I Met A Palmist And It Was Actually Pretty Scary How Accurate She Was About My Life

By Aam Nawab | 25 May, 2019

Meeting a palmist was definitely a unique experience

So the other day at work, I was just sharing how I have been interested in palmistry, lately. I have always been incredibly fascinated by the topic and knowing our society, I thought it was something people would be interested in too. Cause like, who doesn’t want to know how many kids they’re going to have, when they’re getting married and if you’re ever going to marry your childhood popstar crush. (Love you Goher Mumtaz.)

And quite spookily, a colleague of mine said her friend was going to pay a visit to the office, and lo and behold, she just happened to be a palmist.


The study of palmistry has been around for quite some time.

Source: @NikkiIannucci / Twitter

It is the study of the shape, size and lines of the hands and fingers and dates back to 4000-1000 BC. Each palmist, according to their origin and studies may have different ways of reading their subject’s hands.

Not only can palmistry allegedly reveal the possibilities of your future, but it can also present the qualities within you in your current life as well as your past experiences. Basically, it can be very cool and completely terrifying at the same time.


Which brings me to my experience, when I had the opportunity to sit with a palmist myself.

My reader had no formal training, but the ability had run in her own family for years, making her quite the expert. Now, before we get into the nitty-gritty, I’ll give you some background on me. I am SUPER interested in stuff like this. Horoscopes, birth time readings, what your Chinese zodiac sign says about you…pretty much every kind of ‘reading’ out there. However, though they may change the way I am perceiving my life at the moment, I have never gone so far as to actually ask someone about my future because the fact is, I am absolutely terrified of it.

To me, my future is my future and what’s meant to be is meant to be. And in terms of finding out about anything that is going to happen to me? My motto is that I will find out anyway, so what’s the pointing in jumping the gun. Also, thanks to my superstitious side, I also have an acute fear that I will somehow be punished for asking someone about my ‘destiny.’ People say that once you have your future told, it inevitably changes.

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Obviously, none of this can be proven but by the same token, it can’t always be denied. So as you can imagine, when the time came for my hand to be read, I was pretty much shitting my pants. But, life is too short and I decided to kill my curiosity anyway.

My reader sat me down next to a window and looked at palms in natural light. She then began to squeeze my hands, rotate them, shift them side by side, turn them around and press my nerve endings.

She began reading my hands as though she was reading a book. She explained that a number of different things go into reading palms and most of it is all based on the interpretation of the reader. But friends, this girl INTERPRETED.


I met the palmist for about a minute before we began the reading and she began telling me things about myself that NO ONE knew. And I mean NO ONE.

And when it came to revealing the possibilities of my future, suffice to say – I was baffled. However, since I did mention my superstition earlier, I will hold back on the details of what she outlined. But to let you in on some of it, she basically told me things everyone would want to know. When I am going to get married, how many kids I am going to have, what my life will look like in ten years and a number of other things that had me completely dumbfounded.

Source: spiritual-reading-net

I have been meaning to venture out on a side business and she specifically told me what it was that I was already thinking to start a business in and what I was going to do with it without me even bringing it up. Wtf. She also told me not to handle my own finances. Lol.

Also fun fact, a palmist cannot read their own future, it has to be done by another reader.


After about 45 minutes, the reading ended, I hugged the palmist, we laughed and we said our goodbyes. But from that moment on, I was scared. I was so scared.

The next week went by and my mind was totally consumed by every detail of every word she told me. I could not stop thinking about my life so far, and what it meant for my life in the future. I thought about all the dreams and aspirations I had for myself prior to this meeting and how many of them were not to be in my future, according to the reader.

It was scary thinking that in a matter of 45 minutes, I had been told what my life was going to be, by someone who didn’t even know me. It was like having an out of body experience – as if I had looked into a glass mirror and seen my whole life ahead of me. Also, I am not a religious person, but I also found myself asking for forgiveness while praying for having my palm read.


I had to actively stop myself from thinking about the things she said. Literally, I would have to say it out loud, “STOP thinking about it.”

Source: commons.wikimedia.org

Finally, some days went by and everything she said started fading away. I started forgetting all possibilities and interpretations and decided that I had to live the only way any of us really can. In the present.

One thing that I will tell you that she told me, was that I have no luck line. Before you feel sorry for me, she said it was because I make my own luck in life. And though all of our palms may look different, I think that is an ability that lives in all of us. No matter what all the superstitions and readings and horoscopes say, we are in charge of our own lives. Every day we have the choice to act and speak in a certain manner that is under our control. And no matter what my future may hold, at least I can hold on to the fact that my present is just as impactful. In fact, before leaving, my reader specifically pointed out that our lines change all the time, palmistry is based on the principles of interpretation.

So, if any of you ever want to have your palms read, my advice is to not take anything too seriously. It can be nice to have a new sense of guidance in our lives but really, you are the only one who can build your own future and that sounds pretty great to me.


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