11 Every Day Struggles Of Wearing A Hijab at University

At university, we see several people pulling the hijab off perfectly. Their well-coordinated outfit and hijab always makes us wonder how they do it. However, how many of us have given thought to the struggles hijabis encounter on a daily basis? After talking to a couple of our hijabi friends, here is what we found out;

1. The wind is their worst enemy

Source: SAN

Every Pakistani knows how great the wind feels during the hot summers. However, it can get annoying when your hijab flies off in the middle of a jog. At the least, it tends to blow strands of your hair into your face while you struggle to tuck them back in.

2. Planning an outfit

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With the added struggle of matching an outfit together, Hijabi’s need to keep in mind their selection of scarfs before they can even manage to purchase a cute top.

3. Being seen as icons of chastity

Source: Dharma Production

Some people tend to judge Hijabi’s more harshly than others. They (weirdly) believe that since they are covering their heads, they have the added obligation of following all the rules.

4. Voicing out religious beliefs can be a struggle

Source: Tenor

Most Hijabi’s have to be careful of how they phrase their views. Since people already have a preconceived notion of them, they fear to come off as too conservative or too liberal.

5. Smoking

Source: Mangobaaz Campus

Hijabi’s are constantly being observed by society. Hence, each time they are seen smoking, people start to talk and shame them.

6. Working out in a co gym is a big no-no

Source: RuPauls Drag Race/ World of Wonder

Hitting the gym means shedding those extra calories while sweating profusely. Wearing the hijab while working out cannot even be considered as an option unless Hijabi’s want to faint of heat-stroke.

7. Eastern outfits

Source: Color Force

Even though Hijabi’s look great in whatever they wear, they fear looking too desi and unapproachable each time they dress up in a shalwar kameez.

8. Flirting

Source: Urdu1

People tend to forget that Hijabi’s too tend to  have their fun. When it comes to friendly flirting, it can get complicated as boys don’t know what to expect.

9. Wearing an full-sleeved undershirt during sports

Source: Delish

During school matches, everyone is supposed to wear a T-shirt that their university designs for them. Often enough, these are half-sleeved. Since most Hijabi’s don’t wear half-sleeved shirts, they have to wear an full-sleeved undershirt beneath their T-shirt. This adds to the weight and heat, especially during the summers.

10. Working to look extra-chill

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Somehow, people tend to get intimidated by Hijabi’s. They feel as if they cannot be themselves or they will get judged. Hence, hijabi’s have to work extra hard to disregard the impression of being uptight.

11) Dressing up for Halloween

Source: Ezay

With Halloween right round the corner, only Hijabi’s understand how hard it is planning an outfit. They have to come up with a character that covers their head and still manage to look extra-spookey.


Despite all the odds, the Hijab does have its fair share of advantages. Hijabi’s can hide their face fat and double-chin simply by placing their scarf strategically. Furthermore, they have no ‘bad hair days.’

If you have any friends who take the hijab, tag them in the comments to let them know you understand their struggles!