The Ultimate Guide To Recognize Different Types Of Students At IBA

The Ultimate Guide To Recognize Different Types Of Students At IBA

Each major at IBA comes with it’s fair share of stereotypes. One of the weirdest thing about IBA is that if you’re a student, you can automatically tell which program the other IBA kid must be from just by looking at them. I’m not even kidding.

Are you confused? I’m sure you are. Let me break it down for you:

BBA kids:

The biggest chunk of the population, these people are here only because, “IBA seh BBA ki value hi aur houti hai,” even though literally all they do for the four years of their lives is ratta stuff from slides.

They’re pretty carefree so you can tell one apart from a distance because of their relaxed faces, constant even when the campus is on fire kyunke jaani, itna lit mahol hai! Not constant when a super irrelevant event comes up though and the entire program will start spamming your newsfeed like there’s absolutely no tomorrow.

Overheard at the Adamjee Cafe, “Bus, Bachelors of Bullshit Admistration hi hai yeh.”

Source: Dharma Productions

Social Sciences and Liberal Arts:

These kids pretend they don’t really care about what anyone think about them, and they still try hard to fit in while maintaining the we’re-too-cool-for-you and you-can’t-sit-with-us attitude. Astonishing species, to be honest.

They will judge you for judging people. Will root for any cause that’s currently ~edgy~.

They will make sure they use the words ‘social construct’ in a conversation to let people know that they’re smart and well read. Often found in groups of 10 and claim they’re introverts. 

They’ll also randomly throw a vague rhetorical question about life and existence and the society just to baffle normies.

Sometimes they also try to protest against stuff every now and then because again, who doesn’t want to get noticed? 🙂

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Accounting and Finance:

Their entire existence is burdened because of
a. the endless studies
b. their misfortune of choosing to enroll in ACF.

On the bright side though, they have 8/10 better career prospects.

They sometimes try and pretend be as cool and edgy as the BBA kids but seriously, even a blind person is able to tell the difference.

They have the most worn out faces and like to sulk in the library because of how hard their life is, and how much they have to study (told you it’s an endless juggle for this lot).

They’ll literally do some freelance finance assignment in exchange of a good joke.


Economics and Maths

Nerds of the highest order. You don’t even get to see them around cuz they’re busy sulking in a corner at Tabba about how hard their majors are and how they’re the smartest kids around cuz mAtHs. Also often found telling random strangers about their misery.

They look down at everyone as if they’re peasants because of course, everyone else can’t mAtH like they do.

No one really cares about these kids, but they don’t really need your attention. They don’t even have the time for it, to be very honest.

Source: Giphy

Computer Science

Life of a CS Major:


Beta FAST kyun nahi gaye?
IBA seh CS kon kerta hai?!
“Bro, WiFi set kerdou please


These kids are usually found in super secret places, and have their own little world. They look like the most masoom and mazloom kids ever. They’re like the middle child, totally neglected.

Often found saying, “yeh sab degrees khatam houjayeingi aur tum sab humaray paas hi aao ge because computer science is the future,” while a Marketing kid rolls their eyes in the distance. 

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This is a satirical piece and is almost 83% far from the truth but if you still find yourself to fit these stereotypes then you should probably stop and re-evaluate your life.