever to attend the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Source: The Guardian

Adorable and AMAZING.

With these actions alone she gave hope and pride to women all around the world, celebrating her womanhood and her capabilities as a mother. Growing up, and like, of course, Ardern always took an active role in her involvement in leadership titles in her schooling. She became the student representative of her board of trustees and graduated with her degree in politics and public relations.

Oh and you guys, she was a DJ. Like an actual real-life headphone wearing beat blasting DJ.

Source: Four Over Four

And she can take a mean selfie.

With her diplomacy and obviously stellar extra curriculurs^, it seems easy to see why everyone in New Zealand fell in love with her. However,

Her skills as a leader in a time of misery and loss is why the entire Muslim community fell in love with her.

Ardern not only made an incredibly moving speech following the shooting in Churchcity,

And her actions in the following period of time have been absolutely phenomenal.

Her obvious genuine compassion and empathy for the entire Muslim community in New Zealand has been a clear depiction of what a true should look like.

If Ardern was not in the position she was in to handle the situation, it is unclear how the Muslim community was going to be pictured after such a massive terrorist attack took place in a foreign non-predominately Muslim country.

Our Prime Minister, Imran Khan, has so far shown us similar tendencies as a leader. Offering compassion and friendship when all else has failed. Let’s hope that in this Naya Pakistan, we will be able to continue to see such a force lead our own country.

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Cover photo source: Sky News

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