Guys, Fikar Not. IBA’s Enigma Has Your Winter Vacations Completely Sorted

Winter break’s about to kick off in a while, and what’s a better way to spend your vacations than to spend it with your friends having the time of your life? (Hint: it has a lot to do with IBA’s Enigma.)

IBA’s flagship Olympiad, Enigma, is coming back with its seventh edition this January, from the 3rd to the 6th, and it should be on your list for this winter!

Enigma is known for its versatility and has something in store for everyone with its kick-ass 24 events. So, whether you’re a chess fanatic or a lover of Urdu Literature, this event is for everyone!

Here’s all that you should be expecting from the seventh edition of Enigma:

Enigma this year brings forth the concept of stages. This concept amalgamates all kinds of art and will make people live art in its truest spirit.

There’s the Forest Stage…

The Forest Stage is where famous celebrity guests including Tena Durrani, Jibran Nasir, Abbas Jafri, Wajahat Rauf and Natasha Baig will address core issues pertaining to their industries. Plus, Sabahat Sarhandi will be hosting this stage so yeah, it’s going to be pretty awesome!

Source: Facebook // Enigma

…The Baithak Stage…

At the Baithak stage, it’s all going to be about promoting our cinema industry and reigniting our cultural love for chai. There’s going to be a screening of over 20 short films made by young Pakistani filmmakers to display the power of cinematography. Plus, there’s gonna be free chai and ice cream!

Source: Facebook // Enigma

There’s Sound of Tomorrow, too…

Sound of Tomorrow is going to be food for your soul, with incredible performances lined up, and amazing guests like Darvesh and Faraz Anver. So. Much. Yes!

…and The Artist Dream.

Lastly, at the most popular stage, The Artist Dream, legends such as the Sanki King, Zahid Mayo, and Safwan Subzwari & Marium Kamal will beautify IBA with live painting on its walls. So be prepared to fall in love on theĀ journey to an impeccable display of skill and brilliant artists at work.

Source: Facebook // Enigma

These activities will simultaneously take place with 24 events at Enigma and not even for a single minute would the participants feel uninvolved.

If these aren’t enough to convince you to attend Enigma, the team has planned some amazing socials at the end of every day! With band performances by Darvesh and Fawad, astounding theater performances, a Vintage Car show with classic cars, a concert night with amazing artists and a refreshing winter beach bash will surely put the last nail in the coffin.

Oh, and the events? Well, Enigma has one of the best photography competitions in town…

Enigma’s Shutterbugs is known to be the most fun-filled photography competitions in town. With on-spot photography and a chance to learn from the best faces in the industry, this is the perfect place for every aspiring photographer to learn and grow. This year, Shutterbugs is hosting a one-of-a-kind Boomerang theme, where participants will be expected to submit creative boomerangs which they will take on campus. Other themes include portraiture, fashion, and sports photography.

Oh, and, you’ll also get a chance to meet the phenomenal Ali Khurshid and Arsalan Zafar. How cool is that?!

We don't have a beach on campus , and we don't have any boomerangs we took on campus either BECAUSE WE'RE WAITING FOR YOU TO! šŸŒŠšŸ“øDay 2 is going to be about having fun, and making new friends! DROP EVERYTHING YOU'RE DOING AND HEAD OVER TO and REGISTER! P.S. You'd need smartphones with Instagram/Boomerang installed for the day.

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…A haven for Urdu lovers

That’s right, Bazm-e-Adab is the perfect platform for your inner poet to debut and to celebrate the beauty of Urdu language. If you have the talent to put your feelings into words, Enigma’s Bazm e Adab is your place to shine through poetry and declamations.

Enigma- Bazm e Adab

dil se jo baat nikaltī hai asar rakhtī haipar nahīƱ tāqat-e-parvāz magar rakhtī haiJoin hands with Enigma VII and celebrate the beauty of Urdu Language. Bring us your best work, express your self and give us the chance to decide which one of you has the gift to be the next star of this nation.For details and any queries, feel free to message us.Register at:

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You get a chance to bring your inner fashionista out!

For all of the fashion enthusiasts out there, Enigma’s Fashion Villa is going to be bigger and better and this year, with a whole lot of bling, glitter, color and some amazing faces from the fashion industry including the leading fashion designer, Tena Durrani!

From cuttingĀ out dresses from newspapers to showing off their make up expertise, the participants would be doing it all. The three-day event is jam-packed with fashion wows.

So, don’t hesitate and let that hidden Coco Chanel out and get ready to see some serious fashion magic!


Bring out the Chanel in you!! Countdown begins #FashionVillapoweredbyFuror #5daystogo

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There’s also a showcase for all the Picassos of Karachi!Ā 

Art Sense is an event for all creative minds out there. It is a competition which asks participants to use all five of their senses to make different Art pieces and individuals with the best artistic sense will win. From painting, while blindfolded, to painting with bare hands, it’s going to be nothing short of an artsy ride!

Source: Facebook // IBA Enigma – Art Sense: The Arts Competition

You also get a chance to bring your inner Sherlock Holmes out!Ā 

Enigma’s Crime Scene Investigation is the perfect place for people who are into mystery, lots of clues, and lots of fun.Ā Ā It’s all about exploring the detective in you, solving the mysteries, following the clues, catching the culprit and so much more, all for an amazing prize. God, we’re so into this!

Crime scene investigation promotional video

Enigma VII presents the promotion video for Crime Scene Investigation event this year.Note: This is an entirely fictional video and no notes regarding the appearance of the characters and the surroundings are to be considered related to the actual case.To register: the updates on this page for more information.Cast >> Victim: Taha Ansari Kidnappers: Zunair Ali, Owais Ahmed, Anas Farrukh and Dani Khan Detectives: Ahmed Un Nabi, Sikandar Ashraf Videography: Muhammed Raza Vakil

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Did we mentionĀ Battle of The Bands?

A three-day musical ride on the road to unleash the inner rockstar in you! It’s not just a competition but a treat for all the musicians and music-lovers alike! Oh, and, Darvesh and Faraz Anver are coming too for a live jamming session. It’s gonna be l i t!

IBA ENIGMA Battle of The Bands

Here's a glimpse of the journey you are about to start with IBA ENIGMA VII.Enigma Team proudly presents Battle of the Bands!Do not forget to enjoy the battle between 5 to 9 pm. REGISTER NOW AT #EnimaVII #FreeForEnigmaParticipants

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Oh and, dramatics!

Enigma’s Trabeata is, of course, for the dramaybaaz inside you! With Wajahat Rauf coming in as a judge, you know the competition is going to be super intense!

Trabeata – Drama Competition

This January, let your emotions take over!Register now at by Sarim Jamal

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And finally, sports!Ā 

What is an Olympiad without sports? There’s badminton, Hong Kong Sixes, Futsal, and also much for the athlete in you!

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Enigma’s page here for more details! See you there.