The Instagram Tour Of Pakistan’s University Campuses Continues

Arey arey arey, people a little patience! The Instagram tour continues. All of the major campuses just wouldn’t fit in one article, tou we’re doing two, and this is the second one! (So like, no more complaining)

National College of Arts

There is always loads to see!

Sculpture final exam assignment. P.s this shit sucks and I loved doing it

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The campus itself is a piece of art


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Every nook and cranny will inspire you

And you’ll never get bored

Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture

It takes you back to the days of ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’

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It makes you rather reflective

Indus Valley proves to always be a happening campus

Its classrooms look like so much fun! (I wanted to study architecture so my heart is hurting a little bit seeing all of this)

 Habib University 

Stop everything, they get gajar ka halwa there!

Kaafi modern looking campus hai!


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It even looks pretty in the rain

And and and, they have an entire truck art wall. Hayee

Lastly, check out their adorable Christmas tree

Christmas tree at Cafe2go #HU #cafe2go #tb

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GIKI! (Baaki naam bohut lamba hai) 


Even more Woah!


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Seems like all our Pakistani universities look fabulous when the sun’s setting!

It looks inviting yet intimidating at the same time! (Or am I looking at this photo too closely)

Yaad aega. #MOGIK #iphonography

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And duh, raat wali pics are on point

Karachi University

Mandatory University Baarish loving wali photo

#ku #home #somewhereonlyweknow

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Yellow bricks? That’s a first

Oooh! Eerie!

Sooo haunting #rain #khi #Arts

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And the people of KU do chai right, dhaba style!

NED University of Engineering and Technology

They know how to treat their X’s

Contrary to common belief, engineering kids can take good photos too

Corpuscular rays. #dawndotcom #karachi #earlymornings

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Rain loving is a must

Happiness is enjoying rain with jigars😑😁 🌬🌧🌦

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